How I Survived Freshman Year

My name is Briana to the government, Bri to my parents, goth girl to most. This is how I survived my freshman year in the American school system.


6. My Overly Embarrassing Step Mother

  I stood outside the school waiting for Holly to pick me up. "So, Aiden, do you live around here?" I sucked at small talk. "Yeah, just right down that street." He pointed to a street to my left. I nodded. "Cool. I live..somewhere in town." He chuckled. Oh god he has dimples."Bri?" Aiden has dimples. "Bri?"  Why hadn't I noticed that before? "Bri!" "Huh?" I broke from my gaze and looked at him. "I said, I think that's yours.." He motioned to the lady stumbling through the rows of chattering high school students. "Bri? Sweetie where are you? Did you get lost?" "Oh god.." I covered part of my face with my hand. "I'll see you tomorrow, Aiden?" It was more of a question. "Nope. Sorry. I'm moving to Egypt." He chuckled again. Those dimples. A smile paralyzed me and I walked toward my extremely embarrassing step mother. "Holly. Go back to the car."

    The ride home was probably the most dangerous experience ever. Holly was driving on the left side of the road until a car came flying through and almost crashed into us. We finally made it home alive and I went up to my room to talk to Rachel. 

MusicCalmsMyDemons has signed online.

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Rachel! I have to talk to you about school! 

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Hurry!

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Rachel!!!!

MusicCalmsMyDemons: R

MusicCalmsMyDemons: A

MusicCalmsMyDemons: C

MusicCalmsMyDemons: H

MusicCalmsMyDemons: E

MusicCalmsMyDemons: L

MusicCalmsMyDemons: !

MusicCalmsMyDemons: !

MusicCalmsMyDemons: !!!!!!!!!!

ThatSceneTeen16 has signed online

ThatSceneTeen16: What??

ThatSceneTeen16: Are they being nice to my Brit Bastard?

MusicCalmsMyDemons: Aiden is ;)

ThatSceneTeen16: Ooooh Aiden? Tell me all about the trash bag.

MusicCalmsMyDemons: He's really funny. and he has the cutest dimples. and smile. and laugh. and face. 

ThatSceneTeen16: Tell me about his face. Do you have a picture?

MusicCalmsMyDemons: No. I'll try and get one tomorrow though. And he has these little freckles that cover his nose. His eyes are big and bright and blue. and his hair is just one big fluff ball of chocolate curliness. 

      A big bang interrupted my thoughts about Aiden and I was seriously annoyed. "Briana!" I heard from my attic door. "What?" I called from my comfy bed. But of course they didn't hear me. I got up and walked over to the stairs. "What?" I repeated. "You have a visitor." There was a mocking tone at the sound of Holly's voice. I dragged my feet down the stairs. Who was it? Grandma? My extremely annoying college bound brother?

        I finally came to the front room and the sun blinded my eyes, as if this was some stupid chick flick. "I guess you live over there too." That voice. That hand made the same gesture. "Aiden?" I chuckled a little. "Is that you?" I shielded my eyes from the sun. "Yeah, I saw Holly taking out the sold sign in the front yard. So I thought I would come say hi." "You're on a first name basis now?" I laughed a little and walked into the kitchen with him. I poured two glasses of Kool-aid and handed him one. "So..what exactly did you come over here for?" I said awkwardly. "How rude!" He pretended to be hurt. I rolled my eyes. "Well obviously it wasn't to ask me for algebra help, when I've been in class for one day." I looked at the algebra book in his hand. "No, but I had to have an excuse to come over."

             He left before we got dinner started and Holly would never drop it. "So, you have a new friend? A new friend that REALLY likes you." I rolled my eyes. "He just showed me my classes, Holly." 

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