The Seven Seas Can't Stop Me

A daughter of a god. Cast aside, deciding to take the leap of her life.

Now joined with a knowledgible daughter of Athena and a daughter of a minor goddess of chaos, she will embark on a great journey.


13. Ellie's POV

"WAIT!!!!" I screeched. "We've been carrying around thomething that you could KILL you?!?!?!?!?"  Aidan nodded. "Welllllll then, I'M carrying the apple now!" Shelby said. Aidan made a deep growlish groan noise. "Stoooooooooooooop fussing over that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "No, Aidan, I will not! That thinkin' apple could KILL you!" Aidan made her growlish groan again.  "I'm fine! I haven't died yet!" she cried. "But-" Ellie began. "Booh ley booh ley booh," Aidan replied. "Don't you DARE Guardianth Of The Galaxy me, mithy!" "Booh ley booh ley booh," Aidan said again.  

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