The making of a Story

This book contains all you need to know about writing the perfect book. Whether you are new to writing, or just want to improve your skills, this is the book for you! I have written this to inspired writers and help them into creating their own unique story world.

Feel free to used the process that I took, but don't steal ideas without asking! I hope it helps you if you are having trouble with your own writing!


5. Developing Character ideas

You've got the basic frame of your character down. They have a personality, a name, even a gender, but personality alone isn't enough to make your character stand out from the crowd. With millions upon millions of characters on Wattpad alone, its important you make your main character the one to read about, so they have to be believable, likeable, and interesting to read about.


Some people believe the backstory is the most important part of the character, but thats not completely true. The most important part of a character is their personality and how those events in the past have changed them as a person. You want to write the backstory as one of the last things rather than put it at the front of your queue because you character needs to be who they are because of what happened in their past. If you decide to do the backstory first, that means you will need to create a character with a personality based around that story, you won't have much room to create the character you want, and they might turn out nothing like you imagined them to be because you were restricted. If you do the backstory first, you can change parts of it to fit with this new character you've created. 

When you come to fitting your backstory into your novel, you want to give small details away in small chunks. Don't give it away all at once, your readers will forget how it started and find it boring. You want to give them little snippets of the characters backstory, make them actively search for more of it, a clawing hunger for knowledge. You also don't want to reveal too much near the beginning of the book, you want to be able to get used to the character and warm to him or her, so you are able to understand and sympathise with the backstory.

At the beginning of the story, it is revealed that Alice was brought up in a wealthy and rich family with anything she could have ever want, but her father was scared of her silence with everyone apart from plants.

But it is also later revealed by another character that Alice had everything she wanted apart from friends, and her father would give her dolls to play with instead of real people.

And even later revealed that Alice's mother killed her father in a fit of rage after an argument over Alice's freedom. She was only seven.

This backstory explains why she has social anxiety and anger issues.

Backstories shouldn't be overly dramatic, maybe with one twist and the rest of it fairly happy or neutral. But of course, if your character needs to have a terrible background, be careful not to make them too extremely depressed/moody/grumpy character. Of course they won't be as happy as they used to be, but give them a little happiness in their life that keeps them going.

Alice adores her german shepard puppy, Bono, and they are hardly ever apart.


When you do finally think of how your character will look, you don't need to go with the stereotype to keep with their personality - John can wear baby pink, even if he does sing professionally in a rock band. Although it isn't important, keep in mind that a symbol to represent the character, or a certain item of clothing they always wear, can be symbolic. 

Alice always dresses like a doll in blood red dresses, because she has always wanted to blend in with the dolls she used to play with as a child.

Character Quirks

Quirks are something every character has, whether they are the main character, or a sidekick. Quirks make a character memorable, likeable, and maybe even provide a bit of comic relief if thats the kind of quirk you go for. Quirks are the little things characters do, or have to do, or habits they have. One of my personal quirks is that I always have to sleep with my electric fan on to help me drift off to sleep. Another character quirk is a knight who always keeps his sword on his right side, even through he is right handed, because otherwise he thinks it will bring him bad luck. Bob needs to know the weather for the next 24 hours all the time. Kylie knows the shape of every animal dung you could think of, and can tell what they've been eating, even though she's only a maid. Those are all character quirks. 

Anthony Owens has a wonderful list of character quirks you can use for free on his weblog:

Not only do these add depth to the character, this also adds a memorable feature that people will know them by and love them by.

Alice laughs at every joke, even if its not funny, even if its not a joke.

Ignore the passive characters

If your main character, or any supporting character that plays a role in the main plot, is a passive character, they are not going to be interesting enough to play their part. What I mean by this is that a passive character is a character who doesn't do anything about the situation which has been given to them. For example, a character has been told their best friend has been talking behind their back. A passive character would go home and cry, a proactive character would do something about it. They could go and try to make up with their best friend. They might go over and pick a fight with their friend. They could plan revenge, or talk behind their back, steal their boyfriend/girlfriend, and so many more options! This makes for a developed and interesting character, and a more exciting plot. A character sometimes needs to give in to their inner desires and make wrong decisions. 

Because the section I had to go through on Mary-Sue characters was so large, I have decided to put the in the next section of my work! 

Would you like to use Alice in your own work? She's coming together quite nicely now, and needs a wonderful home in a story. If you are interested, please drop me a personal message, and that way, you can use her! 

If you have any concerns about your character, feel free to drop me a personal message and I will do my best to help you!

~Thank you for reading this part! Stay tuned for more!~

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