The Seven Seas Can't Stop Me

A daughter of a god. Cast aside, deciding to take the leap of her life.

Now joined with a knowledgible daughter of Athena and a daughter of a minor goddess of chaos, she will embark on a great journey.



The cold stung my skin but I didn't act like I cared, even in my shorts and tank top. I cried and cried. And every single tear I shed was blood, staining my face. I could see myself in the 5 foot tall ice shard facing me.I looked like a haughty little 10-year old. My blond hair was tangled and now so pale from the cold that it was white. My skin was vampire pale and I could see a lot of my mom in my own eyes. I looked over to Shelby and Ellie in the corner. They were tied back-to-back and had been tossed messily into the iciest bit of the whole place.  Shelby's lips were now a ghastly shade of purple and Ellie's were a baby blue. Shelby's fire red hair was completely full of frost and Ellie's chestnut hair was full of solid ice. Each separate strand was frozen inside a chunk of ice. A piece of the wall opened like a door and into the room walked a woman with blond-white hair and grey eyes. I felt like I was looking straight at the future, except her eyes had a certain coldness to them that mine didn't. Yet. "Well," she said pushily. "Well?" I asked. "Well, the girls! Have they been bled?"  I looked at my feet. I was supposed to have cut them and collected the blood, but I had nothing to cut them with as Shelby's wooden sword wasn't sharp enough and Ellie had dropped her sword when I clubbed her and I hadn't thought to pick it up. I shook my head slowly. "Oh, my,'' she said frustratedly. "What am I to do with you?" "I have no weapon to carry out your bidding, m'am," I muttered. "Oh, why didn't you say so?" She looked excited now. "I've the perfect thing!" "Thank you, m'am," I said shyly. "Oh, dear," she exclaimed. "I'm about to give you a beautiful family heirloom! Please, call me 'Mother'!" I nodded. "Yes, m'a... Mother," I told her and followed her through the icy door. 

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