Vodoo Doll😈

Eva lives in Sydney Australia, and has a small family.

She then discovers something bad that has happened, that will forever change her life!

But then something good comes out of it...


2. 1: A Groggy Morning😫

Eva's Story;


I cover my blanket over my head.

"Can't I just stay home?" I groaned

Suddenly the door swung open, and a blare of a bright light spread across my room.


Come on you have 3 more weeks at school, I

think you can handle it" My mom complained.

"Mom, I'll get ready don't wake me up like that again. I just hate when you do that!" I mumbled.

"Eva your like a vampire, and they hate light

that's the only easy way I can wake you up!" She admitted.

"Mom, can you just make me pancakes or

anything is fine I don't really care right now"

"Sure, but now you should get ready." Then after that she left.

I quickly went into the shower. After I put on my favourite outfit, a white tank top, ripped black skinny jeans, and a red flannel.

" BREAKFAST IS ON THE TABLE!" Gabe my brother yelled making my ears ring.


An hour later....

"Bye guys, I love you both!" Mom almost yelled.

"Bye mom" we both said.

AHH 3 MORE WEEKS TILL FREEDOM THANK GOD!! I don't have to put up with these groggy mornings anymore.

And with that, we drove off.

Sorry this chapter was short and not the best but I promise it'll get better 😄- Vanessa xx

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