How I Survived Freshman Year

My name is Briana to the government, Bri to my parents, goth girl to most. This is how I survived my freshman year in the American school system.


2. The Last Box

  I put two layers of duct tape on the last box of my things and took them down to the car. Tomorrow we were heading to the airport. My two younger brothers, Zack and Ian were so excited about the move. They would make friends, they weren't complete social outcasts like their sister. 

    My thoughts were interrupted by a smack in the nose from the front door. "Bri! I'm so sorry Love, I didn't see you there!" The petite blonde woman behind the door chimed. "Don't worry about it Holly." I mumbled, putting my ear buds back into my ears and shoving my way past the woman in the door. 

      Holly was my step mum. She was bright, cheerful, and peppy, everything my mum wasn't. But what's there to be cheerful about when you've got a tumor in your head the size of a marble? Dad wasn't too upset when she finally lost the battle though. He smiled when the insurance policy came in the mail. It sickened me. He had gotten rid of all of her things, except for one item I managed to steal from their room before the funeral. A small, soft, stuffed bunny. 

        I put the box in the back along with all of the others. The sky was painted with grey and I slammed the trunk, sprinting indoors before the rain poured down. I made it inside just in time. 

MusicCalmsMyDemons has signed online.

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Rachel get online!!!

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Rachel!

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Ra

MusicCalmsMyDemons: chel

MusicCalmsMyDemons: !

MusicCalmsMyDemons: !

MusicCalmsMyDemons: G

MusicCalmsMyDemons: E

MusicCalmsMyDemons: T

MusicCalmsMyDemons: O

MusicCalmsMyDemons: N

MusicCalmsMyDemons: L

MusicCalmsMyDemons: I

MusicCalmsMyDemons: N

MusicCalmsMyDemons: E

MusicCalmsMyDemons: !

ThatSceneTeen16 has signed online. 

ThatSceneTeen16: Yes Master?

MusicCalmsMyDemons: About time! We're moving tomorrow and it's storming! What if the plane gets struck by lightening tonight or something and then tomorrow when the pilot goes to turn the plane on or whatever, it explodes?

ThatSceneTeen16: We should make a movie.

MusicCalmsMyDemons: I'm serious Rachel! I'm terrified of heights.

ThatSceneTeen16: Don't they put planes in like a big garage or whatever? 

MusicCalmsMyDemons: True. 

ThatSceneTeen16: Exactly. So nothing to worry about. Just sit your british arse on that plane and take off and get here!

MusicCalmsMyDemons: My british arse?

ThatSceneTeen16: You're british, and I'm pretty sure you have an arse. 

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Actually, my arse is pretty flat. (image attached)

ThatSceneTeen16: Eat some donuts or something girl damn. That arse is flatt with two t's. 

MusicCalmsMyDemons has muted the conversation. 

ThatSceneTeen16: No come back! 

ThatSceneTeen16: please?

ThatSceneTeen16: :'(

ThatSceneTeen16: Much tears.

ThatSceneTeen16: Such sadness. 

ThatSceneTeen16: so cri.

MusicCalmsMyDemons has unmuted the conversation.

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Much pathetic.

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Such eyeroll.

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