Atheletic Love

Ashton and Brittany are both Jocks at West Coast High School who have a crush on a each other then eventually fall in love and start dating. Brittany's brother Luke is Ashton's friend see what happens in my story Athletic Love!


4. After School

Brittany's POV

I was walking to my car until I heard someone calling my name I turned around and saw Ashton running towards me. "Hey whats up Ashton" I said. "Nothing much but are you free on Friday because I wanted to maybe take you out on a date if you want to". "Well I will check my schedule and give you a call" I said. "Ok my number is 609 555 5151" (Not real so no need to call it). "Alright talk to you later bye" I said. Bye Ashton said. Then I continued walking to my car with a smile.

Ashton's POV

Finally I had the courage to ask my crush on a date but she didn't seem so enthusiastic. So I am really nervous about her response but I am going to stay very positive about it.

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