Atheletic Love

Ashton and Brittany are both Jocks at West Coast High School who have a crush on a each other then eventually fall in love and start dating. Brittany's brother Luke is Ashton's friend see what happens in my story Athletic Love!


6. Phone Call (Still Chapter 1

(Brittany POV) *I was laying on my bed doing my homework I got bored and decided to give Ashton a call* "Hello" Ash answered "Hey Ash its Brittany" I said "Oh hey Britt" Ash said "So about that date you were talking about?" Brittany said "Oh yes so on Friday maybe I can pick you up and we can come to my house and hang out" Ash says "Of course see you soon" I say into the phone "See you soon love" Ash says. I hang up and smile as I walk to my closet picking out outfits.

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