New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


13. Exploring

Charlies P.O.V

After mum had said that I raced into the house and run upstairs towards the bed room. After I had looked in all of the rooms I decided on a room with a window seat looking out into the large field and beautiful lake.I had another window in my room facing the west wing looking into another room.It had dark oak wooden flooring, icy blue walls, in the middle of the main wall was a double bed with a black sheets but hot pink poka dots, with the wall on the right there is a big comfy window seat,on the bottom wall is a big TV I think 62 inch , next to that is a make up table. On the last wall is a door which leads to my bathroom and a few inches along is a double door with leads to m WALK IN CLOSET!!!!!

Before I get to put all of my stuff away there was a knock on the door and my mum shouted for me to get it so I raced downstairs to the front door and when I opened it I was greeted by 2 boys one was tall with blond hair and blue eyes and the other boy had brown eyes and brown hair. In their hands they had a woven basket with thins like brownies, chocolate and other sweets in there.

" Hey we are your new neighbors im Luke and hes Calum  there are 2 others but they are out at the moment."

"Hey my name is Charlie and thanks" I said as Luke passed me the basket 

" Well we have got to go now but see you around" 

" Bye"

I saw them walk back to their house so one they went I shut the door behind me and slid down the door.





But then all of my thoughts were inturupted my someone knocking on the  door again I opened it to see someone who looked exactly like me... IT WAS LUCY!!!!! ( Lucy is my twin and is older than me by 1 minute)

" CHARLIE!!!!!" shouted Lucy while running at me , tackling me to the ground.

"LUCY!!!!!!" I shouted back while hugging her tight 

" Why didnt mum not tell me you were comming?" I asked

" Because it was a surprise!" she said

" Come on lets go in mum will want to see you"

Lu and I both walked into mums room and as soon as mum saw Lu she came running up to her and hugged her really tight . Lucy chose her room and it was next to mine we also had a secret passage that we found which leads us to  the basement , every room , the attic and the East and West wing!

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