Endless love

"As I walked home I realised.......I might like my brothers best friend." I thought to myself as I was in shock. Read more to find out��


1. Who Am I


My name is Nautica Sarraphim,

I am from Savannah, GA,

I live with my mother and soon to be step father.

I'm 15 and come from a very Wealthy Family.

My father passed away due to a heart attack when I was 9. he died before my brother and sister were born (their twins).

About a year after my Father Joseph died, My mother met a man named Ben Iwrin. I myself am very protective of my family. But it's different with Mr.Iwrin he's nice and has really nice qaulities. The only thing I hate about this marriage is we have to move to his home town with his son Ashton ( were cool I don't mind him) to Sydney, Australia.. That's half way across the globe.. To far away from my friends and family...... But I want my mom to be happy for once in years.* skip to departure to Australia*

"NAUTICA GET UP WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN A HOUR* she said as I groaned not wanting to get up , my phone went off , it was a text from my best friend ... Who the hell am I kidding she's my sister , " Heyy gurl I'm going to miss u so much and if you don't FaceTime me when you get there I'm going to murder you

Love you sissy- Tallie" I smiled but was depressed to leave I texted her back and said " Heyy I'm going to miss you too girly and I will I LOVE YOU TOO" after I texted back I looked at the clock and it was 6:30 "Shit I have to get ready". So I got up put on Nirvana, went in my closet and got out a Oversized burgundy sweater with black leggings and burgundy vans. After I was finished getting dressed my little sister walks in and says " Nauga mommy said we have to leave in 25 mins" I replied with " ok tell momma that I will be down in a sec" my little sister Allison followed me to the bathroom to watch me do my makeup. Light pink eyeshadow, mascara, and kinda like a pale pink color lip gloss and I was ready to go.

My mom screamed for me to get in the car so I grabbed my phone and bag and headed out to the car. After I helped my brother and sister into their car seats I get in myself and put my headphones in and texted my boyfriend well now ex-boyfriend Christopher

" hey.... I know we broke up but I just wanted to tell you that I thank you for the best 6 months of my life I hope you and your new girlfriend have a great relationship I also wanted to say goodbye" I sent the messages with this feeling of tears wanting to burst out like water in a shower. * skip to the plane* we get to the airport and check in.

We sit there for what had seemed forever actually was 30 mins till the plane arrived .

We boarded the plane but my mom could only get 3 seats together so I had to sit near a stranger it wasn't all bad though I had a window seat. By then I was tired again to I thought sense this was going to be a long flight I thought to put in my head phones and put on some BVB and go to sleep.

~authors note~

* hey guys I'm hoping you will like my very first movella. If you want me to add more comment and give me on some ideas and names if you want to be in the next chapter :) anyway thank you so much for reading my first chapter*

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