New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


19. The Question.


A/N:Sorry I haven't updated n a while its because of school >:( but anyways WARNING!!!THERE IS SMUT!!!

 Blossom <3

Charlies P.O.V

I woke up to the sun blaring through my blinds causing me to shield my eyes into someones neck.

I felt someones arm wrapped around my waist so I looked to my left and saw Luke so I calmed down.It was now 12:00 in the afternoon. I snuck out of Luke's grip and went into the bathroom to get ready.I got into the shower and washed my hair and myself , got out and dried myself blow dried my hair and brushed my teeth.With my towel still wrapped about me I went back into my room and got some clothes. I got  changed and done my make up like this:

 When I came out of the bathroom I saw that Luke was now awake and lying in my bed staring into space.

"Hello.Earth to Luke , Earth to Luke"I yelled slightly

"Uhh..yeah... wow...hi. Charlie can I ask you something"

"Yeah. Sure anything"

"I know we have only known eachoher for like 2 days but I really really like you and I would like to know would you like to be my girlfriend?"

"OMG!!!!!HELL YEAH!!!!!!" I screamed

Luke got up out of bed and jogged up to me and engulfed me into a ginormous bear hug which I returned.I looked uped to him and he unexpectedly smashed his lips into mine.It wasn't a soggy kiss, it was romantic and full of love.Know when people see sparks? well I saw bonfire night :)

"Wow....."I said after I broke the kiss

"That was amazing.."

" I know. Wanna go down stairs and tell every one?"I asked

"Yeah, sure "

I started to walk away when I felt Luke drag me back and he lifted me up into the air , over his shoulder so I screamed 

"A pretty girl like you shouldn't have to walk"He said making me blush uncontrollably.

He opened my door and ran down stairs with me on his shoulder causing me to scream even more.We ran/bobbed into the living room where everyone else was playing Fifa.

"Guys!"I shouted causing everyone to look at us

"Charlie and I have some good news" Luke announced

"Luke and I are dating"I shouted with a grin 

Then before I knew it we were being tackled to the ground by the boys, Jai and Lu.

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!" they all yelled

"Calum pay up sucker , you owe me £20!" Mikey commented 

"Fine"Calum said clearly in a strop

After a few minutes everyone went and continued with what they were doing before so Luke and I went over and sat on the sofa with my head on his shoulder.

"Should we put a picture on Twitter?"I asked  


Luke's P.O.V

I love Charlie soo very much and I want to be married to her one day.

"Should we put a picture on Twitter?"She asked


I took a pic of me kissing her cheek and her smiling and blushing at the camera/my phone and uploaded it upto Twitter

'This is my beautiful girlfriend Charlie.I love you with all my heart and I hope that we can one day be married xxx@_Charlie_ *The photo*

Almost imminently my phone went crazy.I read through the comments and they were things like :

"OMG she is soooo pretty" 

"Good job Luke!!"

"I love her hair! :D"

I could see Charlie looking as well and I could practically feel her grin.

Charlies P.O.V

I m glad that the fans like me and im happy that we are public:D

I looked at my phone and saw the time was only 1:00 so I decided to go skate to the park.



"Im gonna go to the park.You coming?"

"Yeah , sure let me get my things quick"


Luke ran up stairs so while I was waiting I got my bag (the one in the picture) got a drink for Luke and I, my phone and my earphones.I put my beanie on then got my shoes on and my skateboard.Luke came running downstairs with his bag (similar to mine but dark blue) and his skateboard.We said bye to the guys and left.We were racing towards the park and sadly Luke won :(

We went on the swings playing 21 questions.

L-Luke C-Charlie

L:How many boyfriends have you had?

C-Only 2 , meaning you are my second boyfriend


C-My turn..... Why do you like me?

L-I like you because your funny, cute, daring and perfect


The game continued like that until we became even closer and started making out.It started to become even more heated until I broke the kiss and said for Luke to save it for later causing him to send me a smirk back making me bite my lip.

"We'd better get back home then" Luke said biting his lip as well 

I agreed and grabbed my stuff while Luke got his stuff and we skated back home but we noticed that everyone was at mine so we went to his house.

When we walked through the door we dropped every thing and I wrapped my arms around Luke's neck while he wrapped his arms around my waist

"Jump" Luke mumbled through the kiss.

I done what I was told to , I jumped then wrapped my legs around his waist.By this point I was pinned to the wall while making out with Luke.Things gt heated pretty fast , I broke off the kiss and Luke just pouted.I lead him towards the sofa where I pushed Luke down on the sofa causing him to smirk.I climbed on top of him so that I was straddling him.I felt him tug at the bottom of my shirt so I broke the kiss so that I could take my top off leaving me in only trousers and my red lace bra.I saw Luke bite his lip so I took his top off then my trousers. i continued to kiss him when I felt his hand snake towards my bra.Luke started kissing on my neck , sucking it a little bit making me moan a little, he sucked lower and lower until he found my sweet spot making me moan even more.Luke stood up and took his trousers making me giggle at his pants because they had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.He sat back down and placed me back on his lap with his hands placed on my breasts.I rocked back and forth on his lap causing him to moan.

Suddenly , We head the door open then the sound of someone jogging into the living room muttering some thing.When they walked in I shrieked to find out that it was only Ash so  quickly grabbed Luke's top and shoved it over myself so that my not just in my underwear.

" "Ash sad awkwardly

I blushed deep scarlet, still cuddled into Luke

"Babe im going to take a shower"


Luke's P.O.V

 I had Charlie sitting on my lap with only her underwear on and me the same.We were were about to take it further when someone came running into the living room causing Charlie to shriek and grab my top to cover herself with.It was Ash.

""Ash said awkwardly 

I saw Char blush deep scarlet then say to me that she was going to take a shower and so with that she left upstairs  

"What the fuck dude!"I moaned

"What?"Ash said innocently 

"We were just about to do it!"

"Whoops , sorry"

"What dd you want anyways?"

"I was just coming over t tell you that we have an interview later today and guess what!"



"Thats great news and can we bring the girls as well?"

"Yeah. im gonna go now and dont forget USE PROTECTION!!" As shouted half way out the door


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