Endless love

"As I walked home I realised.......I might like my brothers best friend." I thought to myself as I was in shock. Read more to find out��


3. tomorrow is going to be a long day

The next morning I woke up about 10 o'clock in the morning. I smelled my moms famous strawberry & blueberry pancakes. I unplugged my phone woke up Blake and Allison and we all headed downstairs Ben, Ashton, and my mom were sitting at the table eating.

" Hello darling, how did you sleep." Ben says as he stuffs his face with a pancake. I chuckled and said " I slept fine, now give me a fork please."

" Nautica remember me and you are going school shopping today so after breakfast go get ready." My mom said with a firm but yet soft voice I replied with " Yes'mam I remember."

After I finished I washed my plate off and put it in the dishwasher then head upstairs to go get ready, Allison followed me.

I get to my room and Allison asks me if she could go with us and i told her to ask mom. She went downstairs and I went in my own room to get ready.

I grabbed my pre-ripped skinny jeans with a black nirvana crop top and grey Vans. Then headed to my bathroom and put on grey eyeshadow and nude color lip gloss. As I grabbed my phone I heard my sister cry so I rushed down to see what was wrong and she was just upset because she couldn't go.

My mother got upset and said no screen time for the day.

" come on sweetheart we have to go." We get in the car and head to the mall."Mom how come alli couldn't come." She said "Because I wanted to spend the day with you I will take her tomorrow I just wanted to spend quality time together because I know you hated moving here so I wanted to cheer you up." I smiled and nodded as we pulled up and parked at the mall. We got out and headed inside. " Mom please can we go into Hot Topic PLEASE MOMMY." I pleaded and begged, she nodded her head and told me to go find it I ekkked in happiness.

I get some new clothes over the next hour or so then I had to get my bookbag. So we went to this school shop place and I got a purple, blue, and black coloured bookbag, my mom called it a " hip cool bag." I laughed so hard at it, I heard my phone ring it was tallie so I answered and she told me that Christina. Cheated on Christopher and that the baby is not his. In aggression I said " To be honest tallie Idc he made the choice to cheat on me for 5 months, I could actually care less if he got His heartbroken." She knew that I was just angry but not at her...... I quickly realised what I had said and instantly said " tallie I'm so sorry." She said bye and hung up.... I felt horrible like someone crushed me in a trash compactor.

Around 6 o'clock we arrive home and mom headed through the door and went straight for the kitchen as I rushed up stairs to get ready for bed and dinner. When I got to my room I hung up all my clothes packed my bookbag by then Ashton came in my room an said " Hey Nautica if you want I could show you your classes and maybe you could meet my friends." He said like a little boy who was excited for a new batman toy I agreed with him and went to eat dinner, we all talked about our day. I finished my dinner, put my plate in the sink and went upstairs to my room. I looked at the clock it said 10 *holy fuck I lost track of time* I thought to myself. I quickly got a shower , took off my make up, put my clothes in the dirty laundry, and then but on my sleep clothes and went to sleep.

~Authors Note~

(Hey guys I hope you are liking my story I will update it everyday and sometimes if I have the time maybe twice. I would really love some feedback in what you think or what I should change or even if you want to be in the next chapter when she goes to school and meets friends...anyway thank you so much.)

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