How I Survived Freshman Year

My name is Briana to the government, Bri to my parents, goth girl to most. This is how I survived my freshman year in the American school system.


3. Flight

  I was awoken by my brother Ian at 2 am, at least, that's what my alarm clock said. Ian was afraid of thunderstorms, and it looked like the US on the fourth of July. "Bri.." he mumbled. "Can we sleep in here?" I raised my head to see Zack standing in the doorway, a little ways away from Ian. I kicked the covers off and made a pallet for them on my floor. I turned the TV on to Spongebob. I let it play quietly in the background while i tried to go back to sleep. 

    Holly opened the door a few hours later and turned on the light. "Awh. Bri is protecting her brothers from the evil storm." I gave her a V with my fingers and pulled the covers over my head. "Bri! That is so rude!" Her high-pitched voice was nauseating at such an early hour. "Brian! You'll never guess what Bri just did to me!" She walked down the hallway to her room. "Ian, or Zack, I'll give whoever shuts off my light a few euros."  I mumbled from underneath the covers. Ian stretched and got the light. "Thank you." I pulled the blanket off and shooed them out of my room so i could get dressed.

      We were rushed out of the door and to the airport. This was going to be a long flight. After all the security checks, making sure all the boxes and bags were on the plane, and after a delay of two hours because of a storm, we finally sat in our row C seats. I plugged my ear buds into my phone and a flight attendant looked at me with a scowl. "All devices are supposed to be off upon take off." "If i have to sit on this flight for over 8 hours, listening to screaming and crying children while silently watching some outdated 2 star rated comedy, I WILL be listening to my music, okay?" I looked at her with rabid eyes. "Yes ma'am.." She mumbled and walked away. I let out a breath and Holly sent me a scowl from across the row. "That wasn't very nice." I shrugged. 

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MusicCalmsMyDemons: 8 hour flight. Maybe we can meet up during the week. 

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