New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


17. The Lake

Lucy's P.O.V

When Char and Michael came out I looked behind me and saw Chars hair. It was amazing and it really suits her and I love her lip piercing, I might get one myself to be honest. Michael's hair is great as well. I asked every one if thy wanted to swim in the lake that was behind our houses and every one said yes . The boys quickly ran to their house to but their trunks on, Jamie ran to his room and did the same. I ran up to my room and Char ran to hers.I put on my orange bikini, plaited my long hair, got my pink floral dress and put it over my swimming costume. I grabbed my black flip flops and a small bag in it I put my towel, sunglasses and my phone.I heard some one knock on my door so I let them in and it was Char.

Charlies P.O.V

I ran into my room and I found my  bikini and but it on. I left my natural curls flow down my back to my waist. I put my blue striped bikini on and put my denim skirt that came mid thigh, my black crop top and a pair of black flip flops. Before I left my room a grabbed a small beach bag ,even though we were just going to the lake, and put a towel in it, my gold framed sunglasses and my phone. I grabbed my bag and knocked on Lu's door and she let me in. I asked her whether or not if she was ready and she was so we got Jamie and we headed to the lake and saw that the boys were there so Jai,Lu and ran over there. When we got over there Lu and I put our bags down, take our flipflops off , I take off of my crop top and skirt and Lu takes off her dress and puts it on her bag.

"Luke I dare you to jump in" I said

"Only if you do it with me"


Before I even told him the answer I felt a strong pair of arms wrap around my waist so I screamed. I managed to look at the face and it was Jai. I screamed again but everyone was laughing too hard. We were on the end of the pier and I felt Jai jump with me still in his arms. I screamed/laughed so Luke, Mike ,  Cal, Ash and Lu came running over and I asked for some help. Luke and Ash tried to help me but I grabbed their hands and pulled them in . I laughed so hysterically I my stomach hurt.

Luke's P.O.V

Once the boys and I had put our shorts on we grabbed our towels, glasses and phones and ran out the door. We got to the lake and because the girls and Jamie weren't  there yet we put our things down and sat down and just chatted

C-"Hey Luke, do you like Charlie?" asked Cal

Me-" Maybe , why?"

C-"Come on give the act up.... We know you like her and we know she likes you"

L-"Really how do you know?"

A-" The way you two act around each other and plus last night when you two fell asleep Lucy told us"

M-"Yeah, you should ask her out. You two would make a perfect couple"

L-"Idk I think she has a boyfriend"

We chatted for about 5 more minutes when we saw the others coming so we stopped talking. Charlie asked me if I would jump in but I said that I would only do it if she did it. She was in mid thought when Jamie came up behind her, picked her up,she screamed but we all laughed.When he reached the end of the pier he laughed but then he jumped into the lake with Charlie still in his arms , screaming/laughing. We came over laughing but then Charlie asked Ash an I to help her out so being the nicest friends we tried to help her out but when we grabbed her hands she grabbed ours and yanked us in.Charlie was laughing so hard it seemed like if she laughed any more she would pee herself..

Charlies P.O.V

Because I was getting a bit tired of about 30 minutes swimming I climbed out of the lake onto the pier, went and got my towel and because the pier is rather big I set my towel down, laid down on it and just sunbathed for a while until I fell asleep.

We had been out here for at least 3 hours so I decide to go in and get changed. I quickly grab my things and tell every one that I am going in. When I get into my room I drop my bag on the floor, get a change of clothes but because it is 6:30 I got my yoga things. With my things I ran into the bathroom and ran a nice hot shower. I washed my hair and body then came out and dried myself. I put my yoga shorts and a red sports bra. After I had done that I dried my hair and put it in a high messy bun.I grabbed my yoga mat , went to the work out room put my mat down and on my phone I played 'Shes Kinda Hot' by 5Sos. After about an hour I chose to finished my yoga so I rolled up my mat , put it away then turned down my music.Every one had gone in now so I thought it would be a great idea to go and sit by the lake. Once I had got there I crossed my legs and just thought about things.After about 20 minutes I went inside, got my pj shorts on then went down stairs.Lu , Jai and I just put on a movie and we all fell asleep to it.

3 weeks later....

I woke up to seeing faces peering over the top of me and screamed. I soon then realized that it was the boys, Lu and Jai.

"OMGGGGGG!!!!!" I screamed

"What?" Ash questioned 

"ITS ONLY 2 WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screeched 

Everyone just stared at me and then said for me to get dressed so every one got out of my room so I could get changed. I ran into the bathroom, got in the shower, washed and dried, curled my hair , did my make up ( foundation ,black pencil eyeliner , black eye shadow to make smokey look and light red lip stick) I put my lip ring back in then went to my wardrobe and got my black ripped skinny jeans, Luke's Nirvana tank top and my ankle socks. I put them on then ran into the living room where everyone was. I sat next to Luke.

"Is that my top?" he questioned



"Fine its your top.... I found it.Do you want it back?"

" No keep it babe it looks better on you"

I went bright red as he said that.

We were watching the tv when I decided to go on my Instagram.  As soon as I went on there I regretted looking.I saw a photo of my BEST FRIEND and MY BOYFRIEND kissing!!!! and the comments said:

Anna - A Girl 1-#1 girl 2-#2

#1-Isn't Charlie dating Freddie though?

A- Duh yeah but I don't care I'v all ways hated that bitch. Shes ugly and fake!

#2-  I thought u 2 were BFF's?

A-Thats what she thought. Fred and I were d8ing all along.i just wanted 2 see get her heart broke it soo funny! >:D

#1-True no 1 liked her. she woz soooo ugly and emo!


As soon as I read that I felt tears welling up in my eyes again then I jumped up , ran to my room and slammed my door shut.I heard Lukes voice after me but I ignored it. I threw myself onto my bed with tears flowing down my cheeks.As I screamed into a pillow I heard a knock on my door. It was Luke and  wanted to come in.I let him in so he sat down beside me, he asked what was wrong so I explained to him.When I told him he pulled me into a big hug and told me everything was going to be okay.We laied down on my bed, me still in his arms, it was silent. Not the awkward silence but the nice silence.After about 10 maybe 15 minutes we both had fallen asleep.

Michael's P.O.V

All I heard was a bang then silence followed by a high pitched scream. Luke went running after her but it all went silent.

M-me L-Lucy A-Ash J-Jai C-Calum

M-"What do you think that was all about?"

L-"I dont know. I could go and get her phone then look"

Lucy and I both went upstairs  and crept into Charlies room and there was Charlie and Luke sleeping on her bed, his arm wrapped around her.While Lucy crept to Charlies phone I took a picture of the two and put it on Instagram.

 "Awwww I think u 2 should date @luke_is_a_penguin @_Charlie_

 Lucy signalled for me to come out of there and in her hand she had Charlies phone.When we got downstairs Lucy went on Charlies Insta and gasped.

M-me A-Ash L-Lucy J-Jaime 



L-"That's Chars boyfriend and her best friend!!"

M-"What that f***!would any one do that?"

L-"BECAUSE HE IS A LYING LITTLE RUNT WITH A SAD AND LONELY LIFE!!!!!!!" you could tell that she was fuming because she was bright red

J-"IF I EVER GET MY HANDS ON THAT LITTLE B******* I'LL KILL HIM!!!!!" Jamie shouted in rage

A-"You lot shut up or we'll wake sleeping beauty 1 and 2" he commented.

L&J-"Fine" they said together



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