Atheletic Love

Ashton and Brittany are both Jocks at West Coast High School who have a crush on a each other then eventually fall in love and start dating. Brittany's brother Luke is Ashton's friend see what happens in my story Athletic Love!


1. About Brittany

Hi my name is Brittany Anne Hemmings, I am a Jock in High School my twin brother Luke is the bad boy. I am 17 years old it is a month into my last year of high school. My Crush is the Jock on the Soccer and Football team his name is Ashton. The only fucked up thing is that Ashton is my brothers friend and my brother is very overprotective with me. I almost forgot I play Soccer, I do Dance, and Cheerleading. I work at Starbucks and I am going to college to Study to be a Teacher.

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