How I Survived Freshman Year

My name is Briana to the government, Bri to my parents, goth girl to most. This is how I survived my freshman year in the American school system.


1. New job

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MusicCalmsMyDemons: Kms. Now. 

ThatSceneTeen16: Why? 

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Dad got a new job. :/

ThatSceneTeen16: Why is that bad?

MusicCalmsMyDemons: It's in the US...

ThatSceneTeen16: Where at?? Maybe we can finally meet!

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Jasper, Indiana..98% are farmers with tractors. What if they run me over with their tractor?

ThatSceneTeen16: I live about 350 miles from Jasper. :/. You just redyed your hair. It'll look all ugly with your blood smeared in the dye. 

MusicCalmsMyDemons: We leave Sunday morning.. I'm going to miss Doncaster.. 

ThatSceneTeen16: Look at the brightside. You get a new start in a different country! In a state filled with farmers..who own big tractors..and bibles...

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Not helpful. They'll probably drown me in holy water.

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