The Seven Seas Can't Stop Me

A daughter of a god. Cast aside, deciding to take the leap of her life.

Now joined with a knowledgible daughter of Athena and a daughter of a minor goddess of chaos, she will embark on a great journey.


7. Questing Without Supplies, That's Three Points Off Your Grade, Miss Jackson!


Once we realised only Ellie had a weapon or anything, it was too late. We'd already run into a huge ogre. "Ooh," he chirped, picking Aidan up off the ground. He sniffed her. "I like dis one," he giggled,'' but Ma will award me for other two. " The ogre turned to Aidan. "Fanks, Sis!" he declared, patting her head with his pinky finger. Then he looked at her face. He dropped her and started clapping. Then he looked at the others. While he was doing so, Aidan mouthed, "kill him now." Ellie nodded. She drew her sword. "Ha ha, little girl and world's biggest poking stick!" The ogre laughed. '' You cannot stop me, I'm invinidall!'' Then he drew out a book titled ,"English 4 Dum-Dums". "Ehem, where was I? Oh, yes, you cannot stop me, I'm invisible!" "Oh, yeah?" Aidan asked. "Huh?" "I know everything about you, bro. I know your name and how you can't pronounce it. I know how old you are. I know how Mom sent you here to eat us so we couldn't untangle the roots of her trouble-making  apple. Well,guess what, here it is, bro!" Then she thrust out the apple and the ogre roared in pain. "Woah, Aidan, how'd you do that?" I gasped. 



If only I could tell them.

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