The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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13. Chapter Ten













Months passed and winter set in, Elliot had left Evelyn a range of voicemails. Evelyn heard them all, and then she replayed them over and over again. She’d saved almost all of them. Her favourite was: ‘You kill me, Evelyn. Every day is agony without you. It’s empty and it’s alone. Sometimes I wonder if you’re even still alive. I haven’t seen you in months. Please tell me you’re okay. Please, I beg of you.’


Evelyn had always taken the direct route to her school, but now she took the longer routes. She didn’t want to see Elliot. She wanted nothing more to do with the Vloodmir’s. But she couldn’t escape them. They were always at school, always there, always ready to pounce. With her mother a devout Vloodmir follower, there really was no escape. It wasn’t as if she could put her headphones in and listen to music. Because she didn’t have time to it. But as of recent, she took longer on her work than she normally would and spend a long while at the pub. The first day she entered ‘The Old Courval’ she was remarkably shocked to see Charles Dickens. Of course, Evelyn had done a little research on him, but he stayed on one side of the pub, surrounded by other smart people and Evelyn stayed at the other side, feeling slightly lonely. She didn’t know who to talk to. She didn’t have anyone to talk to because she was avoiding Elliot purposefully. After her tantrum months ago on how the Vloodmir’s were superior, she didn’t want to go back to Elliot. She wanted to show that she was strong. She did that. She did that at school. She worked harder, got fitter, got more powerful. She brushed the snide comments away about going clubbing. She expanded her social circle of friends. She read more, she became more interested in history, she enlarged her music tastes.

She felt that things were finally taking a turn for the better.


With the sunlight suddenly on the back of her neck, waking her up, Evelyn grabbed her jacket and quickly shoved it on. She didn’t want her back burning. Of course, she had been burning for a second but it calmed down slowly. Looking up as the door would slam open, Elliot walked in, wearing a strong traditional, Victorian looking outfit. A dark blue cloak was speckled with a light coating of snow and he looked around, the hood down. Evelyn lowered her head as he walked in but the scraping of the chair made Evelyn lift her head. “How many months has it been now?” Elliot’s voice was harsh and there was a slight amount of sass in it. But Evelyn could hear the fact that he was cold. “I don’t know.” Evelyn replied. “Maybe five?” She shrugged one shoulder, tapping her nails on the glass. She looked at Elliot, although her gaze was turned slightly more towards Dickens. She wanted to know more why he was here and what he was doing. But she’d been here for so long and it seemed pathetic to ask now when she could’ve asked so many months ago. Elliot, noticing that Evelyn wasn’t paying any attention to him turned his head and looked at Dickens. Raising an eyebrow he smirked. “Don’t you dare go over to him, Elliot.”

“I dare.” He grinned, standing up.


The young man next to Dickens looked up as Evelyn and Elliot approached. Evelyn didn’t want to make contact with Elliot, but that was inevitable as the young man pointed a finger at them. Although not looking a Vampire, he had a strong sense for telling who was. “The aura of death, surrounds thee both! Get thee behind me!” He yelled, the people nearby moving out of the way as he ran off. Evelyn glanced at Elliot and chuckled, walking towards Dickens. “Hello, miss!” Dickens smiled, “It’s a pleasure you’ve finally decided to come over.”

“It was his idea.” Evelyn growled. Glaring at Elliot.

“Well, I’ve never asked your names, which is horrendously rude. However we have just met.” Dickens apologized, for a man who lived in the Victorian era, he seemed to have cleanly adapted to modern life.

“I’m Evelyn Parker, and this is my . . .” Evelyn didn’t know how to introduce Elliot.

“Close friend, Elliot King.” Elliot put in, nodding his head.

“Ah, well, anyways . . .” Dickens looked towards the man who walked out. “These days, stupidity is all to prevalent. So, tell me: do you believe in ghosts?” It was a random, brash question to ask, strong and direct. There seemed to be no reason to ask it. But if Dickens had asked it, there had to be an unknown reason.

“Not particularly.” Elliot pronounced all the syllables. Elliot had no reason to believe in ghosts. His family had no connection with ghosts.

“Yes.” Evelyn’s voice was strong, powerful and full of enthusiasm. As she took the longer route to the school, she passed her father’s workplace every day. She felt a pang in her heart when she walked past, still after five months. “But what does this have to do with me or Elliot?” Evelyn asked, a hand placed on her hip. She was acting horrendously sassy and rather stuck-up. But that’s who she was.

“Well, I am curious and see flaws in the idea myself, as any human may be. But here we are, the end of 2017, in the world’s strongest country, known for it’s power, grace, culture and tradition. Yet all of the Vloodmir subjects – being supernatural themselves are enthralled by other elements.”

“Like ghosts?” Evelyn put in, head tilted.

“Exactly! Which is why I joined the Ghost Society. As well as looking at ghosts we consider Hybrids. It is a bit of false advertising but it’s very interesting.”

“Bob.” That was all Elliot said and Evelyn turned to him like he was nuts. Elliot knew where he was going. His . . . old close friend was a Hybrid. He could see into the future. Along with his mind reading element, there was something thrown in.

“Bob?” Evelyn asked, turning to Elliot and ignoring Dickens for the time.

“Yes you heard me, Bob. So, we’re going to see him.” Elliot finished with a flourish of his hands. He nodded at Dickens and walked out the door, Evelyn following him. “So you somehow, uncoincidently walk into the same bar as me and now I’m following you to see a guy called Bob. How do I know this isn’t a plan for you to-”

“I’m not that low, Evelyn.” Elliot muttered, walking the streets like he owned them.

“I still think this is a joke.”

“Of course you think it is. But don’t say this to Bob or he’ll stab you in the heart with his Unicorn horn.”

“Yep.” Evelyn sighed, using her hands to push her hair back. “This is some sort of joke.”

“Don’t insult his sparkliness.”

“Is he from Twilight then?”

“No you ignoramus human.”

They walked in silence for a while longer, the awkwardness building up. Elliot clearly wasn’t joking about Bob, so, wanting to learn more about him, Evelyn plucked the courage to ask more.

“How was he created?”

“He wasn’t born in a lab, Evelyn.” Elliot chuckled, glancing down slightly, a sly smirk on his lips. “Straight up, he was drunk and I had the joy to witness this metamorphosis – if you could call it that. He was in a . . . midlife crisis and was in a Unicorn obsessing mood. The long and short of it was that he had a dream involving Unicorns and the next day a pretty, pink, glittery horn was sprouting from his head.”

“Is that it?” Evelyn was, to say the least, slightly disappointed.

“What were you expecting? A once upon a time and happily ever after? No, screw that crap.”



The cold began to set in with the sinking sun. “How much further?” Evelyn whined for, what seemed to be the one hundredth time. Elliot was slowly losing his patience. “We’ll be there soon. Now shut up and keep walking. You’re a Vampire, you have stronger muscles.”

Grumbling, Evelyn carried on. She was stronger than this, she just didn’t like the cold. But she was British and she was used to it. But the British were known for complaining about anything and everything. Elliot wished he could’ve sown her mouth together. Albeit he had read a few books: City of Bones was one, a nice simple read with violence and a stupid main character. He wanted to make Evelyn a Silent Brother – they couldn’t move their lips and talk. Which was good, because he hated whiners and people who didn’t shut up. And at this particular point, Evelyn just would not shut up. Always complaining. Elliot didn’t know what had changed in him, but he just couldn’t put up with it. Approaching some gates, Elliot dashed off at a human sprint and gripped the black metal bars and hauled himself over. Relying on his Vampiric senses too much would make it harder to pass for a mortal when he left – if he left. Would he have the guts to actually leave Vloodmir and his life? Would he be tracked down and slaughtered gruesomely? Would he be able to leave Evelyn?


His boots hit the wet mud and with Evelyn by his side they walked forward, silent and as deadly as the stake strapped to Evelyn’s thigh. Her skirt fluttered safely around her quads and in her pocket of her jacket, she felt her phone vibrate. It was probably some friend of hers.




The sharpened jewel which was surrounded by clasps of silver tapped the floor as Quinn waited, bored. Quincy was taking too long. Literally, all his twin had to do was buy a whole new set of arrows. Was it really that hard? No. But knowing Quincy, he would take about seven hours just to choose the arrow, let alone the colour. Put them together, Quinn estimated that he had about eleven hours and forty five minutes left to go. Quinn hated the fact that his phone was at home, even through all their supplies were in a tree. It was alone and, like any other teenager, his phone was pretty much the centre of his life, more or less. It had all of his entertainment. So without it, Quincy was forced to look around at people and consider what their element was. But Quincy and Quinn didn’t fit in to any category. They weren’t born, or bitten. They were made, genetically modified and edited by someone, a group of people. But that was all they knew. When their eyes had opened, they had been forced back to sleep. But all that was remembered was men in white coats always advancing with needles or clipboards.


Shaking his head, Quinn looked to the window, but he couldn’t see in, it was tinted. He wanted to get out of here and back to the provided ‘safe house’ for him and his brother. Quinn would protect his brother with his life.


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