Safe?![a michael clifford love story]


4. //0.2\\

The next day I woke up with a absence in my bed even thought I didn't go to sleep with him next to me last night. when we went to sleep yesterday it was like I belonged in his arms so it's wrong for me to not be in them.

I got out if bed slowly and walked into the bathroom and took a shower. when I got out I decided to let my purple hair dry into it's natural waves. I put a towel around my body and walked into my room and put on some underwear and a bra. I looked thru my pants drawer and picked out pants that had one leg black and the other leg black and white stripes. then I walked over to my closet I grabbed one if my def leopard shirts this one was a

tank-top I put that on and grabbed my phone making my way downstairs. I found my mom in the kitchen making breakfast with three plates guess I'm not eating. I went into the fridge and grabbed a monster.

"Don't drink those things their bad for you" my mom said not looking at me.

"Since when do you care" I asked my mom

"Just don't drink them okay" she said

"Whatever"I said opening and drinking my monster.

jake and Aubrey came down as I walked up stairs. When I got upstairs I closed my door and sat in my bed looking at my phone I had a message from Michael. I smiled so wide when I saw this.


{M=Michael and K=kaleigh}

M= Good morning darling

K=Good morning well afternoon to you too

K=sorry about my breakdown yesterday I can't stand people leaving me

M=it's okay I don't want to leave

K=well anyways why are you doing today

M=I was hoping to see you

K=oh really

M=yea look out your window

I got up to look out my window and I found a green haired boy standings their.

K=what are you doing you'll be killed

M=I just wanted to see you


M=come down

K=I can't my mum locked my door

M=jump I'll catch you I promise.



I opens my window and stuffed my phone in my pocket and jumped out the window. Michael was right he did catch me.he sat me down as I giggled at the situation and hugged into him.

"Thank you for doing this and catching me" I said into his chest

"Let's get going" he said

"And your welcome" he continued

"Were are we going?" I asked

"To Ashton's house he lives down the road" he said

"Okay" I said as he intertwined our fingers

"What's your natural hair color?" He randomly asked me

"Well that was random and it's brown" I chuckled

"Oh cool mines blonde-ish brown" he said looking at me

We walked up to the door step

" Here's his house" he said as he leaned into me

His lips crashed into mine and our lips move insync his hands went to my wait, my hands around his neck entangled into his hair

"Ahem" I herd some one say behind us as we were standing their we pulled away at the same time

I looked at the guy with curly brown hair in a bandana, a acdc shirt, NICE!, Black ripped skinny jeans, and boots

"Hey ash" michael said

Oh so this is Ashton

"Come on in" I heard Ashton say

I walked in slowly with Michael as he lead me to the. COuch and we both sat down.two other boys sat on the couch one blondes do the other black haired

"So this is my sister" ash says

"Huh what are you talking about" I say in confusion

"Your my sister I've been looking for you for a while, my dad well our dad left me my mom and my brother and sister for your mom, what happend to him" he said /asked

"Um sorry to say this but he passed away he had cancer,i miss him so much he's the only one who understood me" I said whispering the last part now that I'm crying

"It's okay baby girl" michael said placing me onto his lap and rubbing circles into my back as I quietly sobbed into his chest.

I hugged tightly onto him. his face stuffed into my neck his stubble tickling me.i giggled.

"Aww that's my girl" Michael said pulling my face up to meet his.

"Your stubble was tickling me" I said looking at him.

"Yea I know I'm going to shave" he said looking at me and kissing my nose

"Aww do you have to" I pouted

"I'll wait a few days" he said

"Yay" I said climbing off of him

I looked at Ashton and walked over to him and gave him a hug

"It's okay ash" I whispered into his ear

I walked back over to Michael and sat down next to him

"I can't believe I'm your sister"i said looking at a now calm ashton

"So I'm a Irwin" I said still trying to observe the new information.

"Welcome to the family sis" ash said

"We'll since nobody is going to introduce us I have to" tattoos said (aka black haired guy)

"Im calum"tattoos said

"And that's Luke" Calum said Pointing to lip ring(aka blonde hair)

"Okay haiya I'm kaleigh" I said whilst leaning onto Michael shoulder

He put his arm around my shoulder pulling me into him. I think I might want to get a eyebrow piercing. I've wanted one for a while but I can finally get on.yay.

"So what do you guys wanna do" Luke asked

" Can we just like watch a movie" I said

"Yea okay you good with scary movies"ashton asked me

"Hell yea I love them" I said

"You are the most awesome girl ever MIKEY said kissing me lovingly

I pulled away and said"why"

"every other girl hates scary movies"they said

"I'm not every other girl" Michael said

Luke got up and put paranormal activity 1 on.

"I love this movie" I said placing my head in Michael's lap

"Omg I'm so happy you moved here" Michael kissing my forehead.

"Me too I missed you sis" Ashton said placing my feet in his lap.

"Omg you have a tattoo" Michael said as I pushed my hair out of my face

"Omg you do" ashton said noticing my tattoo

"Yea it's a Harley Quinn symbol"

I said shrugging my shoulders.

"It's so cool" Michael said stroking and tracing the tattoo.

The movie started and everybody shut up

When the movie was over

Michael Said" we should go"

"Okay" I Said and got up

I hugged cal and Luke saying 'nice meeting you' and they said 'you too'

I hugged Ashton and he said' I love you sis'

And I said ' I love you too bro'.

Michael then grabbed my hand and we walked out saying 'bye' to them

"I have a date for us to go to if you want to" he said walking to what I assume is his car.

He walked me to the passenger seat and the door as I sat in the car . He walked to his side and got in starting the car and driving to a unknown place. I got out as Michael did.

"I was supposed to do that" he pouted

"You'll live Michael" I said as he grabbed my hand

He walked me to a patch of grass the trees had dangly lights they were pretty. their was a black and red checkered blanket with a basket.

I turned to Michael and said"mikey this is beautiful"

"You called me mikey" he said picking me up and spinning me.

"Um okay what did I do" i said as he put me down

"You called me mikey but anyways let's eat" he said and sat us down on the blanket

"You didn't have to do this" I said as we ate our sandwiches

I of course put chips in my sandwich when we finished eating. It was almost sunset. Michael dragged me they the woods and to a cliff. It was pretty cold. He brought me to the edge and we sat down. I snuggled into him and we watched the sunset together.

"It's beautiful" I said

"Not as beautiful as you" he said

I blushed

"I have a question" he asked

"Yea" I said looking at him

He took my hand in his and looked at me" Kaleigh I know it's soon by will you be my girlfreind" he asked

I can't day I've been waiting for this question but I have

"Yes mikey I will be your girlfreind" I said

"Yay" he said into a kiss

Our lips crashed together and moved insync. I rested my hands around his neck and latched my fingers into his beautiful green hair. He rested his hands in my waist and rubbed small circles in my hips making me moan into his mouth. His tongue grazed my bottom lip asking for a entrance that I gladly gave him. His tongue roamed my mouth making me moan. We pulled away.

"Wow is all Michael said

"Yes can you believe that was only my second kiss" I said laying down in the cliff looking at the stars.

"Seriously damn babe" he said

As he laid down on me.

I laid my head on his chest and put my arm around him cuddling into his side.

"I know I've said this but I'm really glad you moved here"he said

"Me too mikey" I said

"I wanna get a eyebrow piercing I continued

"Really that would look really cool" he said

"And I wanna dye my hair your color" I said looking at him

"Yay we'll be matching" he squealed

"Yea" I said

"Let's go the the store before it's to late he said

I nodded as he helped me up we walked to the car and drive to the store. when we got their he pulled me inside. I thought he was going to get hair dye but nope it's a tattoo parlor.

"My girlfriend would like a eyebrow piercing" Michael told the lady.

I liked the sound of that 'girlfriend'

"Okay follow me" she said and we did as she said and followed her

Mikey then slapped my ads as I sat down blushing. Soon enough I had eyebrow piercing.

"Did that hurt" Michael asked me

"No did yours when you got it"i asked

"Yes"he said

"Ha sorry"i said

"It's okay you look so good" he said looking at me

"Thanks"i said looking down

"Let's go get you that hair dye"he said

"Okay" I nodded my head

We walked down the street and to a store. We walked into the store and Michael imidietly dragged to the dye aisle. We looked thru the dye.

Michael gasped"ohhh what about this one" he waved up a green bottle type thing.

"Yea it's perfect" I said and kissed his cheek

"Can you um dye my hair??"i asked him

"I though you would never ask" he said as we walked out after paying.

We got to the car he opened the door for me and I got in. Hr walked to his side and got in we drived off to somewhere.

"Mikey were are we going" I said

"We're going to the park I know you don't wanna go home".he said as we pulled up into the parking lot at the park.

We got out. We walked around the park for a while holding hands. We past a bench and sat down. He pulled me into his shoulder rapping his arm around me. I Snuggled into his waist and chest.

" Your so beautiful" he said kissing my jawbone.

" No I'm not" I said

"No stop thinking like that your beautiful". He said caressing my cheek. He kissed my lips sweetly.

"Let's get you home" he said getting up.

" I don't want to go home" I pouted

" I know I don't want you to go home but I need your parents to not hate me" he said

"Fine" I said getting up and taking his hand.

Walking back to the car. he drive me home. 'sweet blasphemy by black veil brides' I screamed the song quietly but when Andy screamed I screamed loudly.

"Omg you like black veil brides" he asked me

" No... I love them and Ashley Purdy and his purveyness" I said

"I love you, you are amazing" he said

"I love you too" I said

He pulled up to my house and we just sat their for a moment. He got out of the car and opened my door.

"Come in princess" he said

I grabbed his hand and got out of the ear. We walked to my door. He pulled me into a bone crushing hug but it was nice. I returned the hug snuggling into his chest.

"Goodnight kiss" Michael asked

"Yea" I said

We leaned in our lips melting together. Our lips moving insync. His tongue grazed the bottom of my lip asking for a entrance I gladly gave it to him. Our tongues exploring each other's mouths. We pulled away when we heard my mom.

"That's were you've been" my mom said

"I love you" Michael whispered breathing on me. He smelt like skittles.

" I love you too mikey" I whispered back.

He pecked my lips and hugged me tightly. We pulled away and he pecked my lips again and walked off to his car. I pushed past my mom and walked to the kitchen grabbing a green monster and some Arizona sweet tea. I walked upstairs slamming my door and locking it and setting down on my bed. I looked at my phone and saw a text from abi. I set my phone down and walked to my dresser and grabbed my galaxy leggings and put them on. I then walked to my closet and put on a my chemical romance tank top. I plopped into bed plugging my phone on to charge. I saw a message from mikey<3. I smiled and answered abi saying 'haiya'.


{M=MIKEY and K=kaleigh}

M= I hope you hade a good night babe

K= I did thank you for that

M=your wolcome, good night kitten

K=your the kitten your all warm and cuddly

M=okay babe night

K=night kitten


After that I fell slowly asleep


Hey guys

That was chapter two duh

Thank you for reading

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