The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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24. Chapter Twenty One





A whole week went by before Elliot ran into Evelyn. It was a pure accident, no thought out plots, no stalking, just an innocent mistake. And it all could’ve been avoided if Evelyn had just decided to stay inside with Delano and binge on TV shows and movies.


The town was busy with movement and excitement. Evelyn saw many familiar faces, many Trusoni allies with weapons on their back, in their hands or strapped to their waists. One name crossed her mind, and it made her angry. Elliot.


She had been hoping he’d’ve had to leave the cargo behind and walk back to Vloodmir, but something must’ve happened. Another train pushing it forward? He switched tracks somewhere along the line. He found some mystical wizard and summoned it to Vloodmir.

The last was unlikely, but it was a humorous thought.


Elliot was hanging around the cinema; it was a nice place. It had a casino on the top floor, floor below, the arcade, below that; the cinema. On the ground floor lay a wide range of restaurants, many selling the all-time favourite: blood. But Vampires, although had one common source of nutrition, were fussy. Some wanted expensive blood, imported from India, but others wanted cheap blood to save money. Some wanted flavoured blood that tasted of chocolate, and others wanted blood that tasted of alcohol. Some wanted human or animal blood.

The choices were endless.


Evelyn had her hands in her jacket pockets, head lowered. She didn’t want to draw too much attention to herself, so dressing in full black with bright blonde hair wasn’t the best plan. The sun was bright and warm, despite the typical January cold with the melting snow. She didn’t know what had brought her to the cinema, if she had wanted to watch a film, she could’ve just stayed at home. But in the back of her mind, she was scared that Elliot would’ve come knocking. If she kept moving, then the chances of running into him were smaller.


That wasn’t the case that day.


Elliot exhaled, the smoke from his cigarette spiralling up, he held the smoking killer in his fingers while tracing his tattoo on the back of his neck. He looked up, his gaze cold and intimidating. He heard Evelyn’s thoughts loud and clear, he was going to make her pay for leaving her. Albeit it was something small, but leaving him on an empty train with weapons from a rival company which would be angry and loosing a lot of money wasn’t something anyone wanted on their trail – not even a billionaire Vloodmir would risk that. Fisher’s weaponry and explosives company supplied Vloodmir with weapons for people. Elliot and Evelyn had made a bold move. A bold and risky move.


But Evelyn had left Elliot behind on the train.

“Why the bloody hell did you leave me, Evelyn! We were a team! I had this planned out and we were going to change the world!”

“Why hello! Nice to see you too, I’m fine thank you, how are you?” Evelyn asked, her intention to antagonise Elliot.

“Damn you, Evelyn!” Elliot cursed, clenching his fists. He was so tempted to punch her right in the face, but that would ruin her features and there was a chance he could kill her.

“I’ve been trying to contact you for the whole of last week!” He stated, fire burning in his eyes.

“Odd, that’s exactly how long I’ve been ignoring you.”


“Can you take this seriously!” Elliot snapped, gripping Evelyn’s chin with as much force as he dared. With no one around, Elliot swung Evelyn around, slamming her into the brick wall. The wall crumbled and dented on the impact, Evelyn yelling in agony, blood falling from the large injury on the back of her head. She felt the warm blood trickle down the back of her neck.


“So what are you now, a weapons dealer?” Evelyn snarled, standing up, fists clenched. She was tempted to shock Elliot to the floor, but with Trusoni’s holding weapons which were likely to be stabbing her if she made the wrong move, Evelyn lowered her fists.

“Good.” Elliot smirked, shooing the crowd away. “And why, may I ask, did you leave?”


“Your Morality, Elliot was off.” Evelyn stated, eyes narrowed. She’d spent the morning sorting out her makeup to take casual selfies with Delano, post them on social media and smile as her worth would be defined by the dozens of views, likes and the such. It was sad and shallow, but it was the twenty first century, that’s what people did now. It was selfish.

“And? So what? I got what we planned.” Elliot stated, fists clenched. His eyes were drawn to Evelyn’s necklace and he nodded. “You’re still wearing it.” He noted.

“Of course, you idiot. I don’t want to burn now, do I?” Evelyn growled, turning on her heel.

“Fyi, you’re going to get yourself caught. If you really are Elliot, you would’ve get yourself so caught.” She yelled over her shoulder, pushing some hair over her shoulder, digging her phone out of her pocket.


“Delano! Hey, hi, guess who I just ran into.”

“Satan.” Delano giggled over the phone, her words slurred. Evelyn scowled and rubbed her eyes. She was drunk again. If Delano kept getting drunk, Evelyn would be forced to get her roommate some form of help. Delano couldn’t keep it up. Yes, she had all of her alcohol with blood, but it was tearing her apart. Delano hadn’t said anything to Evelyn about why she was an alcoholic, and it was clear Delano wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.




An empty bottle of vodka sat near Delano. It was evident she was wasted, and it had just got noon. The later the day went on, the more likely she was to get more and more drunk. But since Evelyn had cooled, it had worn off slightly and Delano was returning back to her normal state. Seated on the floor, tissues in hand and ‘The Notebook’ playing, tears streamed down Delano’s face. It was pathetic, but when one was drunk, their emotions seemed to get out of control. And that was how Evelyn found her best friend when she walked back in a few hours later with snacks and food for dinner. “Are you – oh.” Evelyn sighed and walked into the kitchen, ignoring Delano’s loud sobbing.


Resting her elbows on the worktop and putting her head in her hands, Evelyn sighed again and closed her eyes. ‘I’ll have to get her help soon . . .’ Evelyn said to herself, pushing her hair back, hands shaking slightly from the cold. Getting to work putting the food and blood away, Evelyn looked at a small blood bag and swallowed. Tearing it open with her fangs, Evelyn drank deeply, letting her stress and problems vanish. She didn’t want people to hear that she was weak. Delano, Elliot and Jymes could all read minds. Hanging out with them meant she wasn’t allowed to have too many mental sassy comments. Finishing the blood bag, Evelyn crushed the plastic and threw it in the bin, exhaling and gripping the worktop. She hated the fact she had had to grow up so quickly. Evelyn sat herself up on the worktop and looked down, her feet dangling. Being forced to grow up where you had to be clever and cunning to figure out the right thing to say, forced to figure out the right way to act so she didn’t set her mother off. Being forced to learn the hard way to quick diffuse difficult situations and escape an escalating argument quickly. She hated that she had forced herself to become ambitious in order to motivate her to escape her parents.


Looking back on her life, Evelyn realised that her mother had ruined her. Genevieve had made her kill her father, Genevieve had introduced her to Elliot, causing the Takeover which could lead to her death. Genevieve had ruined Evelyn’s innocence. Genevieve was . . . she was repulsive.


Shuddering and banishing the dark thoughts and memories from her past, Evelyn walked in to find Delano laughing hysterically at something. She had moved onto a new film now, ‘Bridesmaids.’ Having seen it before, Evelyn had to admit it was a good laugh, but not a hysterical laugh.


Delano scowled and folded her arms, pouting. “Can you move, please?” Her voice contained attitude, and a lot of it.

“Not until you promise to get some help. Your alcohol issues can’t carry on like this!”

“It isn’t an issue!” Delano snapped, staggering up and gripping the sofa arm to keep herself upright. Although the effects of the vodka had worn off slightly, she wasn’t completely sober. She was still a bit of a wreck. Delano was tempted to use her element to get inside Evelyn’s head. But deep down, she knew it wouldn’t work. Delano was too drunk to focus properly. Her vision became blurry. As much as she didn’t want to admit it, Evelyn was right.

“Fine, fine, fine, whatever. I’ll do whatever you want. Just . . . move.” Delano admitted in defeat. She fell down onto her knees, hissing as pain would suddenly flare up.


“I’m going to set it up for you, Delano.” Evelyn stated, not having moved from standing in front of the television. She felt stronger there, the electricity from the plugs and television powering through her and pulsating through her veins. It was that bolt of confidence which allowed her to do that.


She hated being the bad guy, but she would do it if it meant protecting her friends, and keeping her friends safe and alive. Delano was a Dimidium, she was considered a ‘freak’ to many people. Evelyn needed Delano alive, she was a good person. She could cook decently well and a good person to hang around with. You could tell Delano a problem, you didn’t have to worry about her telling anyone because she was normally too wasted to remember what you had told her.


It was sad that she had become some sort of alcoholic, but with her little mission completed, Evelyn left the room and went into her bedroom, still many floors up. Sitting on her bed and starting up her laptop, Evelyn began searching for counsellors.


List after list of person came up, some with good reviews, others an obvious fraud and some which didn’t look too good in general. Half an hour later, Evelyn cursed in anger and slammed her laptop lid down. Nothing, nothing could help Delano. There was no hope and no luck. Evelyn wanted blood. She needed it. She craved it so badly it wasn’t shocking she wasn’t functioning at her best.


Down at the fridge in half a second, the door was yanked open and a blood sachet was pulled out and drained quickly. It could’ve been any type of blood, for all Evelyn cared, but she was hungry, and with her hunger son quenched and her lips dripping with blood, Evelyn tilted her head back and rolled her neck, enjoying the cracks as it moved. She did feel better, that she had to admit.


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