New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


15. First Day Of School

Friday Morning ( I started late because I was getting used to this place so mum said I was ill)...


"Ugh!" I moan as I am woken up by my alarm. I tried to attempt to reach it but I stupidly ended up falling off my bed , onto the floor and hurting my nose 

" Ouchh!!Why am I so stupid?!" I questioned myself angrily.

When I managed to get up off the floor I went into my bathroom, got into the shower , came out brushed my teeth , dried my hair and done my makeup. I done the smokey look again with  light red lips. I went into my wardrobe and pulled out my high waisted black ripped skinny jeans , ACDC muscle tank top. I then just threw on a pair of my white Vans and my school  bag. I race downstairs and see if Lucy is ready. Lucy and I both say bye to mum and we grab our phones then walk out of the door trying to race each other to the front gate all I can say is out front garden is HUGE! I win the race but while I waited for Lucy I heard the sound of laughter and someone shouting my name. It turnt out to be Luke, Micheal , Ash and Calum . They came walking up to Lucy and I scratching their heads confused who was  who.

"What one is Charlie?" Asked Micheal .

" I'm Charlie" 

" And im Lucy" she said

" Wow are you two identical?" Micheal asked 

" Noooo we're not we are just 2 random people who look exactly like each other and who are the same age" I replied 

The rest of the jounery was just talking about music, our new house and how we like things here but after about 20 minutes we had arrived at the school.

Once me and Lucy had gotten to the school office we told the lady our names so she gave us our locker numbers and keys. I had eventually found my locker when accidentally a girl with dark brown hair , dark brown eyes , black skinny jeans and a black tank top saying 

' What!'

" Errr... sorry about that... my name is Kayleigh whats yours"

 Errr... thats ok my names Charlie hey do you know where room 82 is?" I asked

" Yeah sure follow me im in that  class

We had gotten to the class room so I went up to the teacher and said

"Hey im new here my names Charlie"

"Hello Charlie my name is Mr Jones and I will be your maths teacher for the year" 

After Mr Jones had introduced himself I went and found a seat next to Kayleigh.

Soon after the lesson had  started I got extremely board so I got out my old book.

Random Crap: Charlie Robins  

I just drew bands logos like Blink-182 , Green Day 5 Seconds Of Summer.After I had tried their logos I had a go at drawing the members of 5SOS and not to float my own boat but I was pretty good.

Finally the lesson had finished .

Kayleigh and I both met outside the class.

"What class have you got now?" Kayleigh asked

"Um..... Gym what about you?"

"Same... come on put your things away and lets go to gym." 

I had put all of my books in my locker and then adventured across the humongous school to get into the changing room. After Kayleigh and I had finished getting changed we went into the gym and I introduced myself to the teacher and she introduced herself to me her name was Mrs Wilkinson.

" Today class we are playing football and if you don't want to participate you can go and sit down on the benches."

I don't like football that much well.... I mean I can play it but I don't like to very often and the same was with Kayleigh.

I looked out on the 'pitch' to find out that I had the boys who lived next to me :D 

I have to admit that Luke is pretty cute;) 

Before I knew it it was lunch. Kayleigh both raced each other to the changing room and put our normal clothes on.We went into the lunch hall and got what we wanted. I got a spicy chicken curry, a fanta and a chocolate cookie. Kayleigh got some chips , 3 chicken pieces, a fanta as well and a chocolate cookie. We went and sat down at a table then this fake looking girl ( long blond hair, short skit , tank top , too much make up and really high high heels)

" This is my table so get out now" she commanded 

" How is this your table? I don't see you name on it" 

"I take it that your the new girl. I run this school and no one back mouths me. Last chance if you do any thing like this again I will make your life a living hell" she threatened

" Yeah ok"

And with that she stormed away with her little gang of barbie girls.

"Wow! I cant believe you did that!" Kayleigh gasped  


" I can't believe you stood up to the schools biggest bitch!!!"

" But it was nothing. I just hate fake people"

After we had eaten our lunch I went out onto the field because we still had 30 minutes of lunch left. I run under a huge oak tree and sat under it and played Miss You by Blink-182 and sang along to it.

Hello there,
The angel from my nightmare,
The shadow in the background of the morgue.
The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley.
We can live like Jack and Sally
If we want.

Where you can always find me
And we'll have Halloween on Christmas.
And in the night we'll wish this never ends,
We'll wish this never ends.

(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)

Where are you?
And I'm so sorry.
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight.
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkness
Comes creeping on so haunting every time.

And as I stared I counted
The webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides.

Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason.
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight?
Stop this pain tonight.

Don't waste your time on me.
You're already the voice inside my head.
(I miss you, miss you)
Don't waste your time on me.
You're already the voice inside my head.
(I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you) [4x]

When I had finished I heard clapping coming from behind me.Seems like I had built up a bit of a crowd.There was Luke , Michael , Ashton, Calum and Lu. 

"Wow! Your great!!" complimented Luke

" Errr... Thanks..." I smiled awkwardly

The bell rang so I quickly got up and started walking with the boys.

"Hey Charlie what have you got next?" asked Michael

" Art. Hallelujah!!" I giggled 

" Ha I got art as well !" said Michael and Calum 

" Race ya!" I shouted 

As soon as I shouted that Micheal  was legging it so Calum and I ran. I was about 10 inches away from taking over when someone pushed into Calum ( he was right behind me) causing him to land on me , making me crash down. I screamed but I was also laughing hysterically and so was Calum. I had whacked

my arm on the floor and so had Calum as far as I could see it was bleeding a little and so was his. My arm hurt when I touched it but it was still so hilarious. We finally got to our class and we found Micheal sitting at his desk trying not to burst out with laughter.

" Can you explain to me why you are late for my class?!" demanded at strict looking teacher ( grey hair tied into a tight bun, long black skirt and a posh white blouse and a suite top)  

"Sorry Miss. Im new here but I got lost and Calum shew me around then someone pushed into him causing him to fall on me" I explained 

"Fine but if you two are ever late for my class again you will be in detention" she warned

I went and sat down next to Michael so he was on my right and Calum was my left. We had to sketch somewhere and someone who was special to us so I ended up doing a lake that I used to go to when I was younger when ever I got sad or mad or even if I wanted to swim I would  go there.For someone who was special I drew my brother Jamie and sister Lucy because when we were younger they would always be there for me and help me when mum was working late they would take care of me.I saw Michael look at my sketch and he just stared.

" OMFG seriously? The lesson only started about 20 minutes ago and your done, its amazing as well!" I just blushed

" What is her name?" I ask Mikey 

"Mrs Cooper" he said


I put my hand up signalling that I was done but then she said 'no rushing your work, rushed work makes rubbish work'. After having my hand up for about ten minutes she finally came over and you could see that she was trying to hide the shock on her face but you could see it anyways.Art was finally over and all was left now was and assembly. The head introduced himself as Mr Warwick and he started talking about a load of rubbish. HALLELUJAH!!! School had finally finished. I met up with Lucy but then I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders and I screamed and flung my elbow back and hit them in the stomach. I heard a groan and it was Ashton.

" Haaa sorry Ashton I didn't know it was you and you shouldn't sneak up on me like that!" I said laughing 

"Sorry.." he moaned.

I helped Ashton up and said sorry as well he mentioned something about hanging out today so Lu and I asked if they wanted to come around ours tonight  so he said he will go talk to the boys and see us later then before we knew it we were home.I rushed upstairs into my room threw my bag onto the floor, kicked my shoes off and ran to the bathroom and redone my make up ( Foundation,black pencil eyeliner, and silver eye shadow with light pink lip gloss ) , done my hair into a messy side plait. Once I had done my hair and make up I ran to my wardrobe and picked a high waisted black skater skair that came mid thigh , with my galaxy crop top and a pair of my mint converse ( not high tops)

Moments later I came downstairs and heard the door knocking. It was the boys at last!

Ch-me C-Calum L-Luke M-Michael A-Ashton Lu-Lucy

Ch- Hey

C,L,M,A- Hey. 

Ch-LU THERE HERE!!!' I shouted


C,L,M,A- Hey. 

Ch- Err... do you wanna come in the living room and watch a movie?

L- Sure 

The rest all nodded as I lead them into the living room.

Ch-What do you wanna watch?

L-17 Again?!

Ch-OMFG YEAH!!!!!!

We got half way through the film when I heard knocking at the door so I jumped up and ran to the door and when I opened the door I was sooo very happy and ecstatic it was..... 

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