Endless love

"As I walked home I realised.......I might like my brothers best friend." I thought to myself as I was in shock. Read more to find out��


2. A whole new world

" Nautica , sweetheart , Hey it's time to get up baby we have to get off the plane." My mother said to me as I was stammering after what I have perceived as only a few minutes had actually been 18 hours. I thought to myself * woah did I really sleep that long I wonder if Christopher texted me back* . As we are waiting for Ben and Ashton to pick us up. I stand in the lobby and decided to pull out my phone to check my Facebook, Instagram, & messages. All my friends wrote on my wall saying how much their going to miss me and posting funny pictures of us together/ same on Instagram lol. So them I check my messages and I see that Christopher texted me back saying " Whatever bitch I know you still fucking love me but I don't care I'm with Christina now and we're having a baby so goodbye with your bitch ass self." As I read I could feel the tears rolling down my face. My mom walks up to me and says " Why is this beautiful blonde haired blue eyes girl crying for." She smiled at me, which gave me the light of happiness. my little brother Blake and my little sister Allison walk over to me and gave me a giant hug to make me feel better, and I did I realised that's family loves me for who I am and will always be there when the times are dark.

~Ben's point of view~

Ashton and I arrived at the airport,

I was so excited to see her and my new kids I don't count them as step kids, because they are just as mine as Ashton is. We walk in and I see her. Her glorious blue eyes that look like the Caribbean, Her long blonde hair the color of the sand on the beaches. I thought to myself * she's beautiful* I was going to surprise her but she saw me and rushed the kids and ran to me and gave me a kiss an a hug.

~Nautica's point of view~

Mom and Ben kissed

I thought it was so gross so to be funny I covers my brother and sisters eyes saying " don't look kid's you will scar you for life." We all chuckled and hurried to the car.

As we had a hour long drive to our house I plugged in my headphones and looked at the streets of Sydney, Australia, beautiful is all I have to say. Bright blue crystal water, not a cloud in the sky, & the sun shining.

* arriving at the new house*

The house was on the beach and was like a mansion. We unpacked the car ( we sent our luggage and furniture before hand). After I got inside I felt my little siblings grab my hands in fear if this new place. Ben said that out rooms were on the same hallway but the parents room was on the third floor. So I take Blake and Allison to their rooms ( after looking for them -.-) then showed myself to my own room. I screamed " OMG" my room was huge, painted with dark purple walls, and Ben got me a brand new apple stereo and computer. I heard footsteps, my mom and Ben burst in the door thinking that something was wrong, but then realised that I was just excited at what Ben bought me. So my mom said " well at least we know one child is pleased, oh and Nautica, you and me are going shopping for school tomorrow you start Monday ok." I groaned with agitation if not wanting to go to school but said "ok mom, oh momma, what is for dinner." She says " chicken and rice with sweat peas and lemonade or tea." She says as she smiled at me, she closed my door. I plugged my phone into my stereo, I put on Goodbye agony by bvb. I looked at the clock it read 7:00 and since I wasn't used to the time change I thought holy crap it's that late. I heard my mom call me for dinner so I ate dinner and went to my room and into my bathroom. First I took off my make up , then I took a shower , brushed my teethe and put my hair in a bun. By then it was 9:45 so I just decided to go to sleep. I put on a tank top with boxers I hit from Hollister and went to sleep.

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