The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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26. Chapter Twenty Three





The clashing of metal against metal in Evelyn’s back garden was not going to go down well with the neighbours – although they weren’t nice – and the council. The council had agreed to sort out Vloodmir and make it look more appealing. No one really knew what was going on with the council. Apparently, from what Evelyn had gathered from street talk, the council wanted to improve everything. It was unknown, but Evelyn had a strong feeling that it wasn’t to help the Trusonis. It was most likely for some underlying cause. Some self-serving cause.


Making her way over to the back window, Evelyn looked down and saw long red hair turning before the owner flipped away. Delano. A possible tactician training. It was nice to see her doing something other than drinking, Evelyn had to admit it was a good change. Slowly making her way back into her bedroom she let the darkness surround her. Trudging over to her wardrobe, Evelyn pulled open the door and screamed.

“Please don’t scream. It hurts my ears.” Jymes muttered, throwing himself down onto the bed. He closed his eyes and folded his arms. “It’s an awfully nice bed you’ve got here.”

“Out!” Evelyn yelled, grabbing a book from the side table.

“Nah.” Was his lazy reply. Opening one eye he examined Evelyn. “You’ve got training in a few minutes. Might want to hurry up changing. Surely you can change quickly. You’re a Vampire and Vampires have speed.”

“Maybe if you left I could change.” Evelyn growled, taking her stuff and leaving the room, heading into the bathroom and locking the door.


With hair curled, Evelyn made her way outside, fiddling with her necklace. The gemstone flashed in the light, and Evelyn was careful. She still stuck to the shadows, desperate to not get burned. She liked Elliot and she trusted him, but having only met Lady Morningstar for a few minutes – maybe an hour – and to be thrown around in her house and with Lady Morningstar being a witch, it was hard to trust her. There were so many hidden secrets and so much mystery surrounding her that Evelyn had problems trusting Morningstar. But if Elliot trusted Morningstar, then Evelyn would have to as well. It was the right thing to do, it was the safe thing, and probably a smart thing to do.


“Well! The queen awakens from her slumber!” Quinn laughed, holding his staff ready, the massive gemstone brimming with power and flashing bright blue. Delano didn’t say anything, no greeting, but as the bolt of light and power flew from the stone Delano used its force to flip up. Spinning and turning in the air, Delano threw a couple of knives in quick succession, the blades heading straight towards Quinn’s head. Quinn glanced up and smirked, sprinting out of the way and tackling Delano as she came out of the air and slamming her into the fence. “Nice try with the knives.” Quinn smirked. Getting off Delano and making his way over Evelyn, Quinn smiled. “You ready?” He asked, rolling his shoulder.

“Let me take it from here, brother.” Quincy smiled, patting his brother on the shoulder, notching an arrow. “You’ve had your fight. It’s my turn now.”

Quinn nodded, irritation clear on his face, but he stood aside and let his brother take the limelight for now while Delano slowly made her way over through the grass.


“You’d better not go easy on me.” Evelyn smiled, raising a gloved hand. She didn’t let any sparks fly, she held back. Quincy lowered the bow, the arrow pointing towards the ground. “You wish.”

“Three . . .” Quinn began the countdown, he looked amused, smirking almost. “Two . . . One!” Quinn yelled.


Quincy was the first to attack, letting his arrow strike the ground. Evelyn backed away, shuffling her feet, movements precise and light. It was like she was dancing away. But that didn’t matter, because Quincy’s attack was strong, and the mystical element was empowering. A trail of ice followed Evelyn wherever she went and throwing her hand out, Evelyn’s high voltage of electricity collided with the ice. Leaping back so she had a bit more space to move, Evelyn grinned at Quincy. “You call this going hard?” Evelyn asked, arching an eyebrow. Throwing her arm out, a bolt of electricity hit Quincy’s bow, but he held his ground, pushing forward against it. He wasn’t going to be beaten. He had to show that he was better than an archer who hid in the shadows. Because he was better than that. Using his bow to push the flames aside, he sent the power back at Evelyn, hoping to use her own strength against her.


She hadn’t been expecting that and Evelyn staggered back, her body connecting with the fence. Thankfully, and to her luck, wood was a terrible conductor and the electricity went straight out of the way. Taking a step forward, Evelyn threw her arm up and clenched her fist, rotated her wrist and dropped her arm, a bolt striking Quincy in the side, making him collapse and fall. Sprinting at Quincy, Evelyn smiled. She was going to deliver the final blow, the blow that would finish him off.


She came closer, five metres, three, two – and he was gone. “Nice try.” Quincy’s voice came from the trees and an arrow was set loose, the arrow lodging itself in Evelyn’s ankle. Yelling and crying out with agony, Evelyn fell forward. Delano went to make a move, to sprint towards her injured friend, but Quinn gripped Delano’s wrist. “This is her fight; you can’t stop it. For them, this is acting as life and death. You can do that in a real battle, but only if you know you can handle it and only if you know you both are going to be safe.” Delano’s wide eyes looked up at Quinn. “If not? Then you hold your ground and take out your near opponents.”


Evelyn gripped the dirt, hauling herself up. The Achilles tendon. Of course he would go for that shot, a sensitive area. The arrows were tougher than what they looked. If they could go through her boots, then she was glad they had him on their side. Evelyn turned as she heard a cough from behind her. But she turned too late. The metal tip of the bow struck Evelyn, making a clean cut diagonally down the side of her face. Letting out a yell of agony, Evelyn fell back, hitting the dry dirt. Scrambling back and staggering up, Evelyn hung her head and spat blood onto the ground. ‘Might do the plants some good.’ She thought, raising her eyes and looking at Quincy directly. There was a sly look on his face. He was feeling confident, but she doubted that he didn’t have the same thing Evelyn had. Closing her eyes, time stopped for her, reaching inside her mind she found her Morality switch. Resting her metaphorical hand on it, Evelyn held it down, now, her Morality was gone. With her eyes open, Evelyn grinned and cracked her neck, her eyes dark and her emotions gone.


If she was to be successful in the murder of many a Vloodmir ally, then she would have to learn to be able to kill easily. And to be able to kill without feeling all the guilt and pain was to shut your Morality off. With all concept of what was right and wrong, Evelyn threw both hands out, palms pointed towards Quincy.


The poor boy didn’t stand a chance.


A high voltage of power struck Quincy and he was thrown straight into a brick wall. Evelyn prowled towards him, crackling her neck, knuckles and popping her back. “You said you’d go hard on me.” Evelyn sneered. Her fists were clenched and her decorative rings sparkled in the morning light. Quincy stumbled up, but before Evelyn could land a fateful blow to his jaw, Evelyn was tackled out of the way by Quinn.

“That’s enough!” Quinn growled, gripping Evelyn’s jacket collar. She bared her fangs at him, but all that got her was a slap in the face. Gasping at the force behind it, Evelyn shook her head, her eyes turning back to normal and her vicious demeanour resided back as Mortality came back.

“Who won?” Evelyn muttered, sliding down and hitting the floor as Quinn let her go.

“You did.” Quincy sighed, standing up slowly, pushing his shoulders back, his posture right again.


“Who’s next?” Delano called out, walking over casually. Evelyn looked up and smiled, shrugging. “You and me if you want.”

Delano only laughed in response. “You’d wipe the floor with me in five seconds! I’m a hand – to – hand fighter. You can use magic.”

“But you can see what I want to do.” Evelyn pointed out. The second that had been said, Delano’s eyes brightened.

“I never thought of that! Let’s go!” She smiled, clenching her fists and raising them, ready to strike.


Quinn dragged his hobbling brother off and back onto solid, cleaner ground. He turned and watched as both girls got closer to one another, each step they took counted as a countdown. Their hands were so close, their eyes locked and Delano swung at Evelyn. Quinn could see that it wasn’t going to work, but as Evelyn ducked she buckled back and gasped.


Delano had used her element to figure out what Evelyn had wanted to do. Delano took little steps, turning her hips slightly and went to kick again, but Evelyn was quicker, grabbing Delano’s ankle and flipping Delano above her head. Evelyn let go and her friend soared through the air.


But she was fast, and flipping herself casually, Delano landed back on the floor without a stumble. Quincy had held his ground well, but an archer wasn’t going to be able to do much against someone like Evelyn.


Evelyn barrelled towards Delano, nothing more than a simple blur. But Evelyn was ready, Delano had her fist ready, but it was only a feint, a knife went out to hit Evelyn in the throat. But Evelyn saw it, gripping Delano’s wrist, Delano was flipped and her back hit the floor. “Damnit!” Delano cursed, pulling herself forward and dragging Evelyn with her.

“Way to keep it classy, ladies.” Quinn muttered under his breath. Delano lifted herself up and cracked her neck.

“I’m done.” Evelyn muttered, sending a quick, but barely painful jolt of electricity up Delano’s arm. She leapt back and cursed profusely, and in many different languages before laughing and looking down at Evelyn.

“Thanks…” Delano laughed, cracking her neck. “You’re good . . . and I really want to see you get your ass kicked by someone more powerful.”


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