The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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16. Chapter Thirteen



the ONE AND ONLY. . .sort of


Evelyn walked down the streets. Because it was England, it had snowed overnight, it had come without warning so no one had any time to prepare. Those who looked after the huge town – the towns keepers at they were known – were shovelling snow continuously. The cold didn’t dampen Evelyn’s mood, if anything, it made her feel more festive. The retro red sign of the Blood Lust Café was lit up and stood out against the snow. Rubbing her gloved hands together, Evelyn quickened her step once again. The windows were steamed up and the Christmas decorations were up. It had a very warm feel to it. Pushing the door open, Evelyn exhaled and looked at the clock. She was on time, for once. Not that she was late on purpose, but when important things went to happen, something normally went wrong or something terrible happened. Again, not always but it was rather common.


Delano was sitting at a booth, her crimson hair in a messy bun with many a wisp falling down and tickling her neck. Delano smiled, looking up and putting the menu down. Evelyn felt awkward that she hadn’t been here earlier, but it was clear to see that Delano had made herself comfortable with a couple of drinks. In her hand, a strawberry milkshake. Evelyn never knew why, but she didn’t like strawberry milkshake. The taste probably put her off. A young man with blonde hair went over to Delano and she held up a hand, smiling as Evelyn slid herself into the booth opposite. “What would you like, miss?” The man asked, a boyish look to his features. But he certainly didn’t look like a boy.

“Chocolate milkshake.” Evelyn smiled, crossing one leg over the other, a casual gesture. The waiter smiled, turned on his heel and walked off, shoving the little notebook in his pocket after ripped the page with the order off. That was such a waste of paper.


“So,” Delano begun. “any little quirks?” Straight in with the questions, Evelyn saw.

“I like things tidy, at night, the bathroom doors have to be shut. It’s always been something that’s happened.” Delano nodded, she was making a mental note in her head.

“My turn.” Evelyn carried on, “What’s your element?”

“My . . . my element?” Delano asked, for once, shockingly, she was thrown. “Mind reading.”

“So you didn’t even need to have a conversation?” Evelyn smiled. “You could’ve just read my mind.”

“But I prefer having a conversation because then I can pick up on the tone and the ideas are more structured. I can tell from tone what really annoys you from your voice. In your head, I can’t really tell that because it’s one monotone voice.”


Delano was making all good points. Evelyn stayed quiet, “So, tell me more about yourself.” She said, looking up. “Well, I want to open my Ghost business, there’s a Ghost Club run by Mr. Dickens, I believe you’ve met him.” Evelyn nodded, fiddling with her bracelet. “I joined the Ghost club to pursue my dream. In the Ghost Club, I’ve met a lot of people who share the same passion, so I’m hoping to work with them in the near future.” Delano smiled. She was so innocent and so beautiful. “I’m currently single with no romantic attractions, as of now. I’m all up for flirting at parties but I prefer to have parties as a luxury.” There was a sly smile on her face, it seemed to be always there. From what Evelyn could remember from when Delano first walked into Vloodmir Comprehensive, there had always been a sly smile on her face.


“And your past?” Evelyn asked, it was nice hearing Delano speak, she seemed to fluent and it was as if she had memorised all that she was going to say. However, Delano didn’t seem that confident about her past. This was a question that had thrown her. Delano seemed to be gathering her thoughts and structuring an answer. “I can’t remember when I was born, but I know where. I was born and lived most of my life in Nix. I was raised there; I don’t even remember my parents . . . all I know is that my father must have had amazing hair.” That made Evelyn laugh. “Then I left Nix, travelled to Vloodmir and joined Vloodmir Comprehensive – as you very well know.” Delano smiled, it was clear she wasn’t going to indulge more into her past.


And Evelyn wasn’t going to push Delano for more information. If Delano didn’t want to reveal more, then it wasn’t Evelyn’s place to ask. “So . . .” Delano sighed, looking around. “Do I . . .”

“Yes!” Evelyn grinned, it was best to make a quick decision. Besides, Delano seemed like a wonderful person. “Really?” Delano asked, her face and eyes brightening up. “When . . . when can I move in?”

“This week? Next week? Whichever suits you.” Evelyn smiled. She was in awe as Delano’s enthusiasm and her readiness. It was actually rather shocking. “Well, I don’t actually have that much to pack so I’ll probably see you tomorrow.” Delano grinned, standing up and grabbing her jacket which had be slung to her side. It was a nice jacket, leather and studs and spikes. Evelyn stood up and grabbed a notebook from a passing waitress. Evelyn didn’t care, Evelyn scrawled down the address of the house. Delano took it and the two walked out.


Delano went left and back to her house in current rental. The address was in her tight grip. Opening the door, Delano reached to the tatty living room, the carpet covered in stains long unknown. Looking around, there was nothing she needed in that room. To be honest, all Delano needed was all of her clothes, shoes, makeup, hair ties and books. Lots of books. But the most important things she needed from this old shabby place was her Ghost papers and notes from lectures. She was so in depth about it and so focused, it was consuming her. Delano felt slightly worried. Delano always stayed up late researching or talking to people. She was worried, would Evelyn hate it? Delano would just have to keep it down when Evelyn was trying to sleep. Now that she had been accepted, Delano felt rather worried. But she was going to have to do it, the sooner she moved in, the sooner she could feel at home and help Evelyn with Christmas. Delano had sensed Evelyn’s Christmas thoughts.


With everything packed in under half an hour, Delano made her way out of the rented house, having left a note for the landlord to alert him that she’d left. She had paid by cash, thankfully, so there wasn’t going to be any hassle there. Adjusting her bag, Evelyn walked down the streets, smiling at those who walked their dogs, she said hello to those she always said hello to and tried to make her way to the Parker house. Delano sped up, she wanted to get back into the warmth and feel surrounded by a friend. The streets were wide and cars sped down. Delano had never had enough money to afford a car, but walking up to the Parker’s house Delano saw that Evelyn didn’t have a car either, but there was someone’s car in the driveway. From what Delano had seen in adverts, it was a BMW Series 7. Delano had always wanted one, but she wasn’t a Vloodmir. She wasn’t a Trusoni. She was a half, a Dimidium, unaccepted by either. Why did prejudice have to get in the way of love? Why did prejudice have to get in the way of everything? It was disgusting and repulsive. The Vloodmir prejudice against the Trusonis was old now, it was old and not needed. A lot of things weren’t needed, but the constant hatred wasn’t needed. It was kept alive by Snow and his never ending selflessness and his constant lies. Delano laughed to herself as her own humours sarcastic thoughts.


Walking up the pathway, Delano knocked on the door, rapping her knuckles on the polished wood. One person managed to keep it in good shape. But the government hadn’t done anything. The house itself looked safe enough, but the area? It was still a brothel home, a haven for sluts and whores wanting to bag them some money to buy alcohol, drugs, blood or all three. Delano felt nervous waiting there, but surely, footsteps came to the door and it was opened. But not by Evelyn. Elliot was there, a glass of champagne in his hand. Elliot turned and called over his shoulder. “Evelyn? Are you a lesbian and cheating on me with a girl? I admit she’s pretty and all, but, I mean, I have abs.”

Laughter was heard and Evelyn made her way to the door. “Delano, Elliot. Elliot, Delano. Elliot, Delano is my new roommate.” Delano nodded and took a step in, still gripping onto her bag. Delano had to admit, the inside was nice. Far too nice. Something was up, wasn’t it?


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