My Vampire Lover

A castle I found one day as I walked through the woods. It was very impressive as alone it stood. The knights were handsome and I the mighty damsel was in distress. There was very much pride in this land.

The castle was on a high rocky ground. With a lake nearby. It had many rooms and plenty of places to hide.

I was having my wedding here I thought. But I had too think of a way to share a lord's property or a noble name. I was very much in love with my handsome Prince. We had to make our marriage a continued success and bring wealth. Plenty of it. Our castle had a beautiful garden. That people loved to see. So I knew I could do It.

There had to be plenty of food. Our party would last all night. With tables so long in the great hall.

You see I am a "vampire. But I am beautiful. As I wander through woods and think of my life with my "Prince of Darkness". So handsome and sure of his self. Tall, dark, and handsome. My biggest "allure" is immortality. You can feel


1. Chapter Two

long slow death that lingers on.  I live a dark and lonely life of "blood".  The sunlight I cannot stand.  I just grow stronger  each day,


My thoughts were in a struggle.  I had to have my wedding and I would.  I would work it out.  I had to talk to my ABBA and see what he wanted.


He was waiting for me.  As our eyes met I could taste the blood in my throat.  My nerves was dancing on edge.  So excited I was to see him.  As he leaned in to give me a kiss.  It was like I had to emerge from a deep sleep.  I was "Hot"

with "Desire" and wanted more.  I got lost and never found in my mind.  With his name on my lips he "came to me".


Our passion and desire was on "fire".  The clothes tore off as he bit my neck.  I was his and he is mine.  Forever lost in time.  The harder he drove the more I wanted.  My thirst was tainted by your blood.  You left me untamed with passion.


It was like a game as our bodies entwined.  With stars in our eyes and a love so rare.  I met a shadow in the deepest part of my soul.  Riding like a wave on the deep blue sea.  So lost, I was in your love.


Your soul is like a fly where your love turns dark.  In the deepest pit of your mind is jealously.  It can ve very cruel.


Then yet again you can be soft like a bubble.  Ready to make love on the wings of a dove.  That is why I love you so.  I never know what day or night will bring.


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