Three people. Two worlds. One destiny.
And that is to stop both worlds from colliding, entwining to a nightmarish morph of death and chaos. How will it all play out in a fateful town?
And with a mysterious entity following them, helping them, guiding them...
In the end, it all comes down to


8. seven

Dr. Brown was a plain looking man who was not dressed traditionally in professional doctor's clothes, but casually in a loud Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts that made Cobalt doubt the certificates decorating the walls of his office. But where Dr. Brown lacked in dress, he made up for his pristine speech and polished mannerisms.

He offered a firm handshake that matched Cobalt's, and allowed him to sit on the leather armchair. Cobalt was initially nervous when he admitted himself into the cramped space that was the lobby, even more so by the rude receptionist chewing a bright pink bubblegum, with her legs clad in tight pants up on the desk, but gradually he relaxed.

Dr. Brown opened by joking about the receptionist's brazenness who was apparently his younger sister, who was unqualified. Dr. Brown sympathised for her and took her in. His clients didn't mind. They were all wealthy regulars, securing Dr. Brown a stable retirement. Throw in Cobalt, and Dr. Brown was another Bachman in his unassuming clothes.

Cobalt was than encouraged to share about his troubles. Brown leaned forward, elbows on the table, hands clamped together. His coal black eyes drilled into Cobalt's eyes attentively, and his head bobbed every few sentences. Cobalt was compelled to regale, to share his story dramatically and unlike how he had imagined and dreaded on his trip here.

"I'm unable to sleep. It's been a few months now, since mid September. I would lie comfortably in my bed, tired as all hell, but I can't sleep. I close my eyes and my mind is still racing. Next morning, I get a helluva headache and I fuel up on coffee like a nut. Half a pot a day, to two pots this morning. The coffee's effects are wearing down now, and I'm worried.

"I've done some research on insomnia and insomniacs. Stress, eating disorders, none of them ever fits me. I eat healthier than those obese people that you see everywhere, I'm not in the rat race every morning at the office. Nothing fits.

"I saw your billboard on the road, and I turned in here. I'm desperate man, real desperate. I can't go on like this. You got to help me, and help me now. I can pay, I don't look like I can just like how you don't look like a psychiatrist, but trust me-"

"Take it easy now. There's no need to rush. We can discuss payments later. What's your name?"

Cobalt told him.

"Vic- mind if I call you that- it seems like you have a serious problem and I need to probe. You say your diet's sound? Balanced? I won't doubt that, you look trim enough. Exercise too, the way your muscles ripple as you shift nervously. Relax. Really. I don't think you are stressed too. But there are many, many reasons for insomnia.

"One of my clients, he had the same problem. He couldn't sleep. Turns out his mattress wasn't right, and he was such an old fart he didn't even notice," Dr. Brown smiled now.

"So I'm making a mountain out of a molehill?" Cobalt asked hopefully, a glimmer in his dull eyes.

"Sure, sure, you don't know till you do. Now, let me take down some personal habits and your daily routines, see if we can source the issue."

For the next few hours, Cobalt was engaged thoroughly. Dr. Brown coaxed him out of his shell and he spilled everything, his personal troubles, stories he never shared with anyone, and he really felt like he was friends with the psychiatrist. All the time, Dr. Brown never faltered his attention. He absorbed every detail slurped up every nuances, and by one, when they decided to recess for lunch, Cobalt was in an extremely good mood for once.

Dr. Brown had no appointments for that day and was just doing paperwork, so he generously agreed to dedicate the rest of the day to his intriguing case. They got the receptionist to fetch them lunch from the deli opposite, and they ate a hearty meal of ham and cheese sandwiches and orange juice.

With the sun still continuing its journey down from its peak, they discussed.

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