The Seven Seas Can't Stop Me

A daughter of a god. Cast aside, deciding to take the leap of her life.

Now joined with a knowledgible daughter of Athena and a daughter of a minor goddess of chaos, she will embark on a great journey.


1. Shelby

Her mother couldn't fit her, Lydia, Rhi, Melody, AND Percy in one house, and Dad wasn't anywhere to be found. So, Shelby, the youngest of them all, was cast aside to a crazy foster family for no good reason. So, on that freezing June morning, Shelby rode in the back of a beat-up Slug Bug. She hated that car. Oooh, how she hated that car. "Sarah." He got her name wrong every time. "Yes, sir?" "Do you know where we're going, Sarah?" "No, sir.'' "We're going to your new school-''

Omigosh! Yusssss!!!! Just PUH-LEASE don't let it be- "- The Wilderness School in Nevada." Oh. Hoo-rah. Perfect place for an eleven year old girl with crazy foster parents. "Aren't you excited, Sarah?" His tone suggested he might as well have said, "Hooray, I'm getting you away from me!' "Yes, sir," she replied. "Is that where we're going now, sir?" "Yes it it, Sarah." As they drove over a bridge, Shelby had one thought only and she obeyed it. She opened the car door and dove into the lake. Suicide, right? Maybe, but not for her. 


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