How I Survived Freshman Year

My name is Briana to the government, Bri to my parents, goth girl to most. This is how I survived my freshman year in the American school system.


5. Monday Morning

  "So, Bri, are you excited about your first day at your new school?" Holly excitedly asked me. "No." I stabbed a piece of pancake with my fork and shoved it into my mouth. "Oh..well..your outfit sure is interesting." I was wearing a Metallica shirt and black skinny jeans. "I know." I stabbed another piece and she cleared her throat. "Ian, Zack, are you boys excited?" They nodded in agreement. Of course they're excited. 

    My dad drove me to school that morning and I stood outside awkwardly, my face buried in a book, waiting for the doors to open. When they finally did, I slowly trudged to what I thought was the front office, but I was too nervous to ask anyone. "Uh..I'm a new student..can you give me my schedule..and possibly a tour..?" I nervously stared at the elderly, morbidly obese woman behind the counter. "Just a minute dear," She muttered and looked behind her. "This young lady needs a tour." "Alright." A deeper voice spoke from behind the counter, I couldn't see who the voice belonged to. "Name please?" "Briana Reed.." I squeaked. I heard the printer print and she handed me a warm paper. 

      "So this is your locker.." The tall brunette boy motioned to a locker in the middle of a row. He looked away as if i had something top secret hidden in my bag. I pulled some notebooks from my bag and my pencil case and shoved the rest in my locker. "Okay, for first period you have Mr. Kashani, anatomy. He's Pakistani, so at first he's hard to understand, but you'll catch up after a few days." He stopped in front of a door. "Go ahead." I slowly turned the knob and stepped through. All of a sudden I was a shiny, new toy. I looked at the teacher and sat down in the back, everyone staring at me. "Class pay attention, please!" He walked over to my desk and handed me a textbook. "Follow along as best as you can. Page 38." 

        I looked at my schedule with 5 minutes left. My next class was gym with a lady named Mrs. Clemens. The bell rang and everyone fled for the door. I closed my book and got out of my seat, moving toward the block of hinged wood. There the same boy stood, waiting for me. "Hey." He smiled. "Ready for gym?" I nodded a little bit and walked with him down the stairs. "What's your name?" I poked his shoulder. "Aiden." He smiled a little. "And you're.." He squinted at my schedule. "Briana Reed." "It's just Bri.."  I corrected. "Well, Bri, this is the most I've heard you talk all day." I blushed. "I don't talk much.." 

          Mrs. Clemens gave me a uniform to change into. We were playing dodgeball, which I was pretty good at hiding in the back and not getting hit. But this was backboard dodgeball and I was the only one left on my side. If i hit the backboard, I could bring everyone in. My first attempt and second attempt I missed by a long shot. My last attempt I barely tapped it, but everyone on my team fled in.

            My next class was English. The teacher, was tall and looked like a jock. A student, even. "Briana, I'd like you to come to the front of the class and tell us a little about yourself." I slowly walked to the front and kept my eyes on my hands. "I'm Bri. I moved here from England, I have two younger brothers, I like hard rock/metal music-" I was interrupted by a girl in a pink top. "Can you, like, please never stop talking? I LOVE your accent." "I...uh..thanks?" I quickly went back to my seat. 

              Lunch finally came and I sat at a back empty table and chewed on an apple. Aiden sat down beside me at my table. "You know, you can sit with me and my friends." "My friends and I." I corrected. "What?" "You said ' you can sit with me and my friends.' But the proper term is 'My friends and I." "Oh. Yeah. Whatever." "No thanks..I really prefer to keep to myself." He nodded a little, but sat with me at lunch anyway. 

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