Endless love

"As I walked home I realised.......I might like my brothers best friend." I thought to myself as I was in shock. Read more to find out��


6. what did I do to you

~Nautica's POV~

When Luke pushed me up against the tree I though he was about to hit me until he removed his hands off my arms and leans in to tell he's sorry and by then I thought he was about to kiss me but no we said goodbye and we walked our separate ways. As I walked home I thought of him, his gorgeous teal eyes, his flippy blonde hair, his lips that looked ever so soft.....I said to myself * I think I might like my brothers best friend* I quickly rushed home luckily my parents weren't there but Ashton was. I walked in the door Ashton was sitting on the couch he looks upset I sat next to him and asked what was wrong in a soft voice he replied with " our parents fucking went back to the states for a month Blake and Allison went with them they left a damn note because their plane left a hour before we got home." I felt this rush of anger and yet I felt the tears roll down my face for I had known what happened....

~Ashton's POV~

I was pissed at my parents but then I looked at Nautica she was crying I quickly reacted I grabbed her and pulled her into a hug she cried harder but I didn't know why then I thought a little more.......Nautica's mom has Cancer and the only treatment she has to have is in Savannah.I fell the tears on my shirt her mascara ran down her face I could tell something else was wrong so I asked her...... I couldn't believe what I had heard , my sister likes my best friend. Luke I knew he would manipulate her just so he could take her virginity.But he might not do that this time so maybe I will give him a chance. Calum Walked in the door with Nautica crying he ran to her picked her up and cradled her, he wiped off her mascara as she cried. She had been crying for 30 mins then we got a call... It was my dad he wanted to talk to Nautica.. I went to go get her she looked like she needed love so I had Calum carry her to the Kitchen to the phone...

~Nautica's POV~

Calum cradled me for about 30 mins then Ashton told me dad wanted to talk to me but before I could get up Calum carried me to the kitchen sat me on the counter wiped my mascara off again and handed me the phone I answered and I could tell Ben was very upset, he talked in a crying voice " Nautica, sweetheart , I have something to tell you." He said as he was about to burst into tears, I could tell he was crying but I knew what was coming Ashton and Calum looked at me in confusion as Michael, Nicole, and Luke walked in the door and into the kitchen and saw me..... Ben said " Nautica your mother died in surgery to remove the cancer, Blake and Allison are going to live with your aunt your mother told me before she went in to tell you to choose between me or your aunt." I felt a burst if tears as I wanted to scream but I let the tears roll down my face and cried.... " it's ok if you want to go I understand sweetheart." He said to me trying not to cry.... I tried to calm down and I said I wanted to stay and hung up. And Grabbed Calum and cried he hugged me as did Ashton Nicole and Michael ran to me to comfort me while Luke stood there.

~Calum's POV~

I saw Nautica put the phone back on the charging station, she grabbed me before I could react and wrapped her arms around my neck and cried as the others wrapped their arms around her as she cried. But Luke just stood there with a smirk on his face then I see someone in the bushes with a camera I quickly push Luke up against the wall as Ashton notices the camera bush, runs to it and you will never guess who he finds..... Victoria.. I wanted to kill Luke but Nautica needed me I couldn't waste my time on someone like him.

~Nautica's POV~

I stood up with tears rolling down my face, I walked to Luke and slapped him." HOW COULD YOU FUCKING DO THIS TO ME, I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING." I said as I was crying then Nicole grabbed me and said " shhhhshhhh babygirl it's ok, it's going to be ok," I cried as Michael was getting angry at Luke.

~Victorias POV~

" that's what you get for liking my boyfriend you whore, I told you not to mess with me didn't I.Come on Baby let's go we have some editing to do." I said as Luke bit his lip ring and walked with me as I laughed at Nautica crying. " Tomorrow at school she will be so embarrassed. Oh and thanks baby for pretending to like that skanky bitch." No problem he said with a sexy yet firm tone. I thought to myself * I can't wait for tomorrow*

~Author's Note~

( hey guys sorry for such a drastic change lol I just needed to you know bring emotion and put y'all on the edge of your seats to make it less boring.Anyway I hope you are liking my story there is more to come by I will be writing one at a time because I'm one of those people that mixes things together sometimes so I might write the wrong story by accident if I was writing two at the same time.... Anyways bye guys hope you liked my plot twist. )

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