New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


8. The White Room

   Charlies Mums P.O.V ( For a change)


I was just about to go to work then Charlies school rang me I thought 'oh god what has she done now?' but then as I answered it it was Mrs McLain .

"Hello Mrs McLain" I said

" Hello Ms Robbins we need you to come to the hospital right now Charlie has been rushed in because she collapsed"

" Ok I will be there right away"

After I hung up I quickly raced to my car and drove to the hospital to find Mrs McLain waiting in the entrance for me. She guided me to Charlies room and when we got there she was just laying there silently and still. Pulled a chair up to the side of her bed praying to God that she will survive I asked Mary what happened and she explained to me that Charlie just got up and ran and that her and Anna tried to run after her to catch up with Charlie  but when she reached the door she just stopped in her tracks and collapsed. I asked the nurse what was wrong with her and what caused this and she replied with

" Charlie had a stress related panic attack and her anxiety levels were unbelievably high.

"Oh my god I think I caused this, I told her about the move and she just got angry and stormed out, II dont she could cope with the pressure of moving. IM A TERRIBLE MOTHER !!!" I wailed


"CHARLIE!!!!" I cried 

" Mum where ... where am I ?" Charlie asked 

"Your in hospital and its all my fault I shouldn't of accepted that promotion... Im sorry baby..."

"Mum its not your fault , your an amazing mother and I love you. I think we will have an amazing time in Sydney" 

"And mum how long till we leave?" Charlie asked

" 3 days"

" Cant wait!"

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