New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


10. Packing

Friday afternoon...

As soon as I get out of school I start to pack  ( they let me out of hospital of Thursday) I find my gigantic suite case , put 5sos on my phone full blast and play Basket-case where you stand in the furthest corner of your room roll your clothes us and try and get them in your suitcase and when you get them in you earn yourself a happy dance  where you stomp your feet and wave your arms in the air like a lunatic. After I had finished my game I moved all of my clothes into my humongous duffle bag  with my shoes. Surprisingly enough all of my clothes and shoes didn't fill it all up so I grabbed all of my makeup and put it i a neat little box big enough for all of it.I put all of my shower thing and hair things in  a carrier bag and put it in my duffle bag. In my suitcase I put my photo albums in there all 4 , I put my music in there , my books all 47 (its a big suitcase as I say and they are mostly small books) I also put my laptop and charger, nail polish(in a bag) lastly I put my guitar and bags by the door. Wow... I've never seen my room so empty. You can now see the cream walls and all the intricate details better now and my carpet looks better you can now see the red and white poka dot floors.  

Moments later my mum knocked on my door.

"WHO GOES THERE!"I shouted 

" Mum" She replied sarcastically

"MUM SHALL NOT PASS!" I boomed doing my impression of Gandolf.

She walked into my room and found me with my large grey cardigan, tied together with a belt, a witches hat and a large walking stick in my hand .

"Ummmm......Charlie what are you doing?"

"Who is this Charlie you speak of? My name is Gandolf the Great!!!" I boomed again

"Ummmm...yeah....sure Charlie get some sleep now we need to get up early tomorrow"

"GANDOLF and I need to do one more task then I can sleep " I said back

"And whats that?" my mum asked

" I need to go to Narnia with my main man Dobby"

"And how exactly is that normal"

" Because im fabulous :D"

" Yeah right weirdo now come on get to sleep " my mum demands

"Fine night love you"

" Night night love you see you in the morning" my mum said

After she leaves I take everything off and put my pj's on and fall asleep.

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