Endless love

"As I walked home I realised.......I might like my brothers best friend." I thought to myself as I was in shock. Read more to find out��


4. New day, New People

*BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP* my alarm clock rung as I groaned with agitation. I hit my alarm clock for it to shut up. I pulled out my phone, Christopher texted me, I though to myself* why did he text me?* Ashton bursts in the door and tells me to get up and get ready as he is jumping around excitedly for my first day he tells me his friend. Calum will be picking us up in 30 mins. I said " ok be down in a couple if minutes ok." Like said as I got up and stretched. I went to my closest and got out pair of shorts, a random shirt with a bright orange hoodie, and black high top converse. I went in the bathroom brushed my hair and put it in a loose pony tail, then I put on a a pale pearl colour eyeshadow with mascara.then it was time to go so I grabbed my phone an bookbag and headed downstairs to join with Ashton and his friend.

~Ashton's point of view~

I told Nautica that my friend Calum was coming to get us.Then I went downstairs and waited for her, around 20 minutes later she walks downstairs and says " I thought your friend was coming." As I tried to reply to her the doorbell rang, it was Calum. I introduced them he clearly liked her.

~ Calums point of view~

She was absolutely beautiful,her blue eyes , that long blonde hair. Ashton stared at me as I was looking at her. "Calum meet Nautica, Nautica meet Calum." Ashton said as he signaled us to get in the car. Ashton and I talked, Nautica sat in the back and was very quite almost like she was scared she had a glare in her eye that brought me to protect her from people kinda like.... Well I don't know I just feel like someone Is going to hurt her.

~Nautica's point of view~

We pull up at the school, I take in a deep breath as we get out the car. I think Ashton knew I was nervous because he put his hands on my shoulders and said " Nautica you can do this ok, Brand new school, Brand new people ok, I will take you to you office and later at the assembly I will let you met Michael and Luke ok." He says a reassuring voice to make me feel as if today was going to be a good day for me, I nodded in response to what he said. We walked In Calum and I were walking side by side talking to one another then Ashton joined our conversation. As we got to the office we said bye to Calum and entered. The lady said for me to go tithe principles office down the hall. I walked down there , knocked on his door, I heard a deep voice say " come in Ms. Sarraphim." I walk In with butterflies.

He tells me that his name is Dr. Brown an that my schedule is ready. Dr.Brown gives me my locker number along with the combination. I walk back to Ashton and give him my schedule. " Ok so your in first and second period with Calum third period with me and 4&5 are with Luke and Michael." I told him my locker number and he lead me to it , surprisingly my locker was next to Michael's girlfriends locker.

~Ashton's point of view~

" Nautica grab your 1&2 period book because in the beginning if third period there is a assembly." The bell rang as Ashton called Calum over to take me to my class. * skip to 2nd period*

"Welcome class , as you all know we have a new student her name is Nautica Sarraphim and she comes from...." The Teacher said forgetting where I'm from I quickly step in and say " I'm from the states." She thanks me and tells the class to make me feel welcome. She pulls me tithe side and gives me a science paper and asks the class who would like to be my partner. Calum and this other boy raises their hand, and of course I choose Calum. I could see that Calum blushed when I said his name, it was actually pretty cute:).

~Calum's POV~

I think she saw me blush.... That's so embarrassing.

Nautica sat down as the teach handed out papers for class.When I finished I looked at Nautica her handwriting was so elegant and precise. By the time passed I got lost in looking at her, she was so content with it thy when the bell rang it startled her, I laughed , and she playfully hit me on the shoulder.

~Ashton's POV~

I stood there waiting for Michael, his girl, Luke, Nautica, Calum, & Luke's girlfriend * I hate her*.A few minutes later I found Luke , Michael , Nicole , and Victoria, Luke and Victoria were making out on his locker then Michael and Nicole were talking about something.

I felt a small gentle hand upon my shoulder, It was Nautica and Calum.

~Nautica's POV~

As we walked up the boy with the long blonde hair kept looking at me like I was some kind of prey. I looked at Calum who had followed me so we could all sit together. His hands were clutched together, his face was red as he stared at that boy. I put my hand on Ashton's shoulder, he turned around and smiled.He introduced me to his friends I didn't really like Victoria but I'm going to give her a chance, but i did particularly like Nicole she seems really nice.

~Luke's POV~

Calum walked up with a cute girl, I stared at her and I could see that Calum liked her by the way he stared at me when I stared at her.After Ashton introduced her to everyone Victoria didn't like her she thought that she was a bit ugly and looked like a dumpster.

* the rest of the classes went the same until the end of the dayll

6th period~

I walked in and sat down next to Nicole. We talked about ourselves, then this black haired boy comes up to me and says "hey sexy thing, do you wanna come to my place tonight." by that time like walks in the door. But I politely say no thank you and continue with mine an Nicole's conversation, the boy keeps messing with me then Luke sees what he is doing and watches.

~Luke's POV~

David was talking to Nautica as I walked in the door I didn't think Much of it. But then I hear Nautica say " please stop I'm not going to have sex with you EVER." He kept messing with her, I walked over there got in his face and said " touch her again and I'm going to kill you , that's not a threat that's a promise & I keep my promises ." He got scared and stopped Nautica kindly thanked me and the rest of the period went by smoothly.

~Nautica POV~

" OMG girl can I have your number you seem really cool an we NEED to hang out sometime." Nicole says to me as we walk to our lockers I told her " it's 912-776-5632, oh and maybe you could come over this weekend and hang out but I think it's just going to be me and you at the house by I'm not sure."she told me thank you an that she would text me later and that she would have to ask her mom If she could. We both said our goodbyes and walked away.

I went to go find Ashton but accidentally ran into Victoria and her gang.

"Umm watch were the fuck your going you could have messed up my make up." She said to me with a bitchy tone I heard the boys walk up behind me but I still answered her in a nice tone " I'm sorry I didn't mean to run into you." I said as the boys jumped in to make sure nothing bad happened but then Luke came out and said to me " don't talk to my fucking girlfriend like that." I felt hurt like he just helped me why the fuck did he say that to me, I brushed it off. Victoria got in my face " stay away from my boyfriend, or I will make your life here living hell." I said " last time I checked you weren't the queen if the school so therefore I can do what I want when I fucking want to." I said as I walked off with the boys except Luke.

~Authors Note~

( hey the number I put down is not my real number ok lol....)

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