Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


11. 10: Amnesia👣

Eva's Story;

A nurse walked in, I guess I'm in a hospital, but why?!

"I have some good news, and same bad news." The nurse said.

"Hit me with the bad news." The awake man said.

"The bad news is.. Your girlfriend has lost her memory, but the good news is, it's short-term memory lost."The nurse explained.

The man placed his head in his palms.

Wait, I'm his girlfriend?! That's impossible! I don't remember being his girlfriend, uh wait I can't remember I have amnesia!

"Ma'ma I'm Eva's friend, Calum and this guy asleep is Michael." Calum said.


"Can you explain how I can't remember?" I said softly.

I'm in so much pain right now, I think I got amnesia from a bad accident.

"Well Calum I'll leave this to you. Good luck."

Calum's Story;

~Few minutes after the accident~

"Oh shit!" Michael shouted in shock.

I picked up Eva bridal style. Michael then called the emergencie as quickly as he could.

I placed Eva on a patio chair.

I placed my head on her chest. It's still beating, thank God. I felt my heart drop when her heart rate became slower, and slower. I can't lose her!

I tried CPR on her. Nothing.

Then at the best time EVER the ambulance came. They placed her on a stretcher and drove off. I couldn't go because I wasn't in her family.

Her brother is going to kill me! He was out somewhere I guess.

I told the guys, and they said they'll come later after everything is fine and checked.


Eva's Story;

Michael then woke up from his deep sleep. He then rubbed his head.

"Ugh, i gotta piss."He mumbled and walked off.

"Um hello, Calum?" I said confused still.

He then chuckled.

What is with this boy? Does he like me or something?

"You sound so helpless, sorry I'm just still shocked about the news." He laughed.

"Do you feel any pain?" He asked.

"Yes, a little on my back.." I answered.

"It isn't as bad right?" He said.

"Oh uh I don't remember how bad it feels like but it must of hurt whatever i did." I honestly said.

"Heh, sorry I forgot. It must of hurt I guess if you face planted on the ground." Calum said with a cringe.

"Is that what I did?" I questioned..

"Yeah it's kinda my fault though, I'm really sorry" He said looking down.

"I was so nervous, your heart rate dropped so fast, and you hit the ground so hard. We were just playing soccer and I had the ball, and I was running with it to your goal and I guess you ran too fast and hit the ground.I thought you just tripped and I just kept going and didn't realize!" He explained.

"I'm such a jerk" He admitted.

"No your not, your amazing at least I remember you saving me and it's not you, it's me I always make the problems! Your such a good friend but I'm not sure how because I can't remember. Now I feel like we're close as strangers, how did we end up talking in the first place? I remember you saying your living on a prayer! Your so cheesy but I love it. I can't thank you enough Calum." I said crying, tears rolling down my cheeks.

I almost died out there and he saved me. I need to remember everything back, I can't live like this!

He smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat, and my cheeks were bright red. I think I liked him before this all happened... There's no possible way I didn't.

Michael then walked in.

"Wow what's been happening in here?" He said looking to Calum.

"Uh nothing!" Calum said trying not to act embarrassed.

"Eva do you like Calum?" Michael Asked with a smirk spread across his face.

"Don't say maybe." He said directly.

"Umm, I guess so?" I giggled.

"Wow even with Amnesia she still likes you, Cal!" Michael chuckled.

"And you Cal, do you like her?" He asked.

Oh god moment of truth, it's going to be so awkward if he says no.. Please don't Calum.

"Yes, yes I do love Eva." He said as he got up and kissed me, but the bed came between us. Who cared anyways?!

"Oh god guys don't be that kind of couple!" Michael complained.

I cupped his face and brung him closer, we pulled away after the best seconds of my life.

WOW! This happened so fast right? And so sudden, I told you guys this chapter would be great! Thank you guys so so much for giving me also 1000 reads! I can't believe it, we just started.Tysm❤️ -Vanessa xx

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