The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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31. Chapter Twenty Eight





Evelyn was waiting, she was pacing in the tactical tent. Waiting and patience weren’t in her forte and those two attributes weren’t her strong points. But she had to deal with it.

Delano came speeding in through the tent a couple of hours later. “Carlos Vanwhatever.” She was out of breath and panting.

“Yes?” Evelyn stood up and turned around. Her eyes were wide. “Did he say anything about Snow? Where is he! We . . . we need him alive! He’s-”

“He’s insane.” Delano stated, hands on her waist. Evelyn had to admit that her roommate and best friend did look amazing. Tight corset, studded jeans, combat boots and a bomber jacket. Yes, she did look stunning.

“Arena.” Delano only had to say that one word and the pair were off. Going as a two wasn’t – or didn’t seem – dangerous. It didn’t seem necessary to call Jymes, Elliot the Lawson twins or anyone else. The more people there, the more stress put on Snow, the harder it would be.




Snow walked back and forth on the blood stained sand. He had got bored of fighting Trusonis he had stolen from long ago. His tattoo was a dull white. He’d just finished another execution. There was only so much killing one could do without getting utterly bored. Looking up as a Scout would leap down, arms flailing. “Miss Parker! The evil one!”

Snow grinned and shooed the other men away, speeding up the Arena steps, standing at the top. He wanted to make an entrance, he wanted to show that their Takeover had been a failure. She could fight as much as she wanted – she wasn’t going to get anywhere, there would always be oppression. The Trusonis had to pay for their failures, they had to pay for not siding with the Vloodmirs. The Trusonis were going to be punished. There was no other way around it.


So he watched, and his grin grew as Evelyn walked in with her red headed friend. Two strong foes – or at least Evelyn was. Snow had no data on the red headed girl. But if Snow had to guess, she was less powerful than Evelyn.

“Miss Parker! Welcome!” Snow called out. He didn’t have to speak loud for the two to hear him. The acoustics – if he had to admit – were astounding. He let out a small laugh as the pair looked up. He could sense that there was some confusion on their faces.


“Look how close victory is to you, Evelyn!” Snow smiled, pushing his hair back. He leapt down from his place, landing in a low crouch, dust and sand flying up. The pair shielded their eyes. Typical.


Prowling towards them, Evelyn shoved Delano out of the way. Although neither could see it, their element tattoo on the back of their necks were burning bright with power. This wasn’t going to be a typical match. Snow knew that he had the means to destroy Evelyn. But he was going to do that at the last minute. With his element of advanced fighting – nothing was going to stop him, not now, not ever.


Evelyn was waiting for Snow to attack first, she had to save up her power. She knew how strong he was; she knew what she had to do to win. But there was something in the back of her mind which told her that she would lose, fail and possibly die in the process.


This was the downside of not having a physical weapon.


But while Evelyn was stuck in her thoughts, Snow had charged, fists clenched and a sneer on his face. He had made a deal with a devil, and he had some small advantages. Small advantages which could change the world – for better or for worse.

Dark shadows poured from Snow’s gloved hands. They were small and wispy, but with the upgrade from those higher up, he was able to withstand the lightning attacks. Evelyn looked up at the last moment and threw both her hands out, wrists touching and eyes narrowed. Two bolts of power flew straight at Snow. But he didn’t feel the effects. Being made a God gave him all kinds of advantages. The shadows formed a protective barrier and the electricity pulses went all around him. He was safe, and he was always going to be safe. As long as he obtained his position as a God then he would be unbeatable for all eternity.


But as he came nearer, his fist pulled back and ready to strike, Evelyn countered, she sprinted straight at Snow, no element in contact or in use. She barrelled straight through the protective barrier and her shoulder collided with Snow’s chest. They barrelled straight back, the two slamming into the Arena stone seats. Pulling away, Evelyn stumbled, holding her head. Taking her hand away, Evelyn swallowed. She was bleeding. Glancing back to Delano, Evelyn’s eyes widened. Delano’s eyes had widened and become darker.


Now under threat from two people, Evelyn realised she had to heal quicker. But she had to have Delano communicating with her if this fight was to be won.


Evelyn threw orb after orb of electricity at Snow, but he just evaded them one after the other. Nothing was stopping him and nothing was slowing him down. But he was becoming tired. This was the first time he had been forced to use his new shadow magic against someone in a real fight.


And Snow could hold his own – for now.


With Evelyn throwing pulsation after pulsation of electricity, she was powerful and strong – a formidable opponent. Evelyn felt surges of power rise up through her and she used her emotions to grant her strength.


Snow blocked every attack. He saw Delano just standing there, in peaceful tranquillity. She’d been ignored – and she seemed happy to just stand there, letting her friend do all the work. With Evelyn distracted, Snow grabbed Evelyn’s muzzle, throwing her into the air.

Evelyn soared.

The wind was rushing past her, her hair blowing all over her face. She screwed her eyes shut, curling up. She didn’t want to see how high up she was. She didn’t want to see how far she had to fall. The smaller she was, the lesser the impact – or so she had been told.


Delano waited. She could read Snow’s mind as easy as it was to take sweets from a baby. So she knew what he was going to do. With her mind and body free from alcohol it was easy to take steps back, sprint at Snow and leap over him, slamming the heel of her boot into the back of his neck. Landing and rolling forward awkwardly, Delano stood up, rubbing her neck. Turning she would roll her shoulder, a sneer on her face. It was evident that physical combat was clearly an advantage. But she didn’t have the fancy mystical mage – like elements to withstand Snow’s shadows and enhanced fight ability.


For someone who was meant to be good at fighting, Delano thought, he sucked. Sprinting at Snow who was still on the floor, unmoving, Delano decided to go for another kick to the back of the head. She wanted to read his thoughts as she moved, but it would be hard to focus on the fight and Snow’s thoughts. She tasted blood in her mouth and the air rushed past her. She was moving quickly, as fast as she dared.


But Snow saw it coming.


He grabbed Delano’s foot and stood up, tossing Delano into the stand as if she was nothing more than a simple ragdoll. She went sprawling. But while he was focused on his fight with Delano, Evelyn was charging herself up. She flicked her wrist, electricity going under the sand and soaring over Snow. Snow looked up and swallowed. He may’ve had the shadow magic, but it was unlikely he could form a dome which went under him as well. Sending the electricity down from above, it crashed down onto him, the shadow dome went up, just as she had predicted, but what she couldn’t predict was how he would act when the pulses wrapped around him.


Delano was slowly hauling herself up, watching with an interest. She couldn’t read Evelyn’s mind, there wasn’t much to read, she was too focused on the fight in front of him.

And then . . . her thoughts were brought crashing down by the sound of Snow yelling out in anger. Delano lifted her eyes and looked up, the blood and warmth draining from her face.


Snow was held up by four different pulses of electricity, each one burning his skin. His face was contoured in agony, his wrists clenched and his ankles bare. The electricity had burned through his clothes.


“Now, now, now . . .”Evelyn taunted, a sick, twisted giggle on her face. “No talking. Otherwise I will kill you. You deserve to be punished for what you’ve done to our kind for so many years. So I’m going to make you pay. And if you talk I’ll make your death very, very, slow. But you are allowed to scream and cry.” Her voice was harsh and cold, Delano couldn’t breathe properly. Was this her friend? Was this her roommate who had fought for so long to make things right? Was everything finally going to her head?


Delano didn’t have time to comprehend everything that was going on. Evelyn took all of her build up rage and anger out on Snow. Delano sped up to the top of the Area, looking around. There was no one in sight. The sounds of Snow’s yelling and cries of anger wanted Delano to turn her head. But she didn’t want to. She could hear Evelyn’s thoughts about what she was going to say next.


But Delano’s curiosity had to be fed. Turning around slowly, her keen, eagle sharp eyes picked up the pooling blood as it poured from Snow’s open wounds. Her eyes picked up the pain on his face, the tears in his eyes as he tried to fight the burns and the unhealing wounds.

Looking for Evelyn, Delano couldn’t see her. Delano’s eyes scanned the roman like Arena until a gentle cough was heard to the right. It was Evelyn.


“Is it finished?” Delano asked, her lip trembling. She felt worthless, Evelyn had done so much, but what had Delano done? She’d done close to nothing. She hadn’t been much of a help. She hadn’t even helped Evelyn with the use of her mind reading element.

“Yes. We’re finished.” Evelyn smiled, wrapping her arm around Delano’s shoulder and pulling her friend in close, the scent of spring flowers in the wind pleasing their noses.

Delano looked down at the shaking Snow, she couldn’t help but feel some form of sympathy for him.

“And what if nothing changes?” Delano asked, looking up, scared of what Evelyn would say.

“Then we fight for our rights and our freedom.” Evelyn replied, narrowing her eyes and looking at the setting sun on the horizon.


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