The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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25. Chapter Twenty Two





The bar was empty, aside from the hundreds of Trusoni allies who wanted in on the Takeover. Evelyn stood up on the table, above everyone else. “Everyone, stop talking!” Her voice was powerful and strong, and projected well. But everyone shut up. “We will lead you to-”

“Why is a Vloodmir here?” One girl asked, head tilted. There were some murmurs throughout the room, but Elliot coughed, clearing his throat. Sitting atop a ceiling rafter Evelyn smiled.

“I’m here because I want equality.”

“Like we believe that!” The girl yelled. She was passionate, but angry.


“As I was saying!” Evelyn still retained the attention of the crowd. “The takeover shall begin next month, we will storm Vloodmir Manor, we will take back what was stolen from us, with fire and blood. And no one is going to stop this! We will have our revenge.”

It was short, but it got the message across. With a couple of encouraging cheers, Evelyn decided to carry on. “We will be setting up groups, divisions if you want to call them that. We will have planned attacks and you will all be sworn to secrecy. If you dare betray us. We will show you no mercy.”


Elliot glanced down as Evelyn looked up. Their eyes locked and Elliot swallowed. There was respect in his eyes, but it was tinged with some form of fear. He wasn’t used to Evelyn acting so . . . violent. She was strong and powerful, and when she was really determined, she was different. She wasn’t her usual, girly, weak self. She was better, stronger and someone who looks like a leader.


“So!” Evelyn began to conclude. “You will all sign the paper. Name, element, weapon. The second your name is on that paper, you’re part of the Takeover. Part of change and part of a revolution! And I promise you, that those who have wronged you will die screaming.”

Final cheers rose up throughout the bar and Evelyn jumped down into the cheering crowd, introducing herself to many people, shaking hands and exchanging hugs. Elliot looked down and focused his attention on the paper. Names in all types of writing begun to fill up the page. Some flowing and elegant, others a messy scrawl and others not joined up. Elliot’s eyes scanned the page, looking at every name. He took in everyone’s element and begun thinking of battle plans. He wanted to ensure that every root, every plan and everything that could possibly go wrong had a back-up. And that back-up had a back-up.


The alphabet had twenty six letters. You could go from A to Z, then Z to ZZ and so on. Of course, there wouldn’t be a need for any other plans, because Elliot was sure that the entire plan was going to go well first time.


Two hours later with everyone gone, the group of five analysed the papers. Five sheets had been filled up, which was good. Each person was taking their time to analyse and commit to memory each person. A lot had the ability to read minds, around a hundred had advanced fighting abilities, a few could see ghosts and the rest were like Evelyn, able to control electricity.


Quinn and Quincy took longer to analyse each page. With Quinn being able to see when someone would die and Quincy seeing how – they would’ve gone mad if they were there, seeing everyone’s death time and reason combined? It wasn’t going to go well for either of them.


“How are we going to put these ‘divisions’ in?” Quinn asked, lying down on the table, his pink bubble-gum the only bright colour currently in the room.

“We’ll do it by element.” Evelyn stated, sipping blood from a coffee cup. She had increased her dosage as of recent, she’d wanted to be stronger. “We put at least of one of each element in each group. We keep most of the enhanced fighters together and near the Manor to launch the attacks. We keep those like me further back to launch the attacks from afar. Quinn, Quincy; you train those who need to trained properly.”

“And what the hell am I going to do?” Elliot asked, looking up, disgusted that he had been missed out.

“You, Elliot, are going to help those who can read minds. They will be our tacticians. With them, we can get to victory.” Evelyn’s voice was calm and controlled. It seemed as if thought had gone into this, even though it had just come from her mouth.

“Is anyone even taking note?” Evelyn snapped, standing up, hands on her hips. Only silence greeted her along with adverted eyes.

“God you lot are pathetic.” She sighed, looking up.

“Look, if you’re going to insult us, and make us feel like crap then you can just kill us and drain our throats. You’re strong enough, aren’t you?” Quinn would growl. He was up on his feet, fists clenched, veins seen expanded and tight.


Evelyn had forgotten how easy it was to piss off Quinn. She returned his gaze and the sound of electricity crackled from her fingertips. Quinn’s eyes went above Evelyn’s head and he swallowed. The letters kept changing, words scrambling and unscrambling above her head, all digital and a blur. Every action she did, every word she said, every step she took? It all altered how she was going to die. And Quinn hated that. He hated that he could see how everyone else could die, everyone except himself and his brother. It was a pain, but, that was the cost of being freakishly made in a lab.




“So! Final figures?” Evelyn asked, turning her attention to Quinn.

“We have around three hundred Trusoni, Dimidium and us included. We won’t be in the group, which still leaves us with around three hundred. We put them in groups of eight. Since we have a lot of enhanced fighters, that means we can put one or two together in the same group. This will then leave us with a total of (roughly) 37 groups.”

Evelyn nodded and turned to Quincy. “Will you be able to train those who can see ghosts, and how many can see ghosts?”

“Fifty to seventy five can see ghosts. As for training them? A piece of cake.”


“Elliot.” Evelyn turned to her second – in – command. “Who’s in each group?”

Elliot handed over a sheet of paper, names together with their element next to it. He had done just as she said. She looked up from the paper at the wall before her and smirked. This may have been Elliot’s plan and idea to begin with, but now it was hers. And with Evelyn in control, she was going to do everything she could – and more – to ensure that it all went perfectly and that she got what she had promised in her speech she had made earlier that day.


Making their way over to the untouched map, Evelyn looked at the sheet of paper and began making little circles with her pen, the ink flowing beautifully onto the paper. “I hope you don’t mind, father.” Evelyn whispered. Once all the minors involved in the Takeover had left, Evelyn had gone over to her dead father’s late workplace and stolen the maps. He wouldn’t’ve minded, now that he was dead.


“Right. Team Alpha will be based here.” Evelyn stated, poking the map with the tip of her pen, a splash of ink dotting the paper. “We’ll have three enhanced fighters, two who can control electricity one who can see ghosts and two who can read minds to see who’s where.”

The others just nodded, they didn’t dare challenge her. She was in full swing, taking charge and demanding everything. It was a change, and it was weird. Elliot had to admit that. Evelyn was one who cared for family, for friends. She also wanted equality, but Elliot would never have expected Evelyn to go about it in such a harsh, violent way when at Christmas she had been so against it.


“Team Beta will be to the East, Sentinel covering the back. Sentinel will have a large amount of trained ghost seers along with those who can manipulate electricity to back them up if it all goes wrong. To the West we’ll have team Hunter. Hunter will have to be hidden in the trees as there will lay our tacticians.”

“And what are we going to do?” Quincy ask, concerned, tugging on his scarf.


Evelyn looked at the group, a sly smirk playing on her lips. “We are going to infiltrate and kill those in power. It’s what those bastards deserve for making us suffer for over two hundred years.”


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