The Vloodmir Vampires

AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE ON AMAZON // When a lust for equality and desire to break free from a tight autocratic structure forces itself into the hearts of the fed-up, hero's will rise. But when one large plan is altered by those on the side lines, who will fall and who will take the power from the Vloodmirs? But most of all, who will survive and who will die? Will secrets be leaked and will lovers become haters of one another?
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20. Chapter Seventeen





The notes were comprehensive and clear. Detailed and simple at the same time. Elliot had all the information that he needed. Four henchmen, each controlling the pillars of Trusoni life while they lived under the tight ruling regime of the Vloodmirs. Thankfully, finding the information wasn’t too hard, there was a lot about them. News articles online and physical, anecdotes, personal stories and clearly biased ones. It was all there. Elliot took stacks of paper and went straight into making notes. Making notes on one person at a time.


Scarlet: Non – Binary

Works within the Arena.

Known killer of Snow’s enemies.


Elizabeth: 482 years old

Known location: Shady parts of town, the dark alleys and the black market – if it exists.

Works alongside Scarlet to dispose of the death bodies.


Carlos: 1058 years old

Takes care of the criminals in the city, works alongside the judge to get the Trusoni’s sent to jail.


Samuel: 239 years old

Charges high taxes, forcing some Trusonis to sell their bodies to lustful men and works in brothels.


These were the things that weren’t in the papers, the little things. The important things, the things that could make a change, the thing that could remove the classed society in Vloodmir, the horrendous conditions they were forced to live in. Some made a good amount of money, the Parker’s for example, but others weren’t so lucky. Shaking his head and standing up with his notes stuffed in his pockets, Elliot left the library and begun making his way through the winding streets full of nothing. People were too busy spending time with their families. And if they didn’t have families then they would probably be with friends. Elliot didn’t have any family left so he would be spending it with Evie, Jymes and whoever else they had decided to invite. Elliot wasn’t comfortable being a Vloodmir so he didn’t have the courage to bring anyone for fear of his plus 1 being hated.


Evelyn’s shoddy house came into view, a few cars parked in the drive. One was Jymes’ it was easily recognisable, a Jaguar f in bright red, very fancy and very expensive. But being a Vloodmir meant you could get good to amazing cars for trashy prices. For the Trusoni’s, it was the other way around. They got terrible cars for insanely high prices. Again, it was those little things which ticked him off. Elliot didn’t know why it hadn’t affected him earlier, he’d been the perfect child, the spoilt child, the child who had got everything when he had no parents or immediate family. But somehow, in some way, he and Jymes were the only ones wise enough to actually take action against the Vloodmirs. But for all Elliot could guess, it could all go down the drain, everything could go wrong. People could die, Elliot didn’t even know if Evelyn had contacted anymore people since they last talked. She probably hadn’t. ‘Lazy Bitch.’ He thought to himself as he knocked on the door. Through the windows he saw the brightly lit tree, a beacon of hope in a sea of darkness.


“Get in!” Evelyn muttered, “I’m not one for wasting heat!”

“Sorry, ma’am.” Elliot retorted, stepping in and sighing with joy at the warmth that slammed into him. “You can head into the longue. I’ll get the snacks and we can open presents.” Evelyn smiled, walking away. Elliot reached into the deep pockets of his coat and pulled out a few small boxes. They may’ve looked like nothing, but what was in each box was very, very nice. They had all be colour-coded. Quinn and Quincy’s presents were blue and green. Delano was crimson red and Evelyn was black and Jymes’ was white. It was a little bit bigger than Evelyn’s, but he knew she wouldn’t mind. Or, he hoped she wouldn’t mind.


Making his way into the spacious living room, Elliot sat down on the sofa, a prime spot. Near the door, the tree, the T.V and the plug to charge his phone. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone, he felt too awkward. Elliot wanted to think that Jymes felt the same, but Elliot knew Jymes wouldn’t. He’d be casually flirting with Delano and Evelyn and chatting to Quinn and Quincy with ease. That was what pissed Elliot off. The ease at which Jymes could fit in to any situation. But the only reason he was good at it was because he could read minds and he liked to have a tease and a tonne of fun.

Elliot was similar, in some aspects, but he didn’t like to tease women to have fun. Elliot preferred parties as a substitute to teasing women. It gave you less of a bad rep around Vloodmir. But it wasn’t like they could do anything about it, Vloodmir’s were superior and the Trusoni always had to bow down.


Deciding against sitting down, Elliot stood back up again and made his way over to the tree. Crouching down, his knees clicked, the sound sickening. Placing the presents under the tree carefully and in a nice order, Elliot then returned back to his seat just as Delano entered with glasses of champagne. The two collided and it was by chance, and Jymes wanting to show off that Jymes caught all the glasses on the tree. Nothing was broken. Jymes returned the tray to Delano with a wink, which was returned by a glare and a sneer. That was one smart girl who wasn’t going to fall for Jymes’ flirts and male sluttiness.


Delano took a glass and gave one to each person, and then set one down on next to Elliot, indicating that it was for Evelyn. Elliot nodded and waited for Evelyn to come in. It was his first Christmas with Evelyn, so he had no idea on how she would dress. He had no idea if she would try and dress up a bit more or if she would be in a jumper, jeans and fluffy socks. Both were little fantasies conjured up in Elliot’s head. And both were wrong, of sorts. Evelyn entered the room, her cheeks flustered and red from the heat of kitchen. Evelyn sat down next to Elliot and fiddled with her jumper, and tugging her skirt down. It was an outfit that wouldn’t work but did at the same time. With Evelyn sat down, Delano smiled and raised her glass. “Presents now and let’s all take a drink to surviving another year!”

“This is the first year we’ve had a Christmas together.” Quinn bluntly stated.

“Oh shut up.” Delano laughed.




The present on Evelyn’s lap was small. A thin black ribbon fell through her fingers and she daintily pulled the paper, tugging at the tape. She heard Delano groan. “If she doesn’t speed up, I swear I will kill her.” Evelyn laughed and lifted her head, “Shut it, Delano. The paper’s pretty.”

“Pathetic.” Delano growled, already opening one of her books she’d been given. The box was opened and Evelyn took a slim bracelet out and looked at it. “A bracelet?” She laughed, looking at Elliot.

“Uh, not just any bracelet.” Elliot muttered, folding his arms and ruffling Evelyn’s hair. “It’s enchanted by Lady Morningstar.”

“I don’t believe in magic.” Evelyn would counter, still looking at it.

“We’re Vampires, with elements – that’s magic for Christ’s sake!” Elliot sighed, throwing his hands up in the air, exasperated.

“But what does it do?” She asked, keeping the excitement out of her voice.

“It’ll stop you from busting into flames in the summer so you don’t burn.” Elliot grinned. It was weird that he was so cheerful when he had said something so dark.

“Charming description there.” Delano laughed, also looking at the bracelet from the other side of the room.


As much as Elliot loved to see Evelyn having a good time admiring her present, Elliot wanted to get to work on the Takeover. He wanted to make it a success. Despite being a Vloodmir, he wanted it to be brilliant and restore peace and stability to Vloodmir itself. That’s what he wanted. And it was wrong, it went against what Vloodmirs wanted and it went against what Elliot had been taught his entire life. Generally, it would be seen as wrong. But it was Christmas, and Elliot didn’t want to ruin it. It was evident that Delano had had too much to drink, it sickened Elliot that Delano was almost dependant on alcohol. Elliot still had roots to his past, and for a woman to get so horrendously drunk was seen as a disgrace. Evelyn, too, had drunk a few glasses – but she wasn’t as wasted as Delano. Quinn and Quincy kept to themselves, comparing presents and talking in hushed voices. It truly was nice, having everyone together.


But the day had gone by quickly, almost too quickly, and some of the food had gone. Elliot smiled and stood up, kissing Evelyn’s hand which got a blush in return. But Elliot also lied, he said he was going home, which he was, but not before he was going back to visit the library. He wasn’t done with his research on Snow’s henchmen. He wanted them gone and out the way. If no one was going to do it, then he would do it himself. Leaving the room with his presents in his deep coat pockets, Elliot shut the front door and gasped at the cold. It was so much warmer in America, he had no idea why he came here. There hadn’t been any reason to, just the enjoyment of being immersed in the British culture.


But Elliot was tired, he was full and he was drained. But, if he was going to be honest, Elliot had had a brilliant day. Yet something wasn’t right. His absence would be noted. He may have been going out more, but someone would want answers soon, and since Elliot was an orphan, his one true connection was Snow. And Snow would slaughter Evelyn and her friends if Snow found out the truth. Deception was the only option now.


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