The Youtube Girl


1. 1. The Begining

First, Yeahhh I know.. Not the best title that anyone can think.. Second, this is my first book EVER sooo... Yeeaahhh... ;) You'll see 😝


My name is Leyla

I'm 16 years old.

BIG fan of 5soss..!! 😍 (There all my bæ's 😘)

In school.. Yeaah.. I'm not like the perfect populair girl of the school.. BUT also not the nerdy no-body.. I'm just i think a nornal girl.

I have a Youtube channel: Leyla's Life.

I have like 2.400 subcribers... ( I don't know if thats a real channel....!) I LOVE ALL MY COOKIES...!!!!

Yeahhhhh this is my is herr you'll see what happens..

xxx, Sophie

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