New Life

Hi my name is Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie. I'm 17 years old and im in for the biggest shock of my life...


2. Chapter 2

Charlies p.o.v 

" Charlie.... Charlie... WAKE UP YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!" I was woken up by the sound of my mum shouting at me attempting to wake me up.

"mmm.... 5 more minutes..." I moan back 

" No, now get you arse up and out of your bed right now or you will be grounded for the next 2 weeks!" 

All of a sudden I feel a pair of hands push my back causing me to fall flat on my bed room floor.

" Ow, that hurt!" I complain 

"Now get dressed" I gave up, I don't feel tired anymore.

" Fine" 

As my mum walks out of my room I slowly walk to my wardrobe to find some clothes. I finally settle on black skinny jeans ripped at the knee, a black jersey with ACDC on it , a plaid shirt tied around my waist and some black converse.

After picking my clothes I quickly jump in the shower, get out , dry myself , blow dry my hair,brush my teeth then do my make up.I end up doing the smokey affect with deep red lipstick on. I finally get dressed , say by to my mum then quickly run out of the door.


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