The making of a Story

This book contains all you need to know about writing the perfect book. Whether you are new to writing, or just want to improve your skills, this is the book for you! I have written this to inspired writers and help them into creating their own unique story world.

Feel free to used the process that I took, but don't steal ideas without asking! I hope it helps you if you are having trouble with your own writing!


2. Coming up with initial ideas

(if I mention any story ideas you would like to use for yourself in this section, please drop me a personal message saying which one you would like to use as I will only be letting one person use each story idea. Please do not use any of my ideas without asking! If you have any story ideas of your own and don't know if they are any good or not, feel free to leave a comment or a personal message and I will try my best to reply!)

Although genre is important, its not always the first thing you have to decide. Sometimes certain ideas can work well in more than one genre, or only one genre, or a weird combination of a few of them - so until you have the initial idea in place, you can't decide what genre you want to write in. 

If an idea of yours needs to be written in a genre you are not comfortable with writing in, scrap it. Another alternative is to keep it stashed to the side and practice writing in that genre until you think you are comfortable enough to write a novel in it.

Don't write in a genre you don't like. You'll get bored, we as readers will get bored, and it will get frustrating for the both of us.

Coming up with the first ideas

With any story, I start off by asking myself stupid 'What if' questions - and this is actually a good place to start.

What if dogs were actually cats in metal suits?

What if everything around us was talking to us, but in a different language?

What if global warming wasn't actually caused by greenhouse gases, but the amount of global warming increases when the number of tears shed increases? 

Once you have a question like this, see if any of them get you thinking. Try and come up with a quick plot idea for each one, using it as a guide. 

A story about the world figuring out and trying to come to terms with the non-existence of dogs, only to have the 'dogs' attack and kill the president. A bunch of heroes must try and destroy these 'dogs'.

A story about a young girl who has grown up being able to talk to plants, and is captured by scientists to be experimented on so she can cure poverty and famine.

A story about a group of people who try to stop suicides in the area, focusing on one main suicide.

From what you have, if you see one you like the sounds of, you can move on, decide what genre, make a few tweaks to how you like it, and then work from there. It might be a good idea to write a longer, more detailed description than what you had to make it easier to write from. Now is the best time to write down anything that pops up in your mind, while its still fresh. Want the main character to be of Asian origins? Write it down. Have you had the idea that you want the antagonist (villain) to be a flesh-eating robot? Write it down.

If you haven't come up with anything worthy of working with, carry on trying with the 'what if' questions, or move onto a new technique.

Technique two

This one can be the hardest to work from, or the easiest, it all depends on the person. This one is as simple enough as taking something you are passionate about, or a personal experience of yours, and turning it into an idea for a novel. For example: 

You might be attracted to the same sex as yourself and have received a lot of judgment, you could write a book about being gay and the beauty of it. This will give a strong message and help a lot of people out there going through the same thing.

If its not the genre you like to write in, that doesn't matter. You could exaggerate it, or change it, or use a opinion to spark something in the supernatural, paranormal, thriller genre, and many others.

A ghost that kills homophobic people because he was bullied as a child. This could be in the paranormal, thriller and crime genre. This also holds two very special messages, that its okay to be homosexual and that its not right to bully people for who they chose to be. The main protagonist (hero) could be a gay detective.

With a bit of tweaking and with a bit of work done, any experience can be turned into a great novel. If you are passionate about it, it will be easier to write and more entertaining to read.

Technique three: Out of the hat

This is more of an activity you can do to work out your initial idea. If you are having a lot of trouble, this can help a lot, and can be more fun and funny than either of the other two techniques.

Start off with a piece of paper, anything with do, and write down everything you are interested in, and everything you would like to write a book about. For example, I might write:

Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, dystopian, utopian, crime, supernatural, time, space, love, hate, books, vintage, steampunk, war, peace, apocalypse, post-apoclypse. 

Then, rip them up onto separate pieces of paper and put them into a hat, a bowl, someone else's cupped hands, the floor - whatever you can find - and pick out three pieces of paper and list them down on another piece of paper. 

Peace, time, utopian.

Repeat this twice or more to get at least three groups of three words.

Peace, time, utopian.

Vampires, apocalypse, vintage.

ghost, time, vintage.

Now, like with the first technique, you have to try and think of what those words make you imagine of, and what story you could make out of them. If you are still having trouble, try to join the words together with a sentence. 

A man has to jump across time to try and prevent things happening in the past that causes a war in his perfect city during the present.

Set in mid-apocalypse New York, people start mysteriously disappearing and ending up mutilated on the street the next morning. The city is being cut off from the rest of the country for protection and supplies are scarce. No one trusts anyone, and soon turn to murder for protection. There is only one creature that could be behind this: Vampires. And they are on the hunt for 3 vintage artefacts and will stop at nothing to get them in the panic.

A time-travelling ghost will not be at rest until he says goodbye to his wife, and somehow he must work out which century they lived in together to be able to find her.

If you think of something you like the sound of, use it. Work it. Mould it, make it something you love and are proud of.


Don't mash up two of your favourite books to create your own, or even steal tiny bits of one book. You DON'T want to be compared to any book other than your own.

Like I said at the start, if I have mentioned any story ideas you would like to use for yourself, please drop me a personal message saying which one you would like to use as I will only be letting one person use each story idea, because no one wants a copy cat.

Also, if you have any story ideas of your own and don't know if they are any good or not, feel free to leave a comment or a personal message and I will try my best to reply!

~ Thank you for reading this section! Stay tuned for more! ~

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