The Seven Seas Can't Stop Me

A daughter of a god. Cast aside, deciding to take the leap of her life.

Now joined with a knowledgible daughter of Athena and a daughter of a minor goddess of chaos, she will embark on a great journey.


9. A/N

Ok, I know you want me to explain Aidan IN THE STORY. But I'm not gonna do that. So, here goes :



She went to a private school were she was bullied and one day used her knowledge of Ancient Egypitian spells to levitate one Doriania Scuttle whom got on her bad side. Then, she just decided, flip it. She changed sides in dodgeball, mouthed off to teachers, and levitated anybody she wanted to. Her father was horrified and 'lost' her in the woods at Long Island. Then, she met her mummy. It all went downhill from there.



There, ya happy now?




- Ellie H. Zhang

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