Safe?![a michael clifford love story]


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Sorry I just really think that picture is adorable I love Michael. and Cal would be like a brother so yea I love MALUM!!!😍


"Kaleigh goddammit get your ass down here" my mom yelled waking me up.

See I had fallen asleep after I brought my bags down stairs. so my mom had yelled at me to wake me up. when I had gotten up I ran down stairs with my backpack because I had it on my nightstand with all of my things in it and I grabbed my phone and water bottle. and ran downstairs to my mom waiting at the end of the stairs and

She said"bout damn time"

I just nodded and walked to the door and grabbed my bags to go to the car and I put them in the trunk and hopped in the passenger mom put her bags in the trunk and got in the drivers seat and

She said" are you exited"

I said "no"

My mom have me a glare

And I continued"maybe"

She still have me a glare

And I continued again"yes I'm exited"

She nodded and said"good maybe you'll like his daughter"

"I dought it"i mumbled

"What did you say"she yelled at me

"Nothing" I said as we approached the airport and my mom parked.

After she parked I got out and grabbed my bags walking into the airport.

We walked thru security and shit with ease. we got a drink I got sweet tea which is my favorite thing that and monsters.


We Waited for about twenty minutes until our plane came. I grabbed my misfits backpack and my ticket and me and my mom headed on the 18 hour flight to Sydney.


We landed after the 18 hour flight I slept thru most of it just listening to ashley Purdy talk was amazing I love his voice but since I'm like 17 I just stop because he's like 31 and it's like illegal.

When the plane landed I got out of my seat with my earbuds blaring 'Metallica's cyanide'. I got my misfits back from my seat and counted my snapback's and I have all 15 none missing good.👍.

"Kaleigh, take out your god damn earbuds and listen to me" my mom said yanking out my right earbud.

"Okay okay" mom I said turning off my Metallica and pulling out my earbuds whilst I was putting my phone in my left back pocket.

"Okay,kaleigh now jake(her new boyfreind/future husbands name)is going to be picking us up and taking us to our new house got it?" My mother questioned me

I nodded

"Let's got get our bags" she said more calmly now

We walked over to the baggage claim and our bags came exactly when we got their. when we got all of our bags we walked over to a man with black short hair and he was wearing a suit and a tie.yay.buisness stepfather.ugh.😖

I looked at his daughter who had on crop top and high waisted skinny jeans she had bouncy boobs and her hair was blonde.i can already tell she's gonna be my new Bully.and just a pleonasm bitch.yay(note sarcasm).rolls eyes..

I looked at my mom and she gave me 'the don't fuck this up for me look'

I nodded and just waited until we left to the car it was a van I sat all the way I the back and put my suitcases behind me and my backpack on my lap as I blasted 'sweet blasphemy by black veil brides' in my ears it was favorite song.i was listing to it so intently until someone pulled out my right ear bud and I put my left one I. my right

"What the fuck do you want"i yelled not even bothering to look up

"What your voice young lady"my mom said back to me

"Ugh I'm turn 18 in a month" I say still not looking up

"Look were here can you just get your emo ass out of the car and to your room"she sassed

"I would if someone told me were it was"i sarcasemed back at her groaning

"It's on the right fourth door in the left" she said

and with that I hopped out that death trap I mean door grabbing my bags as they drove off

"Well they some fucking family Oh wait their just a bunch of fucktards" I said way to loud

Resulting in a pretty cute guy with green hair walked over and I just kept on saying 'shit,shit,shit' over in my head. he walked over and

" oh your the new neighbors my mum told me about I'm michael" he said extending his hand to me

I took his hand and shook it

"Um yea I'm kaleigh, you live around here"i asked standing awkwardly

"Um not I'm just visiting my mother I love in a apartment complex in Sydney the town part"he chuckled

Damn! his chuckle was cute

"You remind me of someone" he said

"Oh yea who" i asked

"My freind Ashton he'll love you"he said

"Oh I guess I'll have to meet this ashton guy"I said

"Yea you do,do you need any help like unpacking or something"he asked

"Yea if it's It's to much trouble" I said

"Yea it's not to much trouble I'll always help a pretty girl out..i mean your pretty ugh damn!"he struggled to say

"Um thanks" I said and started looked for the key in under the mat

"It might be their" michael said pointing to a obviously fake looking rock

"Yea thanks" I said and turned the key in the key hole and walked in

" um She said right left door" I said talking to my self

"You want to carry that" he said referring to my suitcases

"If it's not too much trouble their kinda hevy" I said as he took both I them thanks

I walked up the stairs turned right and left at the fourth door down I opened the door. the room was perfect it had a balcony. why would my mom give me this whatever.i got that room

"Can you just put them down for a sec" I said as I looked in the closet

Just enough hangers yay

"Okay you can go or sit down while I do this" I said gesturing to the bed with green covers on them

"Uh,uh imma help you" he said

As he grabbing a suitcase with my band shirts and my pants

"Okay if you insist um shirts go into the closet by band organization and pants go in the bottom two drawers in the dresser" I said looking thru my bra and underwear bag whiskey putting them up

"Okay that's how my closet it"

He nodded

Man this guy just keeps on getting better.ugh what am I saying I just met him.meh😫

We both finished our suit cases on time except I put some posters in the compartment that was in each suit case and I searched thru my misfits bag to find pushpins. I pulled out the posters and dropped out all of the pushpins on the dresser

"Okay let's do this" he said as he found my posters

"Okay" I said

We finished putting up all my posters and put my suitcases in my closet I put all of my drawing and writing stuff in a drawer with my beanies and snapbacks. we both plopped down on my bed his arm wrapped around my waist and my head went onto his chest. his hand rested on my ass but I didn't mind. I put my right leg around his waist (from the front so you could see my whole leg).

"I'm tired you know jet lag"i said looking up at him

"Then go to sleep babe"he said playing with my hair with his other hand

"Okay" I said as I fell asleep.


I have this beautiful girl fallen asleep on my chest in my arms. she's just so beautiful. I was playing with her hair it was so pretty it was purple and not like the lavender purple like dark purple^^^.it was pretty. I was slowly falling asleep watching her chest rise and fall insync with was like were meant to be. I yawned as I felt my eyelids becoming heavier.slowly falling asleep.


I woke up slowly to the door slamming downstairs. I looked at the beautiful green haired boy sleeping next to me. I just cuddled into him even more. remembering what happened. I thought they probably got good with out what ever I can't expect that much from them. It was Hot so I slowly took off my skinny jeans so I was just wearing my shirt and my batman boy shorts. I guess michael got hot too he took his shirt off. the view was met that bad. I heard stomping and shouting until my door opened I eyes still closed.

"hey...KALEIGH ASHLEY WHITE"i heard my mom yell

I didn't even flinch but michael did I just stayed their cuddling michael as he did the same to me


"Mum he's not like that and plus that's offensive he's my freind he helped me when you guys left me"i said not moving

Me and Michael switched phone numbers earlier so we could hang and I could meet this Ashton fellow

"What ever get him out" my mom said

"I don't a at him to leave"i argued

"Maybe I should go" michael said rubbing circles in my back

"Okay" I said sadly as I removed my self from him

He picked up his shirt and put it on whilst walking downstairs as I followed him out pushing past my mom, her fiancé,and his daughter. when I got down their. Michael turned around hugging me as I started sobbing into his def leopard shirt.

"Shhh,shhh I'll be back I promise" michael said trying to hold back tears by sniffling

He was trying to sooth me by rubbing circles in my back. and whispering sweet nothings in my ear. actually soothed me.

until my mom came in and said" he needs to leave now"

Which just made me cry harder

"Okay" I mumbled into his chest still crying and it was so obvious I was

"It's okay I'll be back soon beautiful"he whispered into my ear.

I just nodded and kissed his cheek before he walked out after mom basically pushed him out. the second he left I just cried so hard it's not at all healthy. I ran out side no matter what my mom did

"Michael" I yelled running towards him

"Kaleigh" he yelled turning around as I ran to him.

When I got to him he spun me around as I giggled hugging on to him. he sat me down

and I said" I'm gonna miss you"

"Me too" he said hugging onto me tightly

"But it's only a few days and we have each others number so we can text"i said reassuring my self

"Yea"he said pulling away

"I should get going" he said to me caressing my cheek

"Okay one last hug" I asked holding out my arms

"One last hug"he said holing out his arms and walking towards me as I did the same

We engulfed each other in each others warm embrace it was nice he was warm and cuddly like a kitten.

after a few minutes we pulled away and he walked away across the street to his mums house.

I slowly walked inside. to see everybody looking strait at me I just walked up stairs and into my room locking the door and falling asleep on the bed.

'Its empty with out him'i thought well said out loud but nobody actually heard me

I fell asleep the first time with me and Michael in each others arms so now it's always going to lonely unless I have my sweet plushy kitty sleeping with me.

I woke up to my phone buzzing it was michael

*phone convo*

(K=kaleigh & M=Michael)



*end of phone convo*

I smiled at our short convo he does that to me

Even tough I just met him he already had that effect on me.i felt my eye lids slowly closing as I felt michael warm embrace on my waist and I know I'm just dreaming but makes me feel better. I fell asleep replaying the day over in my head.


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