Atheletic Love

Ashton and Brittany are both Jocks at West Coast High School who have a crush on a each other then eventually fall in love and start dating. Brittany's brother Luke is Ashton's friend see what happens in my story Athletic Love!


3. First Chapter~Normal Day

Brittany's POV

So I got up and took a shower then put on a sports shirt and a USA women's soccer team sweatshirt with soccer shorts and Nikes Sneakers. I got in my car which was a Honda Civic. I arrived to school first period I have soccer basically most of my classes are sports so. I headed my way down to the soccer fields and on my way I bumped into someone I looked up and it was Ashton. "Sorry" He said then ran. Why did he run does he not like me? Did he not care about me? So many thoughts ran through me mind.

Ashton's POV

All I said was "sorry" What the fuck was I thinking.

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