New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


5. Cooling Off

I quickly run upstairs to get changed I throw a 5Sos tank top on with a pair of my high wasted shorts on , tie my hair into a high bun , I was so up set I don't even care about make up I just put my shoes on , grab my phone , keys and ran out the door. As I was running tears started to form in my eyes but I just kept on running until I reached the park and ran into the humongous trees. I just sat there and cried and cried 'I cant believe my mum is making me do this, leave all of my friends and my life here', I've lived here in LA since I was 5 ( I was born in England so im not American) but I guess it would be good to have a new start but I don't know ill miss all of my friends especially Mary and Anna they have been my best friends for almost 10 years! 

All of a sudden my phone went 'ping' and scared me to death it was Freddie he wanted to meet with me but I totally forgot!

" Charlie where are you?" he texted

" Sorry something came up and I cant meet you"

" Wtf fine but meet me tomorrow I need to see you"

"Ok bye"

After I sent that he didn't reply I needed to see my friends I Face timed Mary but Anna didn't answer.

"Hey wheres Anna?"Mary asked 

" Hey I don't know she didn't answer but Freddie texted me he got in a mood I think but when I said bye to him he didn't reply :( ???"

" Thats odd" Mary and I just talked about our fave bands but I wasn't ready to tell her that we are moving to Sydney 

" Sorry bae I'v got to go but ill see you later"

" Bye bae" I said then she went.

When I got in I just ran up to my room put my onsie on , put the TV on and got into bed as it was 11:30 at night 

      Sunday Morning...

I slept for most of the day and woke up at about 2:30 in the afternoon.I jumped in the shower dried my hair ,curled it and as it was hot put one of my black high waised mid thigh skirts and a Blink182 crop top on, brushed my teeth and done light make up (smokey , black pencil eyeliner and light pink lipstick).

I went  down stairs shouted im going out and grabbed m purse, keys and phone and went to town. I went into Forever 21 and brought  Mid-Rise Americana Jean shorts,ACDC Graphic Muscle Burgundy-Awake, Center Seamed Cropped Cami,Rules Broken top,Micro-Striped Ringer Tee ,Tartan Plaid Flared Skirt and a Pleated Overall Skirt. I then paid then went to the food court , had some chips then went the last shop was Claire's and got a 5 Sos phone case ( its my FAVE band!!!)5Sos black vest and beani , 3 pack Spiritual  Stud pack after I paid I got in my car and drove home as it was 6:50 I put my things up in my room, put my pjs on ( basically a tank top with some shorts) and went down sairs said hi to my mum put on a movie and got my quilt. Mum and I ended up watching Scary Movie 3 then the next thin I know its Monday morning and I fell asleep on the sofa. 


Monday Morning...


I walked up stairs , washed my face , brushed hair and teeth , put on my Center seamed crop top with my pleated overall skirt, black converse and done my make up ( smokey eye and deep purple lipstick)

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