Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


3. 2: School🙍

Eva's Story;

We drove into the parking lot at our school my brothers hand in wheel.He parked in between 2 cars, after we parked we got out of the car.

"Here we are, the school we go to.Its just like a prison." He mumbled.

"At least we have some good classes, and a couple nice teachers!"I said

"Yeah, right we sure do" He said sarcastically, as we both walked to the school doors.

"Oh well" I said just to seem careless of his opinion.

Suddenly a guy with brown wavy hair sorted to the side, and green bright eyes held the door for me!

"Oh uh...t-thanks!" I stuttered.

"You're welcome" The green eyed guy said as he winked to me.

My brother glared at him, but Gabe was taller then him so he became scared of him a little.

"Ok I'll be going now Eva, I have to get to my class before the bell rings." He said.

"Gabe is there something wrong? Are you feeling ill? Because your never like this, you don't even care for school!" I pleaded.

" I guess I am now" He said as he jogged to his first class.

"Ok then..." As I turned around I heard some laughing from outside, I looked back and I saw the jocks (the dumb sporty guys on the football team or any other sport) talking to some girls.

I looked closer and saw Tasha, the most popular girl in our school with her little group of devil divas.

I just hate them. They bullied all the girls in school except me because I was always no were near them until today.

They just glared and laughed at me, I turned around and I rushed to my classroom.

I CANT STAND THEM! They're always picking on people it's like they have a job to do it everyday!


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