The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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19. Chapter Sixteen





Christmas eve came around quickly. Evelyn and Delano spent that time getting to know each other and making space for each other. Evelyn had to move some things. Delano had brought a lamp, in Evelyn’s opinion, a really ugly lamp. Delano held up it, smiling. “Can we make room for this?” She asked.

“Uh . . .” Evelyn said, holding the lamp.

“Please?” Delano asked, making puppy eyes. Evelyn growled and put the lamp on the table. “See? I’m making space for you. Including your really, really, ugly lamp. Happy?”

“Much.” Delano grinned, folding her arms.


The tree was done and presents were put under, there weren’t many presents for either of them. But Elliot and Evelyn had invited others. Evelyn had invited Elliot and the Lawson twins. Elliot had invited Jymes, for some strange reason and Jymes had no reason to invite anyone because he had no one to invite. It would just be them. They’d have to have takeout as there hadn’t been many plans and there wasn’t enough money coming into the house to afford Christmas food. Besides, pizza was good enough, they could watch Christmas movies while eating pizza, playing truth or dare and other stupid games like that. It was something fun and excited, yet also relaxed and laid back.


Delano had relaxed a bit and had tried to make her room her own. She’d put up posters of her favourite bands, books and quotes. Books lined the floor and she’d ordered a desk. That had been put together and was already a mess, covered in case files which had been borrowed. Pens and highlighters lay everywhere and images and newspaper clippings were stuck to the wall. Evelyn had watched as Delano had done all this. It had happened over the course of a few days. It was nice, not eating alone or jumping at any sound. It was fun having someone to talk to. Delano secretly improved her element while she let Evelyn train on her. Delano managed to duck out of the way, but until some form of training area was set up somewhere, Delano was going to have to be a human punching bag.


Delano sat on the sofa, legs curled up under her, but slightly to the side, eyes closed, headphones on blaring some sort of music into her ears. She was taking a break from working. It was Christmas Eve, she was allowing herself to take a break. She’d been working so hard. And it was her birthday in December, she had long forgotten when her birthday actually was, every Vampire had, it helped them to stop feeling so old.


Evelyn was frantically texting people. It had been ages since the posters had been put up and people were still asking questions. The day before they’d had a large meeting with everyone who wanted to take part. At least, there was twenty-five. Elliot had grinned wickedly and cracked his knuckles. He was impressed with the turnout. But being the selfish jerk he was, he was taking the credit all for himself. It was natural, he was a Vloodmir, but Evelyn didn’t know how much of his selfishness, Vloodmirian-ness she could take. Evelyn had a feeling she was going to snap soon. But she wasn’t going to do it in public. But she hadn’t made a scene. She was going to keep it under wraps and let it build. Then she’d do something harsh to him. She may be being bitter, but if he wasn’t going to be honest, then why should she? Delano looked at Evelyn, scratching her arm. Delano had painted her nails black with gold dots, it was rather cute, the only problem was that it took ages to dry. “Are you bored?” Evelyn asked, smiling.

“No, of course not.” Delano laughed, sarcastically.


Evelyn had come to learn that Delano’s humour was dry and sarcastic. It was a type that people would love or hate. Luckily for Delano, it made Evelyn laugh. When Evelyn had made a comment on it, Delano had merely replied. “If sarcasm was an art, I’d have a PhD!”

With her free hand, Delano held a mug of hot chocolate. The fire wasn’t on, there was no need for the constant heat. A magazine was open on Delano’s lap and she was reading it intently. From what Evelyn could see from the other side of the room, she was on the Ghosts and Demons page. What that was doing in a fashion magazine was anyone’s guess. But that was Delano’s favourite bit, Evelyn read the rest and then gave it to Delano. It was always graciously accepted.


“What have you got me for Christmas?” Delano asked, looking up. It was a casual question, but Evelyn had seen Delano looking at the presents, examining them, even. She was so desperate to open them but she couldn’t, she wasn’t allowed. Evelyn enjoyed watching Delano suffer. Besides, it was less than 24 hours until they could both open their presents. It was going to be fun. But the problem was, they had nothing to do. Both had fed together on a poor, young child and his mother last night so they weren’t craving blood, if they were they had more than enough bloodbags in the fridge.

“I’m not telling you what you’ve got for Christmas, Delano!” Evelyn muttered, texting someone. Finally giving up and turning her phone off, Evelyn relaxed, leaning back in the sofa. Giving up because she was too uncomfortable, Evelyn curled up, resting her head on the arm rest, closing her eyes. “I’m too tired.”

“Are you forgetting that Vampires don’t sleep?” Delano asked. Evelyn lifted her head with a look of irritation on her face. “You’re a Vampire, aren’t you?”

“Well, duh.”

“Do you sleep?” Evelyn asked, lowering her head again, making herself more comfortable. Delano had no response to that. But she did have a question.

“One more thing, then I’ll let you sleep.”

“Make it quick.” Evelyn growled, she had to restrain herself from getting up and slapping Delano.

“Can I . . . can I join the Takeover? I saw the posters.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever. Just make sure you can use a weapon.” It was a mutter, but it was good enough. It was weird, how accepting Evelyn was, but she had said yes and Delano wasn’t going to question it. Not one little bit.


Leaving the house, Delano walked the quiet streets. They would be quiet for now, but as she got closer to the heart of town, the music from the Insanity Syndrome got louder and louder. It was a pain that the weapons shop was so close, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. The place didn’t close, no one knew if there would suddenly be an attack. It was in people’s mind, but the question was, who would attack? Vloodmir was in the middle of nowhere. They were all Vampires – that was all they needed. Pushing the door open, Delano stepped into the warmth, smiling. She liked warmth, she just didn’t like the sun because it would burn her face off and set her on fire.


“Hello?” Delano called out, walking in slowly, fists clenched.

“Yo! ‘Sup?” A woman asked. “Before anything else, do you know a guy who uses a bow an arrow? Wears a purple scarf? ‘Cause he owes me cash.”

Delano shrugged, she didn’t know how to answer.

“I’m . . . looking for a weapon, but I don’t really know which weapon I need or suits me or whatever the term is.”


The woman nodded, she was a person of few words. She walked over to an area of many weapons, crossbows, axes and what seemed to be a million swords. The woman didn’t ask many questions but took five weapons out. They were all the same, the pattern on the blade the same, the leather wrapped around the hilt the same. “Short sword. Can be used offence and defensively. Can be used for close range as you can go closer to your enemy. It can be used to stabbing – my favourite method or you can throw it, depending on your aim.”

Delano reached forward and took them. Her arm fell to the floor. “Woah! It’s a lot heavier than what I thought!”

The woman nodded and went away to another section. She took out a belt with many notches in it. “This’ll do the trick.”

Delano wrapped it around her hips. That’s where she needed the weight to be. It would minimise the bruises.

“And since it’s your first weapon, come here on boxing day and we can begin training.” The woman finished, folding her arms. “And I hope you brought cash, because this might be a bit expensive. Delano sighed.

“Tell me the price.”

“Twenty five pounds, eight five pence.”


Delano handed the cash over begrudgingly and left, feeling safer with the weaponry. She still gripped her bag tightly with one hand while her other hand rested atop some of the hilts. She kept her eyes straight ahead as she walked past people, beggars, homeless bastards. They were Dimidiums, Delano should’ve felt sympathy for them, but she didn’t. Why should she grieve for someone when people hadn’t grieved for her? Yes it was selfish, but she didn’t care? It wasn’t as if she was kind to everyone. But she wasn’t kind to people. She would help people if they were a friend or someone that she liked, but if it was a random stranger who came up to her and began telling her about their problems, she just wouldn’t give a shit.


It was who she was and Delano was as sure as hell that she wasn’t going apologise for who she was. She wasn’t going to be changed by society, she didn’t give a damn what others thought. She was confident and independent. That’s what she loved about herself. But Delano failed to see that she loved herself too much.


All of the lights were out in the house, Delano sighed and pushed the door open, flicking a few switches. She wasn’t going to wake up Evelyn. Evelyn liked her sleep, a lot. She would sleep in on weekends and holidays. There was a ninety-nine percent chance of Evelyn getting up late. Delano would also sleep in for a while, most likely getting bored quickly and reading up on Ghosts. Or any book.


Changing her mind about going to sleep, Delano walked into the kitchen, grabbing a glass and a bottle of whisky. She knew that she had a minor problem with alcoholism, but it wasn’t as bad as people thought. She only drank when she was stressed or shaking. She wasn’t shaking, but deep down, she felt somewhat stressed, for reasons she couldn’t fathom.




The morning of Christmas Day came fast and quick, with dawn gracing the land, light sparkling off the snow. Elliot shut the door to his new residence, Vloodmir Manor. Turning around as he reached the Gothic gates, he looked back, tilting his head as some curtains moved. It was probably nothing, he thought as he pulled the gates open with his gloved hands. Since he’d set off so early and he’d make it to Evelyn’s house early, he wanted to take a longer route. Since dawn had just arisen, Elliot turned his attention to the library. It was going to be open. It was always open, the Librarian always said ‘knowledge doesn’t take breaks, so why should I?’

Those words were engraved above the door as well. In English and Latin. Typical Brits.


Pushing the door open, Elliot exhaled deeply, the aroma of books pleasing him. He had never been a big lover of books, he was a person who loves parties, films and himself. He hated to admit that he was so self centred, but he was. He didn’t let anyone know about it though.


Making his way over to the back, Elliot reached up and hauled perhaps one of the biggest books out. The title was faded and hard to see, but it wasn’t the title that Elliot cared about. It was in the information inside it. The Takeover was going to be massive, and Elliot wanted to know everything about Snow and his henchmen. Cracking his knuckles he turned page after page, his eyes scanning the words, his mind making notes, his mind was brilliant, he knew that he would remember everything. This wasn’t a time he could forget things.

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