The making of a Story

This book contains all you need to know about writing the perfect book. Whether you are new to writing, or just want to improve your skills, this is the book for you! I have written this to inspired writers and help them into creating their own unique story world.

Feel free to used the process that I took, but don't steal ideas without asking! I hope it helps you if you are having trouble with your own writing!


7. Planning the Plot

Now that the characters have been brought to life, the next important step is to create them a vivid world and a captivating story for them to thrive in. You should always be keeping in mind that your characters should be proactive, and also keep this rule close at hand: If I'm bored, my readers will be too.

This section is about the many different ways that you can design your plot, different techniques, and the little handy things that I like to do when plotting out my own personal stories. This section is not going to be focusing on fine-tuning the plot unto something magnificent that you can then work from, this is about fixing your ideas in a place that will leave you with a good frame for creating the best story imaginable. 

Start at the end

Although this may not seem right, starting at the end is the perfect way to get your basic ideas in place. Starting at the end of your book and deciding how you want your book to end gives your planning a much-needed purpose, a target. If you don't decide how you want your book to end, your book could drag on endlessly without any real end-goal in sight, which will lead to an incredibly frustrating experience for both reader and writer as it will feel stretched out with too many useless scenes filling in the gaps.

My book is going to end with the death of the head scientist, revealing to the world as to what they were actually doing down there, and getting everyone arrested - including Alice who became a murderer like her mother to fight for her freedom.

Now that you have your ending, you can strive towards that end goal. This way you can assure that your plot will not be too long and will be straight to the point, which is what we need.

Pick out key events

With your basic plot summery and ending written out, you may already be able to pick out some key events that must happen in order for the plot to progress correctly and for the ending to be able to happen. These can be obvious events that you may have already written about somewhere, or not so obvious events that you know need to happen or would like to happen - this is all up to you.

In my story, some of the key events that need to happen are: 

The kidnapping of Alice

The reveal of her power

The planning and killing of the head scientist

The arrest

The plot of your story is starting to come together, and we are now able to write these events out on a time-line to short out when everything is going to happen. Start thinking of some plot twist you may be able to add, and ways to make most scenes surprising to the readers.

Fill in the gaps

Fill in the gasps with events you'd like to happen, or things that you believe need to happen. If you are having trouble finding and fixing together evens for this, try using the techniques explained in the first section about coming up with initial ideas, or try remembering this: Anything that could go wrong, make it go wrong. This is called Murphy's law.

There is a power outage at the facility that Alice is being kept at, and she manages to get herself out, only to starve and dehydrate and is unable to go very far before she is brought in by another group of people who are in competition with the scientists. 

Make sure that everything is realistic and makes sense. Alice is still quite young, she was blocked off from society and looked after by maids, she would have no clue about surviving in the wild, so I'm not going to say that she started making traps to catch wild animals - she simply wouldn't know how to do that. She may not even think of doing that. Alice would go straight for civilisation looking for help.

Some writers on Wattpad ignore realism and what makes sense for the sake of creating what they believe is a more interesting story - thats not the way to go and it will frustrate readers. For example, an author might decide to make their characters travel through mountains when they could have much easily just crossed across the country just for the sake of getting one of the character killed off by a snow leopard. It would annoy me and many others to think that they could have gone the other way, which was easier, and avoid all this hassle. If you do wish for something like this is happen, make sure to give a perfectly justified reason for why your characters couldn't have gone that way. For the example I just used, the middle of the country could have been in a dip and filled with water, creating a boggy marsh thats impossible to cross by foot or in a boat.

Know where to start

You have your ending point, but where do you start? What point do you open the book at? Its important you don't start your book on a flat line. You need to start on a high point, and end on a high point. Starting at the beginning of some action is okay, but the best place to start is straight in the middle of some drama. For example, we start with a girl who has been crying over something that has happened. Immediately, the readers question what's happened and want to find out more.

My book will start with Alice being taken out of the van and into the facility, rather than her being put into the van. I have chosen to do this because having her being put into the van would take a lot longer for the action to get going, whereas having her coming out of the van means she's already head first in the action. She can also explain how she got into the van briefly later if needed.

Never start a book in someones childhood, unless thats when your plot begins. The plot for my Alice story doesn't start until she is kidnapped, despite having discovered her abilities when she was younger. Also, avoid including the back story as part of your plot. You can, however, have a character discover parts of the backstory.


Next, we will be covering how to make this outline that you have more interesting. Feel free to leave a comment or send my a personal message, I'd be happy to help with anything from characters to plot lines! 

~Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more!~

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