Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


13. 12: Night Adventure Pt.2

Cal's Story;

As Eva climbed the fence, the guys were already over, waiting for us. She couldn't go over, because she was so tiny, but cute.

"Eva, do you need any help?" I asked.

"No thanks... *pant* * pant* .. I'm alright." She lied out of breath climbing almost nothing.

Suddenly, I pulled her down and put her on my shoulders.

"Here you go, we can go over together." I said as I climbed over with her.

"I'm not that weak, Cal!" As she made a pouting face.

We then finally were on the other side of the fence.

"Safe, and sound" I said with a smile.

"Can I still be up here?" She asked with sparks in her eyes.

"Sure, no problem." I agreed

I'm the most luckiest guy in the earth, I know that it sounds cheesy, but I am.

Eva's Story;

" You two are so slow!" Michael complained.

"Oh well." I said with a smirk.

I kissed Cal's head, just to make sure he's awake.

He then kissed my leg, good he's awake!

The guys were ahead of us, and we just looked up at the stars, and enjoyed the adventure. It's so fun being with them. I feel so much better when I'm around the guys, I really like their company!

"Hey, guys come here!" Ash said waving his hand over to a large merry-go-round.

I got off Cal's back and went on a pink pony. Luke then started it up.

"Hey, Ash show us your little school girl laugh!" Cal said as he turned to Ash.

"Ahahhah!" Ash said in a little school girl laugh on a pink and purple pony.

"Oh my god Ashton I never knew you could do that! Haha." I said laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

"Guys look." Michael said humping the pony.

"Oh god! MY EYES IT BURNNNNNS!" I said covering my eyes. Damn it Michael!

Luke, and Michael started to laugh, almost falling out of the ride.

"It's been a bad pony." Ash said chuckling.

"That's so wrong guys" Calum said as he turned away.

After the ride and a few laughs, we then heading over the food truck.

"Does anyone have a pin?" Luke said.

"You mean a Bobby pin?" I said pulling one out of my hair.

At the night time I want to get my hair back because my bangs get in front in my face all the time when I roll over. What can I say, it's annoying!

Luke then opened the door of the food truck.

"Mmm theres all sorts of food we can make." Luke said as he looked around.

"Eva, do you want a night snack?" Calum asked.

"No thanks." I said honestly.

"You sure?" Michael said already stuffing his face with food.

"I'm sure" I chuckled as I saw Michael scarfing down food.

He's so weird, but he's my friend!

~2 Hours later~

Calum's Story;

Eva's head landed on mine, I heard a little thump, as we were looking down at the city. Its so beautiful.

"Princess tired?" Luke asked looking at Eva.

"She's asleep?" I said.

"Yeah."Luke said.

"Ok, let's start heading back." Ashton ordered.

"Yeah, I feel tired too." Michael said rubbing the back of his neck.

We then walked to the car, and jumped the fence. I tried not to walk Eva up.

"Ashton can you drive?" I whispered trying not to wake her up.

"Sure, no problem." He said as he got in and drivers seat.

I gently grabbed Eva's waist, and carried her bridal style, and put her in the car in the back seat. Michael went into the passengers seat, Eva, Luke and I went into the back.

A few moments later we arrived at Eva's house.

I looked in her pocket to find some keys. I looked in her left pocket, keys!

I unlocked the door, and went inside.

I put the keys on a table near by, their house is so cool! It has a large living room, and a nice kitchen beside it.

Focus Calum! Get her into her room and let her sleep peacefully!

I went upstairs, and I looked, there were 5 rooms in order. Two at the sides, and three in the middle. Good thing there was a sign that said "Eva's room, please knock!" And underneath signed her name with a heart.

So sweet.

I opened the door, and I crept inside trying to not make noise to wake her brother up.

I lad her down, and pulled the blankets over her.

As I was about to leave she spoke. I thought she was asleep?

"Hey Cal.." She said tired.

"Yes beautiful?" I whispered.

"Can you cuddle with me? Please?" She said softly.

"Sure." I whispered as I climbed into her bed.

She then played with my hair, and we both fell asleep together.

My heart melted writing this story 😭 I love you guys, I now have 2k reads!! This is so amazing to me, thank you guys so so so so soooooo much❤️- Vanessa xx

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