New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


11. So High Up.

Early Saturday Morning...


It was  4:30 in the morning when my mum came barging into my room and woke me up then shouted for me to get dressed so I quickly jumped out of my bed, grabbed my 5sos crop top ( I have 2) put on a pair of my denim high waisted short and a pair of my white converse. I quickly  straighten my waist length hair and then quickly put some make up on.I put a bit of conceal, foundation and things like that on then I some liquid liner on and do the cat eye, a bit of mascara on and put light pink lipstick on. I grab my black beanie on and my grey hoodie and put it on. I put the blanket that I used in my bag as I packed my quilt away last night.Mum called again so I raced down stairs it was now 5:10 and we had to go if we wanted to be on time.So once we had put everything we needed in the car we then hopped in and mum started to drive. As mum was driving I started to think really deep:

What happens if our plane crashes?

How will it crash?

What causes it?

What if I don't make any friends?

What if I don't like my room?

What if someone got murdered in my room?

What if its haunted?

I just have to push all of the thoughts out of my head and concentrate on the positive things.Just then all of my thoughts just stop my anxiety levels go sky high I don't think I can do it. I all most back out of it but right in front of me stands a ginormous building, the airport! My uncle Arthur arrives at the airport with my aunty Julie. They both came  running up to us and hugged us really hard.

"Charlie I hope you have a wonderful time in Sydney and have lots of fun. Uncle Arthur and I will come to visit you soon when you settle in" Aunty Julie said 

"Charlie we will miss your craziness whenever you and your mother came to visit but like Aunty Julie said we will  come and see you "

" I will miss both o you two aswell and you'd better visit or I will get mum to mail me back (I hope you have some stamps)" I said jokingly 

" Well Charlie we had better go or we will be late" Mum said

" Ok comming. Bye uncle Arthure love you, bye aunty Julie love you" I kissed them both goodbye. Mum and I both got out bags and fnnally we wre in the airport.



The first thing we did was go to to the departure hall , checked ourselves in ect went to security and done what els you do at an airport.

We finally sat on the plane. I was next to the window , my mum was next to me and next to her I would say was a young girl maybe 7 or 8 you could tell she was petrified.

Luckily I had my laptop so I could go on things like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  I put my ear phones in and went on YouTube. I watched a few of Pewdiepie, Daresundays , Shane Dawson , Bart Baker and 5 Seconds Of Summer. I fell asleep for an hour or so but suddenly my head started to go BOOM.....BOOM.....BOOOOOM. I had a terrible headache and then the stomach cramps started.  So I quickly got all the things I needed like my paracetamol and sorted myself out. I went back to my seat and decided to go on Instagram. I regret looking on there now because I looked on Anna's account to find a picture of Freddie and her together , her kissing him on the cheek.  After I saw that I felt sick, I felt something rise in the back of my throat,I quickly got up from my seat and ran into the toilet. Luckily I reached it in time , I heard my mum knocking on the door so I quickly unlocked it and let her in before returning back o the toilet to be sick again. My mum asked what was wrong so I told her about the photo and id previously seen Anna flirting with Freddie. Just thinking about it made my stomach turn but after about 10 minutes I managed  to go back to my seat but I quickly brushed my teeth ( what I have tooth past and a tooth brush in my bag) and just slept for the rest of the flight.

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