The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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9. Chapter Six





Elliot’s chest radiated heat. Evelyn could feel his ice heart beating. His body was coated in a layer of sweat, but she didn’t care. Her hand was resting on the top of his chest, the other draped around his neck. She ran her finger over the double infinity which was branded on his neck. Elliot’s arm was wrapped around her bare waist and the other around her shoulder. Her black bra straps were halfway down her arm so she quickly pulled it up. She wanted to get ready – sure it may be a Saturday, but she had things to do. She wanted to catch up with people and get the work she needed to do. She couldn’t mess up her grades because she was sleeping around – even if he was good.


Bringing her knees to her body she pushed away from Elliot, Evelyn rolling off the bed and onto the floor, a groan escaping her lips. Elliot had awoken and his head peered over the edge, a look of irritation conveyed on his beautiful face. “What was that for? I was having a great dream.”

“I wanted to be awake. I have to get things done and I need to catch up on the work.”

“And how will you do that?” Elliot asked, his brain clearly wasn’t working as he was making stupid remarks.



“My friend.” Evelyn was blunt as she put on a simple outfit. Platform boots, fancy tights, a short school like skirt and an easy-to-do up corset. Throwing on a coat she sauntered out, snatching up her mother’s gloves. Her mother wore then once to three times, then considered them out of style.


Veering off course to her friend's house, she turned off the worn, well travelled cobbled city paths, Evelyn made her way down to the forest. The Levithan Forest. It was placed near the edge of the city, another wall to stop them all getting out. It was horrible – there wasn’t anything to explore. But what was Evelyn to do? Was she to obey school rules and actually go get the work which she needed to get or did she head into the forest and see what was actually in there? She could kill anything that attacked her – she had powers for a reason after all.


Memories of the night before flew through her mind. Her hands on Elliot’s chest and his running through her hair, their lips pressing together, both fighting for power over the each other. Scandalous sex. That’s what it was.


She stepped on a branch and as it snapped under her weight she turned, her senses alert. But nothing was there. Narrowing her eyes she kept going, picking up the pace. She regretted her choice now. But Evelyn was too stubborn to admit it or change her mind. She had never been her before and as a scream shattered the silence, Evelyn ran. She ran straight ahead. Turning back would show fear – and Evelyn wouldn’t show fear. Not now, not ever. Rolling her shoulders she carried on walking, she felt as if she was in a daze, not really there. The scenery was a blur, her thoughts unclear and she couldn’t hear anything. Her mind only awoke from it’s daze when the ground underneath turned from forest to pebbles. She had no idea where she was. But she was still in Vloodmir, she could see the mountains in the far distance, their peaks barely showing over the mountains. But looking around, the area around the pebbled path was tidy. There was some blood splatters, but they were small.


Before Evelyn, stood an Arena. It had a Roman look to it, some parts had fallen down, but it still seemed to be in working order. To add to the fact that it was in working order, a strong cheer arose from the Arena and Evelyn took a step forward. She felt like she was being pulled to the Arena. To the strength of it and to the unknown.

Wanting to remain undetected, throwing her palm out, a bolt of weak electricity would lock onto the stone and Evelyn would allow herself to be pulled up. Gripping a ledge she would haul herself up, and standing on a ledge she gazed down.


A young man was standing in the middle, hands to his head. He was clearly in pain, but there wasn’t anyone else in the ring. The rising sun’s rays fell onto the diamond ring on the man’s hand and reflected out, making gentle patterns on the walls. Looking around as an iron portcullis would open, the crowd went wild, screaming names and chanting over and over again. Evelyn swallowed. She didn’t want to be here, but, strangely, she was drawn to it and she couldn’t take her eyes of the person who walked out. He was muscular, but not in a sexy way. It was horrible. It wasn’t attractive. It was dangerous and it radiated violence.


Swallowing, Evelyn couldn’t move her eyes from the scene. She wanted to help the person who was down below, but she didn’t dare allow someone know she was there. She also wanted to continue watching. The huge man walked towards the other, enhancing her senses, her keen eyes picked up the symbol on the back of his neck. The same as hers. It was exactly the same. He was on the Trusoni side. He was an ally. Gripping the stone arch above and next to her. She swallowed deeply. She didn’t want to see an ally die. No Trusoni would turn on another. Looking around a glossy, purple, shimmering tent caught her eye. It coated the figure inside with shadows but as they walked out, Evelyn stumbled, her shoulder slamming into the wall. The noise wasn’t detected by the masses but Snow, Snow saw her, but he said nothing. Snow was orchestrating it. Vloodmir’s were supposed to be the founders, the people who made Vloodmir great. But this was wrong. If Snow was leading this, then the huge muscular man who was smashing the young man into the floor and making him bleed was also a Vloodmir ally. All of this was so wrong. If Snow hadn’t called Evelyn out, then this was something he wanted her to see. But why? Surely there wasn’t a reason for it? She couldn’t take a step back – she’d fall. She couldn’t take a step forward – she’d fall onto the people before who were enjoying this. Some of the women (who had foolishly brought their children with them) were shielding their eyes as they watched the monstrosity before them. Turning away, Evelyn couldn’t bear to look for another second. Slamming a pulse of electricity into the ground, Evelyn ran off, away from the Area, away from the sounds and the scenes which replayed over and over again. Branches cut her race and tore her clothing, but she didn’t care. Why should she? Her outfit wasn’t the most important thing in the world. She wanted to tell Elliot, she had to tell Elliot.


But Elliot was a Vloodmir, he would support this. Just because Evelyn – a Trusoni ally – was his Murder Buddy, didn’t mean he liked her. He could despise her and just be doing it for the money, that’s what happened normally. People were greedy and people cared about how they looked and how they were perceived by others. Skidding down small hills and ducking under trees, the edge of the forest came into view. Looking ahead, Evelyn stopped running, sinking to her knees in despair. She wasn’t anywhere near her home. If anything, she was further away.     She dug her nails into the dirt, angry and alone. Her head hung low and she couldn’t think clearly. Elliot may have been able to read minds, but Evelyn had a strong feeling he wouldn’t be able to sense her. “Aww, is the little girl lost?” a voice would call out. It wasn’t Snow’s voice, that was older and had a tone of snobbiest to it. This voice was far more gentle. But it was seductive and flirtatious. It was calling to her, wanting her to calm down, relax and let all her worries go.


But it wasn’t Elliot.


“Who are you?” Evelyn still looked to the ground, she didn’t move. She had the bolts of electricity ready. Friend or foe, she would attack them.

“You’re on the Trusoni side. Weak, pathetic bastards.”

Evelyn’s eyes narrowed, she was pissed. And it had happened in one sentence. That was a new record. Standing slowly, sparks spun in the air and twirled to the floor, going out halfway down. Looking up, her eyes were red, a deep, crimson red. Normally, they were a light red, almost pink. But now? Now she was angry. Now they were red and before she could do anything, the man came forward and had her pinned to the tree. She whimpered as he looked her up and down. But while she whimpered she looked him up down. Perfect blue hair standing up on it’s own and intense bright blue eyes.


God he was attractive.


His fangs grazed her neck, sending shivers up her spine. She was enjoying this. She was enjoying his touch, his coldness, his sudden passion. But it didn’t last long. Jymaes’ warm, toned body was yanked away and was replaced by the familiar scent of Elliot. His hand traced the red graze marks on her neck tenderly. “What are you doing here?” Evelyn whispered, gazing up into his eyes. He was scared, but there was peace in his eyes. “I followed you.”


“Because I read your mind, idiot.”

“I told you-”

Evelyn never got to finish her statement before Elliot was thrown into a tree, a sickening crunch heard which echoed around the trees. Jymes stood there, a twisted grin on his lips. “You cheating cunt.” He growled. “I loved you and now you piss me off by tenderly looking at that.” Evelyn was offended by the word ‘that’. But she couldn’t move. She felt compelled to go to Jymes. To jeer at Elliot’s unmoving body on the leaves.


Jymes wasn’t a normal Vampire. That was for sure.


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