The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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15. Chapter Twelve





“So, is this where Bob lives?” Evelyn asked. In return, Elliot gave her a withering look. “Do you think Bob’s real?” He laughed.

“So you lied to me?”

“You are so gullible!” Elliot laughed. His laugh sounded like an old man who was dying. Evelyn took a step back with her eyebrows lowered in confusion. She wanted to voice her opinions on his crazed laugh yet decided against it.

“So! Who are we here to see?” Evelyn asked, intrigued. Since the Vampire Unicorn didn’t exist, they had to be here for a reason.

“Lady Morningstar the Prophet.” Elliot begun with a flourish. “The only mortal Prophet in the whole of Vloodmir!”

“I thought-” Evelyn began, the question on the tip of her tongue.

“I don’t care what you thought.” Elliot cut her off.


Knocking on the door footsteps were heard, and a couple of seconds later, the double doors were thrown open. A young woman stood there, looking powerful and strong, despite her slender size. With no questions asked, she stepped aside. Evelyn made the assumption that this woman was Lady Morningstar. She clearly possessed no Vampiric components and dashed in after Elliot, following him like some sort of lost puppy. With him, she was so out of her element. Evelyn swore to herself that she would bring him somewhere where he was out of his depth. Lady Morningstar followed them, Elliot seemed to know where he was going. They didn’t turn down any other hallway and the trio continued down the hallway, going straight ahead. Elliot moved to the right, gently pulling Evelyn with him. Giving him a confused look, Elliot whispered in her ear. “If you enter that room without permission you’ll burn.”

“But we entered this house without permission?”

“The house isn’t enchanted, but that room is. It’s . . . sacred.”


“Don’t worry.” Elliot shrugged and Evelyn moved away, heading to the other side of the corridor, she peeked in. Watching Lady Morningstar gracefully glide across the floor Evelyn was entranced. Lady Morningstar was beautiful, in facial image, the way she moved and she dressed herself.


The pagan symbol on the floor seemed to have been done in blood. It made Evelyn shiver. The Pagan symbol almost resembled Vloodmir in a way. Electricity for fire, seeing ghosts for spirit. Mind reading for air and increased fighting ability for earth. It was considered beautiful, but nothing was as beautiful as Lady Morningstar when she moved. Her grace was beautiful, even when she blinked. Morningstar beckoned the two forward and they obliged, walking into the room, but staying towards the edges. Morningstar smiled and waved her hands over the symbol. Evelyn watched closely and leaned into Elliot, whispering in his ear. “Do you know what she’s doing?”

“Yes.” Elliot whispered back, his breath smelt of chocolate, another point which made him so attractive.

“Are you going to tell me what she’s doing?”


“I hate you.”

“But it’s opposite day so you love me.” Elliot smirked, ruffling his lover’s hair. Evelyn growled and moved away slowly, sulking and folding her arms.


The symbol glowed brightly and both Evelyn and Elliot had to shield their eyes. The glow was too harsh. Evelyn looked towards Morningstar and tried to scream, but no sound came out. Evelyn was frozen. She didn’t know if it was from fear or from panic. Evelyn felt as if the room was spinning. She didn’t know which was up or down. Evelyn kept her eyes shut. But she no longer felt the ground beneath her feet, she was in the air. She was being flung about. She hadn’t been told this! Evelyn still couldn’t scream. No sounds were coming out. She covered her head with her arms, afraid to injure herself.


The spinning stopped, eventually. And slowly. Evelyn landed on her side, she curled up into a ball, her head still protected. She had to force her eyes open. She was in shock. She didn’t know anything this powerful. In her mind, Evelyn had doubts that Snow was as strong as this. Compared to what Evelyn had just been through, Snow was nothing. But Evelyn had been thrown around like a ragdoll.

A hand was placed on her shoulder and Evelyn’s head slowly lifted. Elliot was there, there was a bruise on his cheek. Evelyn laughed and let herself be hauled up. “Are you okay?”

“No.” Elliot pouted. “The doorframe abused me.”

“Well I’ll kill it for you.”

“Thank you.” Elliot laughed, wrapping his arm around Evelyn.


Morningstar watched them in her mind. She was a Prophet. She could see things in her mind as clearly as if she was looking through her eyes. She enjoyed this power. Slowly opening her eyes, Evelyn backed away – or at least tried to – Lady Morningstar’s eyes were black! They were like a demon. Elliot gripped Evelyn’s shoulder tightly. “Shh…it’s okay.” He whispered in her ear. His breath tickled her ear, it made her feel comforted, but it didn’t completely work. She was still petrified.

“Lady Morn-” Evelyn began, her voice shaking.

“Yes?” It sounded as if there were three of them speaking at once. That made Evelyn take another step back.


In the darkness,

You shall face madness.

A foe shall be friend,

And you will be condemned.

What thee loves shall be stolen,

And with ice against fire:

You will defeat the final liar.”


That was what Morningstar spoke. After the final word, her eyes went back to normal. Morningstar crumpled, she fell forward, unable to help herself. Evelyn, being the gentle, kind soul that she was sprinted forward to catch her. Her white hair flopped forward and her eyes closed. It was clear that she in prophet mode anymore. That was apparent. Morningstar seemed to recover quickly however, and slowly she began to sit up.

“What happened?” She asked, her eyes seemed glazed over and it was almost like she wasn’t there at all. Elliot repeated what she had said. “So I actually spoke some sense for once.”

“What does it mean?” Evelyn demanded, shaking Morningstar’s shoulders. Morngingstar narrowed her eyes. “You cannot predict what a Prophet has said, Vampire. That is not how it goes. You will understand all when it has all come to pass.”

Evelyn had nothing to say to that. Elliot pulled her up slowly, Morningstar making her way up slowly, using the wall behind her slowly. All was silent, all from the sound of burning. Elliot suddenly yelled out in pain, moving away from the light. He had been burned. Evelyn turned to him, stealing a quick glance at his neck. There was a thin mark. A line, it was like his neck had been cut with a sword. She didn’t know how long he’d been in the sun. That would only be known from the scar. But Evelyn wanted to hazard a guess that he hadn’t been in the sun for long.


Morningstar stayed silent. She didn’t have anything to say. She was too tired. She didn’t want to say anything. She wanted to meditate, she wanted to relax and calm down. She wanted to relax with a cup of tea and put on a nice dress. She wanted to change out of her outfit. She didn’t like colour. She wanted to go back into her black velvet dress. She liked that one. She liked the white lace lining as well. Yes, that’s what she wanted to do. Making contact with Elliot, he caught on. Taking Evelyn by the arm he lead her out. Morningstar was glad she had made friends. But deep down, a romance between a Vloodmir and a Trusoni? This wasn’t a love story, this was war. War was still going on. Something was going to have to give.


Now alone in the room, Morningstar looked down at the Pagan symbol on the floor. Some of the paint was beginning to fade away. She’d have to repaint that soon. But evening was falling. She could leave that. She needed to calm down, holding a hand to where her heart was, she felt it hammering against her ribcage. For someone so strong, that had taken a lot out of her.




Elliot dropped Evelyn back at her empty house. Evelyn pushed the front door open and took the key out, standing in the doorway facing out, the wind pushing her hair to the side. She wanted to watch Elliot leave. He looked so beautiful when he walked, his perfect posture, ruined by his lowered head. But it wasn’t a bad thing. Flaws made someone beautiful.

Turning away, Evelyn picked up her phone from where it had been left for almost the whole day. She’d left it on the side table. There was a missed call. Pressing the phone to her ear, Evelyn tilted her head.

“Hi! I saw you in the street a few days ago and I went to school with you, but I left because I fucking hated that place!” It made Evelyn laugh how happy Delano was with her anger. “My element is mind reading and I heard that you felt that you wanted a roommate. I’d love to take up the offer! Oh! It’s Delano Trancy here! Please get back to me! Ciao!” There was a pause. “Here’s my number.”


Evelyn blinked, her Vampiric memory served her well and the number was memories after one hearing. Calling Delano back, Evelyn was greeted by a joyful voice.

“Hi! So you got my message?”

“Yes.” Evelyn rubbed her eyes. If Evelyn did take Delano up, there would be two different personalities under one roof. Evelyn was calmer and Delano wasn’t. Did Delano even have a job? Evelyn didn’t. Of course, she did small errands: buying things for people, taking their dog for a walk – all little things. It payed well, but it wasn’t something she could do for ages. She’d have to get some sort of job.

“Well I was wondering if we could meet up tomorrow and talk about it all, maybe decide if you want me to move in, the rules of living with you and such. Sorry, I’m a bit excited, it’s nearly Christmas you see.”

“Yes, I understand. Yes, if we meet in the Blood Lust Café?” Evelyn suggested, pushing her hair back. Her mind was on overdrive and dying at the same time. Her brain didn’t like to function like that. It was either meant to work or not at all. It wasn’t meant to be in the middle!


Delano hung up twenty five minutes later, they had had an earnest conversation about how they were and such. Evelyn found out that Delano loved Ghosts and wanted to set up her own Ghost hunting business. That meant that Delano knew Charles Dickens. Evelyn herself wasn’t a fan of Dickens, but she’d have to put that aside. Deep down, she was nervous. Twenty five percent of her told her no, but the seventy five percent told her to just do it. The more she put it off the more nervous she would be. But Evelyn hated living alone. Every unnatural sound made her jump and she felt as if she was going to be killed at any moment. It was silly, but old habits couldn’t be broken. It was all because of her mother. Genevieve had moved out in October, she went over to live with Snow and bask in his wealth. God Genevieve was a selfish bitch. Evelyn felt like her mother was going to target her, that Genevieve was going to be waiting for her around every corner. It was scary, it was petrifying. Evelyn was always on edge, after two whole months. She needed a friend, she needed someone to talk to. To have fun with. Christmas by oneself wasn’t much fun.

Before even meeting Delano again, Evelyn was sure that she would let Delano live with her. It would take some adjusting – but it all would at times. But sacrifices had to be made – even one’s own sanity.

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